Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bush once again Pulls out the Big Gun this time for Miers

His one positive Laura Bush is once again recruited in order to gain the peoples support for another one of his contentious proposals. Mrs. Bush erroniously suggest that the reason for not wanting Meirs may be sexism. Bush throws his publicly respected wife into the fray only to make the people cast doubt on their real reasons for being against her. Suggesting sexism is asinine when the majority would rather see a woman replace Sandra Day O'connor. It wouldn't have anything to do with her being a Fundamentalist hard right Christian would it? What about being a staunch conservative? How about being a Bush lap dog? Miers has never been a judge as we know and has an almost zero track record on which to judge her on. This in itself is appearing to be a desired trait Bush looks for. She was head of the Texas Bar Association. She was a Lawyer for his Gubenatorial Campaign. As is usual for Bush as a reward she was then promoted. She was chosen to head the Texas lottery Commission once he took office. First we as average citizens have to be very concerned every time he does as he once again is, saying trust me. Your first thought has to be oh no here we go again. He hasn't come through on anything yet that he has asked us to trust him on. Only for the fundamentalist and the rest of his supporters does he come thru. With her lack of a paper trail and experience one has to be very concerned that Bush himself has described her as a pit Bull. She's also been described as being able to slice and dice with the very best of them. She is too loyal to Bush which has proven to be a negative trait to the rest of us and much too inexperienced to be totally unbiased as we are told she will be. With the above stated traits being expressed from both sides of the aisle, her lack of experience, and her extreme required for promotion loyalty to Bush, both proponents and opponents Democrat and Republican are very concerned and rightly so. To finish off you dire need to be concerned is that the President went before the GOP and expressed to them that she is one of them. You can gain no solace from the conservatives expression of concern with Miers because Republican tactics dictate that this could just be a set up. With the GOP's proven track record you should be scared be very scared. Her only plus to most of us seems to be that she is a woman if that is a plus to you. Ed gillespie has been drilling her for preperation with the nomination questioning. The line of questioning is scary in itself. She must know John Robert's answers not her own and they must sound like his. She must also use her words but they must sound like Bush's. After hearing all the negatives that are supposed to be positives and now Mrs. Bush having to come out to attempt to sway the people you have to be more than a little concerned.

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