Friday, January 07, 2011

Fox host Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick should have been executed

Fox host Tucker Carlson: 'Vick should have been executed'

I was an original critic of Vic! Though I thought once again Obama has overstepped his bounds by commending the NFL for giving him a second chance I think the system has worked right in this case. The idea is supposed to be to make people pay for their crime, reform them if they deserve it, and return them to society as productive members. He is married and has children and I think at this point he is remorseful and has stepped up. I am sure his children have played a big role in him being embarrassed and stepping up.

I was not forgiving at first so let me give you a brush up: Originally I asked' What does Vick's vicious stupidity say of our Overall Morality? What should happen to him? Can his case help society? I now believe it is one of the first horrible offenses and resultant prison terms and fines paid largely due to the character Vick has since portrayed that has been a character builder for our society.

I have been caught up with our crumbling infrastructure, our financial disaster, crumbling lifestyle, and our crumbling leadership and degrading environmental conditions around the world but particularly America. I have been following the sick case of Michael Vick particularly wondering what could make a person of his stature be so inhuman and with so much to lose? Then I started gathering information that is out there because I started as usual to think of the big picture, that being the state of American morality.

When I first started writing I was motivated to write about life in the Trenches of Society and it encompassed a history of American Morality and how we must regain it to succeed into the 21st century. This unbelievable behavior by Vick and sadly numerous instances today shows our morality is an indication that our society as a whole is racing towards the demise of the Roman Empire.

I posed the question can we use this outrageous example of inhumanity to help our society? How do you think this should have panned out? How do you think this will pan out? Should they let him have a dog? Let's review what is known and tell me what you think!

If you need a brush up as to the specifics behind his horrible crimes,and conviction and how strongly I felt about what he did, the story and the links are Here

I hope you read the awful truth at the link. I am not a Michael Vick or an Atlanta Falcons fan. I am all about Tom Brady and the Patriots but as you know, I do stand for honesty and the right thing done regardless of how I personally feel or am affected. That said, I understand how well Vick is playing but that matters not to me. He has shown remorse and great concern to do the right thing and be a leading example.

He will be watched daily of course but I think it is right for him to have a dog. It would be interesting to see what he picks for his kids. It is typical Fox news insanity but saying he should have been executed even no is a bit harsh.He did the crime and did the time. It is time to move on. I think he has been a fine example of how our legal system should work but most often does not. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Whoa, Baby! said...

Oh what short memories we have. Before you shed any tears for little Mikey, go back and read the description of the cruel, unspeakable things little Mikey did to those poor dogs. Furthermore, it wasn't just that he committed such acts of inhumane cruelty, he was breeding those dogs specifically so that he could then be vicious and cruel to them, allow others to be as cruel, use their suffering for his own monetary gain, and bet and laugh as those poor animals were maimed and often shredded alive. Execution would have been too good for him. He should have been sterilized as well and never allowed to procreate. Good on you, Tucker Carlson. Regardless of how good a quarterback Vicks is, he is an abomination as a human being.

Jolly Roger said...

i do not believe in the death penalty as a matter of principle, not to mention that DP states are much better places to get yourself murdered in than non-DP states are. The DP makes the streets less safe; the statistics prove it.

Having said that.... didn't Chimpy like to blow frogs up with firecrackers? What should happen to HIM?

an average patriot said...

Welcome Baby! No I do not forget! I have kids grandchildren and dogs all of which I love. I looked at the revolting pictures once again while I was writing this.

I too felt he should be hung but seeing the way he is today I now see it as a teachable moment. The system rarely works as it should but it seems to in this case.

an average patriot said...

Hi JR! As you know, I agree that for whatever reason the death penalty seems to foster instead of hinder. Plus we kill some innocents to protect the system.

Whoa, Baby! said...

An Average Patriot, you're right about the death penalty, and I don't really support it. I'm just so flipping disgusted at anyone who gives Vicks a pass because he is a good quarterback. What does that have to do with his unspeakable cruelty? I stand by my sterilization statement. Anyone who thinks he isn't all that bad should read the book Oogey or at least look at the jacket. It shows the deformed face of a poor pitbull that was left for dead after an organized fight.

Whoa, Baby! said...

As I sit here watching the Eagles/Packers game, I wonder why any hapless dog should have to be the pawn to see if Vicks can have a teachable moment. Perhaps Vicks is a redeemed soul and perhaps not. After the heinous crimes he committed, he should never have the life of a dog at his mercy. Period.