Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt is said to be in crisis, It isn't Egypt it is the Middle East: The total Middle east breakdown is in progress

In Egypt firefights erupt and it is described as an Alamo: This is just the beginning of what I have described from day one as our Custer's last stand
Does anybody remember that we have almost a quarter million troops over there? Around 150,000 in Afghanistan for now, 50,000 so called non combat troops in the middle of Iraq's civil war, and we made great pomp and circumstance out of pulling the last of Iraq's combat troops into Kuwait!

You never hear it mentioned but those troops are now sitting in the middle of all this and we were put there on purpose by Bush. We have to be smart enough to get out of there or my warnings of a Custer's last stand in the middle east will prove prophetic. Look at this! Egypt: Tourists Offered Early Flights Home Firefights erupting and it is described as an Alamo! So far I hear there are more than 100  dead.

Suicide Bomber Kills Kandahar Deputy Governor

Dictatorship to democracy? Tunisia's risky venture

Iran is giddy and taking credit for all this as Iranian leaders hope for Islamic republic in Egypt. The Clerics are using this for their cause saying protests against Mubarak government were inspired by 1979 revolution in Iran. Iranian leaders expressed satisfaction with the anti-government protests in Egypt, with one leader saying he believes the protesters were inspired by the revolution in his country in 1979.

“Today, as a result of the gifts of the Islamic revolution in Iran, freedom-loving Islamic peoples such as the peoples of Tunisia, Egypt and nearby Arab countries are standing up to their oppressive governments,” the New York Times quoted Ayatollah Mohammad-Taghi Mesbah-Yazdi as saying. He congratulated the Egyptian people, saying their actions were "based on the principles" of the Islamic revolution. Iranian leaders hope for Islamic republic in Egypt

The leader of Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood has warned that unrest in Egypt will spread across the Mideast and Arabs will topple their "tyrant" leaders allied with the U.S.

Palestinian Is Shot in Head in Clash With Israeli Settlers

Yemeni Protests Turn Violent

Egypt, Yemen Protests Unnerve US Officials

Bush's intention in attacking Iraq was to get our military back in the Middle East to help Israel establish a safety zone, create a new middle east (dis)order as God told him to, and to establish a permanent middle east presence. I was very concerned that this entire mess in the middle east would take on a life of its own and our military would be left in the middle of it. Well it has happened. Are we smart enough to stay out of it? Or will we be dragged even deeper into it?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

You assume this is about politics or religion. It's not. This is a pure economic issue. Look at the root causes. Fifty percent of Egyptians live at or below the poverty line. Unemployment is said to be around 40%. A couple of weeks ago a street vendor had his wears confiscated by police because he didn't have a license. He set himself on fire. Soon the government of Tunisia toppled. If that's not an act of economic desperation I don't know what is.
A similar situation happened in Egypt. A restaurant owner wanting to talk to a member of the Egyptian parliament was turned away and set himself on fire.

Our government has worked itself into a fine little corner.It can't really back Mubarak who's repressed the people and it can't call for a democracy which would likely put extremists in charge.

But here's the real kicker in all of this and something to consider going forward. Egypt in 2005 lowered its' corporate tax rate from 40% to 20%. Those at the top made out like bandits while the rest of society suffered. A prime example of trickle down economics not working. So what is the U.S. doing right now? The exact same things and we'll see the same results. And by his SOTU address I see Obama wants to follow along with this plan. Republicans want more and deeper cuts which won't create jobs. We saw how that worked in the 1930s. So the next two years should be interesting to say the least. Maybe that tent and survival gear might not be such a bad idea after all.

an average patriot said...

It has absolutely nothing to do with Politics or Religion. There are those that would like to make it about Religion for their gain but it will not work.

People are sick of the dictator and the brutality, they can't feed themselves or find work. They want to choose their President. That is what its about.

As people are against Mubarak and now Israel and the US Obama is starting to call for an orderly transition to Democracy which is what the people want. Average age is 24 and they like the US, I hope we can keep it that way.

Border Explorer said...

I agree with your title, Jim. I think this could be sweeping the region. I'm watching with bated breath to see how things will shake out.

an average patriot said...

Hi Billie!

This is world changing, future changing, history changing, and I have been warning of it for almost 10 years now.

So far I have hears nothing from the other super powers and only the wrong thing from us.

Now that they are after us and Israel we are finally calling for a smooth transition but it is too late as usual.