Saturday, October 15, 2005

Middle Class feeling pinch - Where have you been?

10/14/05 lou Dobbs program today highlights the fact that the Middle Class is being squeezed out. What he doesn't know is that this has got to happen. This is a necessary part of Bush's new plan for society. You will find this plan outlined in A Doctrine of Fact/Bush Uncovered. Right now inflation is at the highest rate its been in 25 years. A generation ago you could earn a Middle class lifestyle with one income. Today largely with Bush's help it now takes two. Gasoline, fuel oils, fruits, vegetables, medical costs, education, and all other essentials are sky rocketing. When adjusted for inflation American wages have fallen in September. So what is Bush bragging about beside the war on terrorism and the Iraq War you ask? He has given Airlines and rich Corperations regular breaks at you expense while making you feel thankful to him. He is tightening bankruptcy laws for you while keeping those for the rich intact. Thus taking away your last ditch effort to save yourself and making it even harder for you to start over. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 11 times making the money you have to borrow more expensive. Credit card companies supposedly with the Governments urging have raised minimum percentage rates and payments you have to make on your charge cards. All of this and much more is all for your own good according to Bush. It wouldn't be for the good of the Corperations, naw? Even as the cost of living sky rockets millions of Middle Class home owners may lose a key tax break. A white House panel is set to propose a major reduction in the amount of mortgage interest you may deduct from your taxes knocking you down even further. With a 4.1% cost of living increase for social security put into context with a 30% increase in home heating costs alone there is little talk in Washington on how to help the working class let alone the sick and retired. You have to ask yourself why are we reelecting these miscreants and what are they doing to earn it? I reiterate, these politicians do not work for you as we all know. They work for the special interest groups that get them elected.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

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