Friday, October 28, 2005

Update! A Little more time for the Apolitical Political Bush Base Closings

With the proposed base closings due to be a reality in mid November I thought it was time to just remind us all how crooked these closings were and still are. In light of what is happening right now with the Rove's investigation and implication of Cheney you know the President was involved and as in this situation nothing period gets done without his knowledge or okay and he knows the truth none of us ever will. Right from the get go we discussed the proposed Military base closings. In one of our discussions we talked about the fact that telling the public they had nothing at all to do with Politics was totally false and erroneous. Bush as we all know , does nothing at all unless it is part of his political game. So once again this master of deception was saying what we wanted to hear and playing his Political game. The facts right off the bat told us again the opposite of what he was saying. We all know this is standard fare for him. The States that came out in favor of him in the 2nd election did well with the proposed Base closings. The bases that came out against him took the biggest hits during the proposed closings. It didn't matter if the bases were exemplary or vital to our military mission. California took a big hit because rep0ublican Governor Arnold could not deliver the State for the President. Massachusetts took a hit for the same reason. Otis in Massachusetts is where the fighters that responded on 9/11 came from. It is one of the best reserve bases in the Nation. He wanted to put all our B1's in one place in his brother's State. That makes good sense. The Bible Belt States did well under the proposed closings. He said as far as he is concerned he thinks the proposals should be final. Political, naw! One and one still equals two as far as I know. There are many inequities in these proposals. Many we will never know unless some disgruntled individual comes forth with the truth. Regardless of what Mr say one thing and do another says. He keeps tight reign over what happens in his administration. That is precisely why it is so screwed up. Even though he would have us believe he has ne control over most of what happens in Washington and the Pentagon in particular, you know nothing can be further from the truth. As we all know he is a master political game player. It is his behind the back club to be used against anyone he percieves as having done him wrong. He does a lousy job of disguising this fact. In addition to all his inequities in his administration and in these proposals we can now add this one. Now we are hearing that the money supposedly saved from these closings was false. It was purposely contrived in order to inflate the supposed savings. Why should we be surprised to find the 9 member panel doing the investigation has found the savings inflated by 30 billion? How much did it cost us this time to find out we were lied to again? I know, just another little oversight. This is standard fare for this administration as we all know. As in all the other instances he will get away with this one too. Someone else's fault not mine, just another victem of circumstances. The poor picked on guy. He suffers from the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome. He gets no respect. You have to wonder how deep the rot will go in this case too when the truth is eventually to some degree known and what if any the real savings after all was said and done really were.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

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