Saturday, July 31, 2010

wikileaks emboldened the beginning of the end in Afghanistan

At 63 dead Americans July now eclipses June as the deadliest month as Afghans riot in Kabul, wikileaks emboldened the beginning of the end in Afghanistan. Obama insists on joining Afghanistan's graveyard of nations and a repeat if Saigon.

Three NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan At 63 dead Americans July now eclipses June as the deadliest month

Afghans riot in Kabul after deadly NATO crash

Taliban Exploit Openings in NeglectedDeprived of jobs and government services, people in Baghlan Province are turning to the Taliban for speedy justice and work.

WikiLeaks 'has blood on its hands' over Afghan war logs, claim US officials But so doesn't the US!

I admit that so far what wiki leaks leaked was old news for most of us but if the US was smart they would not be downplaying the news as they are. The news is old but the message has been sent and heard if it wasn't already, do not work with the US and NATO or you will be betray and outed by wiki leaks and killed by insurgents.
Afghanistan is unwinnable period unless we declare our job well done and hand control over to Afghanistan like the Brits are and like them get out! We can then observe from a distance see what they do with it and monitor the situation with drones and reliable intelligence sources if there is such a thing.

See what they build with corrupt Karzai and the other drug lords, and the Taliban and other tribes. Any way you look at it we other fish to fry with Somalia, Yemen, and God knows where else or what is going to crop up next. Obama is backing a failed policy in a failed country as we all know. Leave India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, to their own demise. Pakistan and Afghanistan have proven they want our money not our military help. Time to say good bye and good luck!

Events just keep getting worse and worse and what little support there was for Karzai and a so called Democracy is all but gone and riots are breaking out calling for Karzai's head. For years now I kept saying we can not listen to the so called experts and add more troops. We had to listen to Max Cleland former U.S. Senator who lost both legs and right forearm following injuries inflicted by a fellow soldier's grenade in the Vietnam War. He warned we must get out now and instead Obama ads 30,000 more troops to another lost cause.

There's war fatigue in America. It's affecting our psychology. I understand that. This is an ugly war. It's a war in which an enemy will kill innocent men, women and children in order to achieve a political objective. You have to say what side are we talking about? We always hear Afghanistan being compared to Vietnam.

listening to the radio I heard that Lyndon Johnson was told he could not win militarily for the first time in 1966. 95% of all the names on the Vietnam war "wall" memorial were put on there as a result of continuing the war after he was told he couldn't win militarily in 1966. Bush ignored Afghanistan creating a crisis situation that Obama insists on making worse. We are mirroring Vietnam and worse in every way, including in this respect. I hoped Obama would pull out now but now I see another Saigon!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Tim said...

I'm afraid Obama is trying to prove his manhood over the lives of our fallen soldiers. He doesn't want to be perceived as weak. In fact he is weak for letting Repukes push him around and not getting the hell out of Afghanistan.

an average patriot said...

Tim it really drives me crazy. Even though they are out Republicans are still in charge.

I am glad you came by. I was remembering something I have re posted many times. Did you ever read The Taliban get their first wish?

They are happy as pigs in shit! They have us right where they want us. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan including Iran which they say is theirs and more is where they have long said the end of days war will be fought.

Demeur said...

Mike over at Lost in the Bozone has a good post on that.

What drives me crazy is that just like Vietnam it's coming down soldiers being reduced to just numbers.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I have been very dismayed with both these wars because there is no doubt we have been lied to way before day one.

It hurts to see our patriotic sons and daughters fighting and dying while being abused and ill used over ineptitude and lies.

Knowing this is getting worse and worse as expected I am very concerned that Tom is there and F'd up Obama insists on staying there until we join the graveyard of nations and have another Saigon.

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