Thursday, January 20, 2011

After Tucson this State of the union will be a game changer

Will Obama face a different crowd at State of the Union? Yes he will! Read below, this is his 9/11 moment!

After a traumatic few days with both party's blaming the other for the rhetoric we have all been hearing from day one. We as a Nation needed President Obama's healing speech. Limbaugh and Beck along with Hannity and the rest of them fed this too as you know and the Republicans said nothing and used it to get elected. They are all responsible.Both sides are scared to the point where I see a second term for President Obama and they know they must respond positively to President Obama's message of hope.

Obama's message of hope and to stop the blame game, we can be better really resonated because "yes we can" The political games will continue but we as a people can come together. He use to be criticized by the right for saying we can be better and for putting down America which was not what he was doing but largely due to them we can be better and we must move forward and come together.

America is sharply divided and as you know it is not just our politics. Republicans have purposely instigated a huge rise in anti Government militia around the nation wanting to take down the Government.

Obama's speech went a long way "if not all the way"in healing sharply polarized divisions for our own good because we are coming apart at the seams. President Obama found the right words in his moral, in his call to unity, as he always does in his speeches. The difference is I believe both sides agree with what he said as they must if we are to heal as a Nation. Barack Obama's Tucson speech rose to the moment and transcended it Obama to Americans: 'We can be better' Yes we can!

Udall: 2 others back State of Union show of unity Traditionally they sit on 2 sides of the aisle while one side stood up and cheered the other sat somber and stone faced. Time to come together for America. Time to show unity! Remember when 9/11 was used by those on the right to accuse Democrats of not being Patriotic and loving America if they did not back everything President Bush and Republicans wanted? Well this is his 9/11 moment!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

It should be very interesting. The right will behave for a bit and go back to being the haters they really are.

Vicki said...

Many on the Right will continue on with what works for them. Michele Bachmann behaving badly got re-elected so she continues with her meme that "Obamacare is the crown jewel of socialism" in America. I am disappointed at the 3 Dem's who voted for repeal - all Southerners. Although we have some very good men and women serving in Congress, we still have the opportunists who get elected and will do and say whatever will keep the voters motivated, despite principles and what is best for the American people. (Sigh) Democracy is imperfect but better than totalitarianism for sure.

Demeur said...

I think we'll get a rehash of what he's already said. Things are not going as well as he had hoped but without the bills passed they'd be much worse. Reaching across the aisle for bipartisan solutions and blah blah blah. etc etc.

And the first republican to sit next to a democrat during this speech will get skinned, tarred and feathered. Unity? He's been calling for unity for the last two years and we've yet to see it.

an average patriot said...

I agree Tom but the first thing they jump on is that Dem who said they are playing the same game the Nazi's did. Well he is frigging right, what the hell are we supposed to do let them lie unabated? The scum, we are frigging damned if we do damned if we don't.

an average patriot said...

Vicki I don't need their health care but I am sick that Republicans can lie and run on dropping disallowing preconditions and letting kids stay on their parents plan till they are 26. I refuse to believe people do not want that security.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I see the regular BS already continuing but I do believe the people are going to have had enough of whatever party continues the same old divisive crap.