Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Tucson will happen again and we can't stop it

I have discussed in the past that I have a good friend and I will invite you all to read his many works as he has touched us all and is known around the world. He is known on line as The Relentless Liberal

His real name is Jerome Grossman, oh yeah he is 93 and he is behind the Vietnam Moratorium, the Council for a livable world, America's nuclear nonproliferation program, and many more programs and foundation's that touch us all.

His latest discussion was on how to Federally control weapons to prevent another Tucson from happening and please read his knowledgeable dissertation Here However there is no way to control weapons are to prevent another and worse massacre as living conditions worsen and they will.

Of course it will happen again, this is just starting and will get a lot worse despite what they say: Millions are hopeless and Tucson is no exception as In Tucson's sprawling suburbs, recession has dimmed the American dream

They say no one is suggesting a correlation to joblessness and violence but on this scale there is one and don't forget homelessness and lack of health care. Also this condition breeds war. I accused G W of doing this on purpose as a way of driving men to the military back in 07 when we were having a problem filling the ranks. Right now the military is so full the marines and Navy are being forced to cut. Why the Tucson massacre is destined to happen again

Guns and other lethal weapons will never be controlled here in the United States because of the multiple millions on the streets controlled illegally and purchased on the dark side. Another problem is the gun shows where purchase is supposed to be controlled but too often is done under the table and to any mad man willing to pay.

You know how it goes, the right thing is never done only what serves one interest or the other. Everyone thinks it is their right to do what they want and they will not give that perceived right to the federal Government though in a perfect world I think they should. Regardless of knee jerk reactions or anything they do the slaughter in Tucson will happen again as people get more hopeless and weapons will be available regardless.

Everybody involved on the right are trying to step back and both parties are blaming each other and trying to claim the high ground but the truth is Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Bachmann, even McConnell and Boehner have fed the feelings of futility and hopelessness that are acted on by people already on an uneven keel. When I was a kid we had institutes for the mentally unstable and they were controlled. Today they roam the streets freely.

Amidst still worsening living and financial conditions the already unstable are going to act out violently whether prodded by Political games or not. Trying to fear monger about peoples living conditions today or possibility of it worsening in the future is a reality already. Whatever Politicians say try or promise this is just beginning and will get worse.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Agreed Jim!

an average patriot said...

I know, it sucks but I can only see complete devolution and not just in America but around the world.

Weaseldog said...

Sun Tzu told us that a prolonged occupation will bankrupt the invading nation.

It looks like he was right.

A collapsing empire is never a pretty sight. Even as our Federal government struggles to gain complete control over the citizenry, chaos begins to spread.

In their heyday, the Romans shared power with their conquered peoples. The US Federal Government seeks only to exploit the people both in and outside it's borders. It's going to have a difficult time, maintaining a tightening grip, while only taking and never giving.

This upcoming States bankruptcy deal is going to drive millions more Americans into poverty. And a desperate and armed populace is not a pretty thing to contend with.

How long before the Federal Government will be sweeping neighborhoods, kicking in doors like they do in Iraq? If the Federal Government continues it's current course, they'll have no other choice. They are creating a dangerous environment for the American People.

an average patriot said...

We are Bankrupt without wars! Seems to me like we are a war economy and are trying to use wars to float our economy society and mindset.

Wease I see millions more going into bankruptcy too and losing their jobs and insurance too and it will just create more Tucson's!