Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We know they need it but who is Rumsfeld to be Lecturing China?

With the recent news of Rumsfeld's visiting China and his lecture at China's Central Party School Training Center. Knowing his and this administrations history you have to ask yourself. Where does he or any other Bush official think they have the room to lecture on openness, democracy, and freedom while they are purposely killing ours? He told the audience that these values were the key to China's future. Does he forget the lessons him and this administration have been giving us? Look at what their so called values have done to the future of america and her middle Class backbone. I don't think China's future lies in those values. China has not been on a democratic path as he said. They have been on a path of learning how to use demcratic values to achieve their end of total Communist control. Nothing has changed in over 60 yearsof Communist control in China. They have merely learned how to play the democratic game as played by bush and his cronies. Only they are learning to play it even better. China merely knows what we have taught them and that is that honesty is not the best policy. The United States can not be relied upon as the worlds only super power. Last but not least hide, lie, cover up, and never tell the truth as to your true intentions and motivations. China does have major military plans in Globalizing their military and becoming world dominant with at least Russia by their side. We know this for fact unless we purposely choose to dummy up. It is a stupid game we play feigning curiosity to this fact or saying other countries are curious about it. We in the trenches of society aren't curious as to China'sU.S. funded plans, we know what they are. It is time for the games to stop and act accordingly.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

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