Monday, October 10, 2005

Evaluation of Oreilley's/Bush's Iraq War evaluation

First I have to say like many of you that I don't believe Bush realizes how to win the war on terrorism. More pointedly he does not have the wherewithal to lead the war on terror. It is too late to start to lead now or to gain support for his cause called Iraq that he has created and with his ineptitude insists on sustaining. Bush said that no act of ours invited the rage of the killers. we's right,It was years of percieved abuse of Muslims and their lands not just any one act. It was a myriad of percieved wrongs inflicted on their culture and lands. The only thing that would appease them is for us to get off what they think of as all Muslim land. Well intentioned in our minds or not we seem unable or unwilling to do that and only succeed in continuously worsening the situation. Oreilley was right in saying that most Americans were behind the war against terrorism after 9/11. I like many of you must say that this has not changed. It is Iraq and the inept way in which Bush chooses to prosecute it that we have a problem with. We must note that Afghanistan was going well as was noted, that was until Bush wrongly made Iraq a necessary part of the war on terrorism. Not only are we bogged down in Iraq but it is obvious that we are becoming increasingly bogged down in Afghanistan thanks to our increased need to put our attention on Iraq instead of Afghanistan where it should be. As Bush was trying to stress, it is right to reinforce the importance of the war on terrorism as it relates to the U.S. though not to our winning in Iraq. We must not and can not relent when it comes to securing our own country as the Islamists will never stop. Bill is right saying we are engaged in WW3 but wrong in saying we would have won by now if we had the cooperation of all Nations. His opinions merely highlight the fact that we still fail to realize the enormity of th Muslim anti western emotions and it is not held by a minority but a majority.

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