Thursday, July 22, 2010

synthetic marijuana spurs State bans: end all the lying and needless arrests and costs, Legalize marijuana!

I remember when I was a kid in the 60s and 70s pot cost $10 an ounce then it went to $20 and to increase potency we were lacing it. I do not remember what with but I am sure someone can tell me. We were always warned of the threat of death as they were in the 20s and 30s when you had posters on the trains that smoking marijuana could make you a deviant and anti Societal monster and would kill you.

This has been going on for a century now and has cost 100s of millions of dollars if not Billions. The desire to find ways around the growing expense and needless illegality of marijuana will never stop. This is just the latest! Seated at a hookah lounge in the Tower Grove district, Albert Kuo trained his lighter above a marbleized glass pipe stuffed with synthetic marijuana. Inhaling deeply, Mr. Kuo, an art student at an area college, singed the pipe’s leafy contents, emitting a musky cloud of smoke into the afternoon light.

Mr. Kuo, 25, had gathered here with a small cohort of friends for what could be the last time they legally get high in Missouri on a substance known popularly as K2, a blend of herbs treated with synthetic marijuana. “I know it’s not going to kill me,” said Mr. Kuo, who likened the drug’s effects to clove cigarettes. “It’s a waste of time, effort and money to ban something like this.” He is right, legalize marijuana!

On Tuesday, Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, signed a bill prohibiting possession of K2. Missouri is the nation’s eighth state this year to ban the substance, which has sent users to emergency rooms across the country complaining of everything from elevated heart rates and paranoia to vomiting and hallucinations.

Investigators blame the drug in at least one death, and this month, Gov. Mike Beebe of Arkansas, a Democrat, signed an emergency order banning the substance. Similar prohibitions are pending in at least six other states, including Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Ohio, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

“It’s like a tidal wave,” said Ward Franz, the state representative who sponsored Missouri’s legislation. “It’s almost an epidemic. We’re seeing middle-school kids walking into stores and buying it.”

Often marketed as incense, K2 — which is also known as Spice, Demon or Genie — is sold openly in gas stations, head shops and, of course, online. It can sell for as much as $40 per gram. The substance is banned in many European countries, but by marketing it as incense and clearly stating that it is not for human consumption, domestic sellers have managed to evade federal regulation.

synthetic marijuana spurs State bans

We are hearing all kinds of crap to counter the positive reasons for legalization. Legalize, tax and control as we do alcohol is the way to go. Sure there will be people growing there own, a black market. History and reality shows us how little the alcohol market as affected by those who can will and do brew their own.

Legalizing pot may drop the price of a marijuana cigarette to as little as $1.50 in California, but taxing weed may create a whole new black market, according to a new RAND Corp. study. The six-month study by the renowned Santa Monica-based think tank provides fuel for both sides of the debate over whether California should legalize marijuana for recreational use.

The study didn't take a position on either the November ballot initiative -- Proposition 19 -- to legalize recreational marijuana use or proposed separate state legislation to impose a $50-per-ounce pot tax. The study said legalizing marijuana in California would drop the price of pot by more than 80 percent and increase consumption. Okay great! Would a $1.50 joint bring happiness to California? I'd say so!

Honest marijuana reviews from real marijuana fanatics.

The Hypocrisy! Did you know that for 30 years the US has been growing and distributing Marijuana? This is really hypocritical and outrageous especially with what is happening on the Mexican Border and with the fact that some one million people are arrested in the US every year for possession. WTF? Am I the only one that did not know the Government was growing and distributing marijuana to a select few while telling everyone else that could benefit from it to suffer. This is insane! Are they purposely doing this to feed their economy and agenda? In light of what has been happening on the Border and around the country I think it is time to take the Government to task on this!

The program was started 5/10/78 after President Jimmy Carter was forced by the courts to supply marijuana to a Glaucoma patient. What amazes me is that it only took the Government 6 days to send him his first shipment of 10 ounces of pre rolled marijuana cigarettes in a canister, that was some fast growing stuff. The Governments official line is that in one regard or the other marijuana poisons you even if their excuse is that it is a gateway drug leading to harder stuff.

