Sunday, December 18, 2005

Todays Fact: Once again we are watching a dance around the truth, now it's illegal eavesdropping!

This is interesting! Once again we are hearing calls of wrong doing by the President. This time it is coming loud and clear from both sides. We are talking about the recent foreclosure that the President gave the okay to have Americans and others spied on without court approval. This broke on 12/17 and of course was instantly denied by the President. Condi of course came right out in his defense. The following day 12/18 with the facts piling up and being undeniable, ha did the standard thing for him and his administration. When cornered and only then, come clean. What bothers me is that there are some who commended him for telling the truth. You do not getting commended for being honest when you only did so under duress. The President has never been honest and he will not be honest now.
During an interview with Tim Russert Condi Rice continually dodged the real questions and answers. As during the 9/11 commission hearings it was obvious that she was being dishonest and evasive. She continually said the President was acting under Constitutional authority. She would not however state that Constitutional Authority. Whenever there was a dicey question she dodged it by saying you know I’m not a lawyer. She dodged every conversation specific issue saying she would not discuss what went on between her and another party. Pretty convenient isn’t it? She only says I do know he had the authority. How would she know that but nothing relevant if she was not a lawyer?
She continually said the President was acting under Presidential Authority covered by FISA (The Foreign Intelligence security act). Then we find out in conversations with Senator Arlen Specter, (R-PA) and Senator Carl Levin (D MI) that there is a secret court that is the check and balance of those rights. Laws as you know are for everyone but the president. He believes he is above the law. The President continues to insist that he acted within the law but he will not cite that law. That’s because he is still looking for one to cover his corruptive ineptitude. As we have cited many times in the past, if he cannot find one to cover himself he will resurrect an old obscure law to fit his selfish desires. The president is obviously being less than honest once again to put it mildly. I don’t care if we are at war or not. We have rules and laws even in times of war that are designed to be implemented in secret. Even President Bush must be held accountable. He is out of control and has an over inflated sense of worth and must be held accountable for his now numerous misactions.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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