Friday, July 30, 2010

US more likely to attack Iran says George Bush's in the know CIA Director. What a surprise, no kidding?

Larajani and double speak on Iran's nuclear program: Analyze it yourself

Iran says it has 100 vessels set aside for each US warship So what!

     'US more likely to attack Iran' No kidding?

The plans for what is happening in the middle east today with Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, the US, all of them was in the works well before G W Bush. Bush broke 50 years of tradition in not arming Middle East countries thus adding fire to an already very volatile region. He began giving advanced weaponry to our so called allies in the Middle East so they could defend themselves and go on the offense against Iran if necessary. As you may know this policy has continued under Obama.

I understand the threats of readiness and retaliation coming from Iran. However in response I learned to jump not talk and if someone is talking they do not want to jump. A few years back we had up to 5 carrier Battle Groups either in the Gulf or ready to respond there on call including extra fighters B1's, B2's, tankers for air refueling, the whole works. Frances aircraft carrier Charles DeGaulle was at the mouth of the Gulf.

I know under Bush we did our damnedest to instigate war with Iran and Iran through the revolutionary guard did their share trying to get the war going and out in the open. That said, this has been setting up for years and way before Bush, Obama or Ahmadinejad and his stolen election. It is not going to be quelled because Iran threatens that they have 100 vessels to go after every one that we have in the Gulf.

I remember watching the IRG fighting protestors on motorcycles and parading their thugs on motorcycles in parades. Like you I remember the IRG flitting about in their little speed boats instigating Britain and the US however to threaten they will close the straight of Hormuz to oil traffic and all ships including our military is a bit bellicose and a joke unless they are relying on Russia to help them. At this point I would say that is not a good idea.

Like it or not Bush's interference in the Middle East was planned and set on paper in 1996 and at this point has gone too long and far to be hindered by threats of sending 10,000 "vessels" against our Navy. Remember this memo penned in 1996? In this short policy memo, which Netanyahu, and his successor-Likud Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, totally adopted as the core strategy of their administrations, spelled out a four-pronged attack on the peace process and the entire Arab world. It has become a self-evident truth that, since the Bush "43" and Sharon governments came into power simultaneously in early 2001, "A Clean Break" has been the guiding strategic doctrine of both--particularly following the irregular warfare attacks on New York and Washington on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Perle-Wurmser policy document demanded: 1) Destroy Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, blaming them for every act of Palestinian terrorism, including the attacks from Hamas, an organization which Sharon had helped launch during his early 1980's tenure as Minister of Defense. 2) Induce the United States to overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq.

3) Launch war against Syria after Saddam's regime is disposed of, including striking Syrian military targets in Lebanon, and targets in Syria proper. 4) Parlay the overthrow of the Ba'athist regimes in Baghdad and Damascus into the "democratization" of the entire Arab world, including through further military actions against Iran, Saudi Arabia, and "the ultimate prize," Egypt a clean break

The timeline for this is a little different from what we now know but you can not deny any of the events. As for the reality of what the real reasons and goals for all this, we will never know. I will again guarantee you that there will be a new middle east order. It will be total disorder and no one will like it.

With the US and Israel wanting their idea of a new middle east order and the so called Islamist's wanting their conflicting version, they have guaranteed a disastrous result for the entire middle east. None of this can surprise you now but until it all unfolds as truth it will be denied like everything else until it becomes horrible, undeniable, reality.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


TomCat said...

Like it or not Bush's interference in the Middle East was planned and set on paper in 1996

Acvcording to Gen. Wesley Clark, Bush's war plans included the overthrow of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, and Iran.

an average patriot said...

You know Tom, there are no surprises here period it was all telegraphed and of course denied. They want Somalia now and have said so. We have to get the hell out of Afghanistan. Declare victory as there is only 50 Al Qaeda left and get the hell out. Iran, Somalia, Yemen, there is too much coming down the pike. By the way, Hi Tom!

Tim said...

As I've mentioned to you before, I consider you an expert on the subject.
The one thing I'm sure of is we have to get out ASAP in Afghanistan. Michael Steel of all people was right.
This War is not winnable. It's just not right to ask of our brave troops to be at War forever.

an average patriot said...

I know Tim it is unwinnable, an idiot should have known you could not go at it the way we are.

It was all wrong from day one and Obama insists on staying there until we join Afghanistan's graveyard of Nations and we are.

Lyndon Johnson was told he could not win militarily for the first time in 1966. 95% of all the names on the Vietnam war "wall" memorial were put on there as a result of continuing the war after he was told he couldn't win militarily in 1966.

Bush ignored Afghanistan creating a crisis situation that Obama insists on making worse. We are mirroring Vietnam and worse in every way, including in this respect. I hoped Obama would pull out now but now I see another Saigon!