Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama to Americans: 'We can be better' Yes we can!

After a traumatic few days with both party's blaming the other for the rhetoric we have all been hearing from day one. We as a Nation needed President Obama's healing speech. Limbaugh and Beck along with Hannity and the rest of them fed this too as you know and the Republicans said nothing and used it to get elected. They are all responsible.Both sides are scared to the point where I see a second term for President Obama and they know they must respond positively to President Obama's message of hope.

Obama's message of hope and to stop the blame game, we can be better really resonated because "yes we can" The political games will continue but we as a people can come together. He use to be criticized by the right for saying we can be better and for putting down America which was not what he was doing but largely due to them we can be better and we must move forward and come together.

America is sharply divided and as you know it is not just our politics. Republicans have purposely instigated a huge rise in anti Government militia around the nation wanting to take down the Government.

Obama's speech went a long way "if not all the way"in healing sharply polarized divisions for our own good because we are coming apart at the seams. President Obama found the right words in his moral, in his call to unity, as he always does in his speeches. The difference is I believe both sides agree with what he said as they must if we are to heal as a Nation. Barack Obama's Tucson speech rose to the moment and transcended it Obama to Americans: 'We can be better' Yes we can!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I'm really starting to think that we're not as divided as what is being portrayed. I think that this is an attempt for the right to get back in power. You know divide and concur. The other side may talk about cutting social programs but who is the first in line when a new program is brought out? Those southern governors sure were quick to snap up stimulus dollars even though they said they were against it.

As for the militias do they think for one minute that either side of the aisle would let that happen? I don't think they've forgotten that our U.S. military has far more fire power than any group of weekend warriors.

jmsjoin said...

Damn Demeur You got it! This is a Rove taught Bush tactic I have talked about often. Create division where there is none to use it to get your way!

Believe it or not some on the right were fostering those militias. They were recruiting retired and active military and security forces but you are right about the military.

I have pointed it out often but do you remember that Chuck Norris is or was to command a sleeper unit on line he would activate in secret?

Demeur said...

That would be a sad sight to see old Chuck (and he is old) try and take on our military.

jmsjoin said...

The prick is probably delusional enough to try it just to say he did and get in the FEMA camps. Them idiots think they are doing the right thing.