Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt's ElBaradei under house arrest in Mosque, Mubarak on last legs?

President Mubarak has finally spoken and asked the entire Government to step down saying he was for the poor people. That said it was after midnight and people were taking to the street asking for Mubarak to step down and were going after the information Ministry. Can the old bulwark in the middle east stand as is?

Egyptian government 'on last legs' says ElBaradei

ElBaradei: The man to lead a 'free' Egypt?
When thousands of angry protesters take to the streets of Egypt today, one man many see as the country's next potential leader will be among them.

ElBaradai is the best man for the job even if he says he would take control long enough to get the country back on track. It certainly beats the Islamist alternative. The 68-year-old former head of the United Nations nuclear agency and possible presidential candidate, who has urged President Hosni Mubarak to leave office, told reporters at the airport that he will take part in an anti-government protest planned for today in Cairo.

ElBaradai was also a nobel peace prize winner and he set up the National Association for Change in 2010 to campaign for democracy and against corruption. That is certainly a unique concept in these corruptive so called Democracies. The alternative to me is the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood who will also be in the protest today and would like to turn Egypt against the west. Egypt's ElBaradei Returns to Cairo Following Protests, Clashes

CAIRO - Kuwaiti foreign minister says the Arab world is witnessing an "unprecedented political mobilization," in reference to the expected secession of south Sudan and the uprising in Tunisia that led to removal of a longtime authoritarian ruler. Kuwait FM: Arab world witnessing 'unprecedented political mobilization'

African nations, the Middle East, they are all in trouble as in environments like this the down trodden and poor nations are the first to go down. It is no coincidence that they happen to be Muslim and the Islamists will capitalize off this but it will not lead to more jobs food and a better life. It will lead to a stricter harsher life period!

The Islamists will take advantage and create dissention everywhere they can. This may have started on 9/11 2001 but it is really still just beginning to take shape. Demonstrations have erupted in the past month in several Arab countries including Algeria, Morocco and Yemen, which all face high unemployment rates and rising living costs, factors which fueled the uprising. Jordan is also worried! At least with ElBaradai ther4e is hope for Egypt.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

I don't know that Islam has much to do with why these nations are in crisis now.

I think that their longstanding success and apathy is as much to blame.

These nations have been rich in natural resources. With 20th century technology, they have in varying degrees prospered by by mining and selling these resources.

Now they are post peak, and their revenue is in decline. Their populations keep growing. It was inevitable that there would be a violent collision between their growing consumption, and their declining production.

This problem is spreading through the Christian nations too. While the US overproduces corn for the ethanol industry, other food crops have been seeing disasters the last few years. In fact, worldwide we've been seeing wheat and rice failures on a grand scale.

Over the next few years we may well see the price of food in the USA double or triple.

Will Americans be fine with that?

I remember back in 1999, when I wrote about how the rising price of oil will to rising prices in food, job losses and diminishing salaries, many people told me that if the price goes up they'll just get salary raises to match it.

Does anyone still believe this?

Demeur said...

There in lie the problem for wanting democracy in the middle east you can get what you hope for and it doesn't necessarily mean that they will be on our side.

Oh an if you think the Muslims can't take care of things remember after the quake in Pakistan they were the ones providing aid long before anybody else did.

an average patriot said...

Wease I firmly believe this is just starting and of course the poor Nations are the first to go down. They are run by dictators and the poor have no future. The people are peeved at us because we back these leaders as long as they do what we want. Remember Obama's Cairo speech a year and a half ago to address Islam and the promise? Everything has gone just the reverse!

an average patriot said...

Demeur some ridiculed me for saying Democracy is no good for the middle east but after our failed ME democratization program and the ensuing mess they may agree now.

Weaseldog said...

Democracy is a great idea.

We should try it too.

Heck, while I'm dreaming, let's imagine a government, bound by the rule of law!

an average patriot said...

Wease I am really disgusted at what passes for a Democracy today even here. They are a facade to do what the hell they want.