Well, the list of patients the Government was poisoning grew to 34 before Daddy Bush shut the program down in in 1992. Those that were already enrolled in the program were allowed to continue until they died. Gee what a surprise, the Government controlled 34 users for thirty years with no negative side affects and they never mention that. There are still 4 of the original 34 left alive receiving 10 ounces of Government grown marijuana pre rolled in a canister every month. The rest of the MS, cancer, glaucoma, and myriad of other patients that may benefit from marijuana are merely left to suffer and or die. Why? Meanwhile while the Fed continues to supply the surviving 4 patients with marijuana they continue to raid legal growers of medicinal marijuana in California. The hypocrisy, why?

30 years of medical marijuana and Federal Hypocrisy

We know they do not but you want to say don't they ever think? They are purposely feeding the violence on the border they are supposedly very concerned about? If you buy marijuana in the US you are fueling the cartel drug wars in Mexico. Are they doing this on purpose? Last year there was 7,000 killed there. So far this year another 400 have been added to those Butchered, beheaded, murdered, for what? Juarez, New Mexico on the Border with El Paso, Texas is a battle zone. It is the hot spot in the cartel's fight for smuggling routes. The drug cartels and those officers and military not bought off by the cartels are in a full blown war

Of course there are big fears of our drug war that spilled South to Mexico now spilling back to our side of the Border as violence. The violence is only there and fed by our insatiable hunger for marijuana and other drugs. We can end this! We can control the border as we still are not and put our military on the border. That is where they should be not on 733 US bases around the world.

* I was stupefied, stunned, amazed, to find out the Government for thirty years has been growing, supplying, and distributing marijuana to a few whose life they know they are changing for the good maybe even saving while leaving the rest of the users that may benefit to their own demise! The unnecessary money spent, arrests, violence, murders, mayhem, here and in Mexico is asinine. It is all for naught. If not why? This is all hypocrisy! It makes no sense. The Government unbeknown to me already has 30 years of experience growing and distributing marijuana. Legalize it! Open their own proven program up for the good of the country! Stop all this needless crap, legalize it!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

Morning Jim-I put this up yesterday as it's an example of how media distorts this issue. I'm so damn cynical that I believe nothing will change. You are correct here but these bastards who can make the change won't even discuss it. We have no control over a damn thing anymore-we really don't!

an average patriot said...

Hi Bud! Gee I thought I was at your place yesterday. Frustrating isn't it that we and the right thing does not matter only the parties and their selfish agendas.

Cats r Flyfishn said...

I agree with you 100%. The war on drugs is a waste of taxpayers' money.
Here in rural PA, the helicopters started flying low daily looking for illegal pot fields.

an average patriot said...

Hi Cats, welcome! Yes it is sickening the time money and energy we put in protecting the monied interests of the worlds most dangerous and abused drug, alcohol!Anyway, they do the same thing hire in Ma and I am sure in every State except Ca. maybe!

Demeur said...

I guess if the marijuana growers and dealers would hire lobbyists and grease the palms of congress it would be a different story. Wouldn't it?

Tim said...

We all the History of Pot. What archaic minds and rules. Ignorance is their drug of choice.

Anonymous said...


an average patriot said...

You're right Demeur! Did you see California with the new pot factories etc. It is going to happen because of this financial situation and nothing else.You know what they say, as California goes so goes the Nation. I will post that in 2 or 3 days I think.

Lisa Allender said...

Marijuana is LESS DANGEROUS than alcohol.
I use neither, but I believe this is a PERSONAL CHOICE.
Freedom to imbibe, inhale, whatever.

an average patriot said...

I agree Lisa! It kills me that alcohol the most abused and dangerous drug in the world is legal and only because the "establishment" have their money in it! said...

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