Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fidel Castro surfaces to warn world of nuclear war because of North Korea and Iran

Revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has appeared on Cuban TV to warn the world that the West's confrontation with Iran and North Korea could erupt into nuclear war. The 83-year-old claimed the conflict could break out if the USA, in alliance with Israel, tried to enforce sanctions again Iran for its recent nuclear activities. Castro appeared relaxed and lucid in the hour and a half long TV interview - the first appearance since he was seriously ill four years ago.Fidel Castro warns nuclear war is coming

This is a long convoluted complex situation long discussed by us. I am glad he brought this out in the open because we know Dmitri Medvedev just announced that Iran is close to developing a nuclear weapon. We have discussed Ad nauseum North Korea being dropped from the list of terrorist states and the so called axis of evil while they continue to threaten nuclear war and destruction.

We have discussed often that the non aligned states because of Bush were siding with Iran, calling for our destruction as usual, and aligning behind Russia to take us on in what presumably would have been a nuclear war. We discussed the nasty surprise China had for us called the assassins mace which would shut down our entire military ability including our navy and nuclear weapons. We discussed HAARP which would enable us to shut down Russia and China's ability.

We discussed also Ad Nauseum the fact that Iran has been seeking nuclear weapons since we gave them nuclear abilities in a 1950s program titled atoms for peace. Ever since Iran and Israel have been preparing to go after each other. I have been very concerned that Israel would attack Iran dragging us into it. I could not fathom a nuclear war developing there despite the rhetoric because someone has to be able to live there.

I figured there would be a war to whatever degree because there will never be peace there as only the US wanted it. However recent developments have shown at least me that with Medvedev in control of Russia, China under Hu Jintao, and the US under Obama, I see our best chance to keep from nuclear Armageddon as they know what it would mean to all of them.

I do however think Fidel is right if North Korea does something stupid or if Israel does something stupid, both possibilities but I do believe the big three Russia, China, and the US, will do whatever it takes to circumvent all out nuclear war. When I was in the military and worked with nuclear weapons we were taught that mutual destruction was a deterrent to nuclear war.

Under Bush it was looking like mutual destruction was the goal. We know that would be the result and I am confident Russia, China, and the US, will do whatever they have to, to curtail escalation. Whoever is stupid enough to start the next nuclear war will suffer the wrath of the entire world and it will be their demise.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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