Saturday, January 08, 2011

Despite the lies the Gulf of Mexico is as bad as we knew it was

The United Houma Nation tribes people have lived in the bayous and rivers of Louisiana for centuries and survived many challenges prior to the oil spill including land grabs a century ago, civil rights abuses and, more recently, a series of strong hurricanes and degradation of the marshes that many members rely on for their livelihood as we have all witnessed.

There is no way I can see them and many more surviving BP and their oil disaster. BP made great claims on TV that they would pay any and all legitimate claims and we already knew they were not and were finding any reason they could not to pay legitimate claims. Believe it or not even though the tribe has lived in the Bayou's of Louisiana for centuries living off shrimp and oysters for their daily meals and livelihood BP will not pay their claims using the excuse that the Houma Nation is not federally recognized.

Whether they are recognized as a tribe or not they are people who have had their life and livelihood destroyed by BP and they should be compensated period. They are afraid to eat the seafood and for the first time ever are not fishing for a living or eating their traditional meals. Despite being told the seafood is safe and the Gulf is okay they know first hand that it is not.

This is disaster for many tribes and everyone in the Gulf. I refuse to believe that BP is getting away with not paying legitimate claims of people whose lives they have destroyed and changed forever. The Government and BP are still getting away with saying the Gulf is safe and recovering when we know it is not and the very basic building block of life in the Gulf has been severely impacted.

Knowing that I want you to watch a video we showed before put together by independent scientists showing the destruction on the sea floor.

Not good and not just the Houma Nation but other fishermen and other businesses know it and feel the stress so if you so desire here is a recap of how bad it really is there:

There is more than good reason for people that live in the Gulf area to be suffering of depression, worried about their future and ever fishing again, and contemplating starting over elsewhere. Unless they plan on drilling for oil they better start packing while they are still healthy and despite the lies that the shellfish, fish, and shrimp are fine do not touch it period!

I watched a program on cnn and the shrimpers were being forced to go out because of their financial positions and they have families. They found much smaller catches and were concerned their catches were edible of even keepable. They were seeing 3 inch oil balls everywhere and were being warned not to tell anyone. I hope you watched the above video. Trust it, it was independent of BP and Government lies. It was done by University of South Florida.

Gulf oil plume extends 21 miles from source As BP reduces the size of the "vessels of opportunity" program, fishermen who work in more remote areas are expressing concern about oil they have recently spotted in places where boats have not been deployed and they are being told to keep quiet! The oil is not breaking down as they say.

All the way from the deep water horizon to 40 miles south of Panama City they they discovered what they described as a constellation of microscopic droplets of oil and dispersant killing phytoplankton the basic building block of the entire life of the sea. It was headed to Desoto canyon an area critical to all sea life for commercial and sport fishing.

The Government is still lying saying the sea and the fish will break it down and BP is still denying it. I am very troubled for everyone there in particular my sons and grandchildren. I better reiterate the residents very real concerns for those that missed it as we are getting closer to the whole picture and the awful truth:

Gulf PTSD: Pray for Those Suffering from Gulf of Mexico Syndrome , Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health? No way!

Gulf oil syndrome: More than eight out of 10 respondents reported worrying about their family, friends and community's survival to the complications caused by the environmental disaster. 46 percent said it prevented them from getting a good night’s sleep • 43 percent said it prevented from being able to focus on their usual job or work • 40 percent felt sick to their stomach "some of the time" or ‘almost constantly’ • 38 percent experienced headaches or migraines ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" • 34 percent experienced aches and pains ‘some of the time’ or "almost constantly" Gulf residents report anxiety, sleeplessness – Paging Dr. Gupta ...

The toxic formula growing in the Gulf of Mexico is no different than spraying Agent Orange in Viet Nam. All it takes is a strong wind or a hurricane and those of us living along the Gulf Coast are finished. If the toxins don't suffocate us, we will suffer from contaminated potable water. Reality dictates a long term toxicity of air, water and land. Everyone had might as well start preparing by reading all you can find on the internet about Gulf War Syndrome. We're all about to experience it. Gulf of Mexico Illness = Gulf War Illness

Children are coming down with respiratory problems from toxic gases, another aspect of the Gulf of Mexico Syndrome is the very real stress and anxiety from knowing you are living in poison and have no way of surviving. While the devastating ecological impacts of BP’s oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico are obvious, the less visible but also long-lasting psychological, community and personal impacts could be worse, according to social scientists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

“People are becoming more and more hopeless and feeling helpless,” Dr. Arwen Podesta, a psychiatrist at Tulane University in New Orleans told Truthout. “They are feeling frantic and overwhelmed. This is worse than [Hurricane] Katrina. There is already more post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and more problems with domestic violence, threats of suicide and alcohol and drugs.” They say they do not know how many years they will be dealing with this but I hate to say it but I want to say "till death do us part" The Indypendent » Gulf Residents Likely Face Decades of ...

Over one-third of parents reported that their children had experienced either physical symptoms or mental health distress as a consequence of the oil spill. One in five households has seen their income decrease as a result of the oil spill, and eight percent have lost jobs. Only five percent of coastal residents reported having received any cash or gift cards from BP, although over fifteen percent believe they may be eligible for compensation from BP for health consequences of the spill.Over one-quarter of coastal residents think they may have to move from the area because of the oil spill. Kenneth Feinberg, who is administering the BP claims process, has said mental health claims will not be covered.Will BP Pay for the Spill's Toll on Mental Health?

Those poor people are screwed and they know it. This is horrible! As we have been saying for months the gulf is dead for fishing they might as well destroy the rest of the earth looking for their frigging oil. At this point it is human life there itself I am concerned about, You know that shit is evaporating and will come down with the rain on crops and in drinking supplies. I wish they would stop their lying! The guy in the tape is right those people's lives do not matter they are just eaters, the little people!

This will be the worst in the world because of where it is, set aside the dispersant added in. This already is the nightmare scenario they are not talking about. You really have to question what it is they are trying to correct with this so called corexit they poured in the gulf to kill everything? Us the eaters who do not matter? The little people, oh the small people!

Instead of doing the right thing for the people and the gulf they are going to lie until once again the awful truth becomes undeniable and they will just act surprised. WTF?

The people in the Gulf might as well keep drilling for oil because their fishing is going to be dead for generations if we are around that long. This is of epic and Biblical proportions. This is life changing, this is planetary changing. Oil swallow, Jean Michal Cousteau, all the special clean up methods aside will be worthless as Billions of gallons of oil and 2 million gallons of deadly dispersant make the trip around the Gulf stream and not only destroy the gulf but diluted or not alter the entire food chain around much of the world.

Their lives are altered forever and they know it! I feel sorry for the likes of my son whose health is sacrificed in wars but him and all our military in the gulf where we have a heavy multi branch presence will be kept there and their long term health mental and physical will be sacrificed. The people who live there along with military families should look at moving elsewhere.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

A tremendously important subject and your post brings such vitally needed awareness! Thankx Jim.

an average patriot said...

Thank you Gwendolyn! We are killing the very source of all life on earth. I write about it pretty often but I was surprised that phytoplankton is the main source of oxygen and we are killing it, the growing dead zones and continent size swirls of garbage are just two more. This is just one more way we are killing ourselves.

Demeur said...

You know Jim that area was pretty well contaminated even before this happened. Between the oil rigs gas wells and chemical plants in that area it isn't a good place to live.
Some day we'll wake up to the fact of what we're doing to the planet isn't good and actually do something about it but I think a lot of people will have to die first.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I know but sadly we the people did wake up but we don't matter. Those in the oil companies ans government never will because making money and oil is all that matters.

I say often that long ago I came the conclusion that mans role in the life of this planet is to bring its life cycle full circle and we are.

Anon-Paranoid said...


Just wanted to let you know that someone using a second amendment remedy shot and killed Congresswoman Giffords of Arizona.

an average patriot said...

Hey Anon! I have been following it. The guy was a foot away, shot her through the head, brain and on out. She was talking before surgery and responding after. They think she'll make it. Fucking weapons in situations like that son of a bitch it was only a matter of time. She is a good one too!