Tuesday, July 20, 2010

House committee passes ban on future BP leases: The damage is done but it's about time!

This is a start but with BP's record of cutting costs and corners creating many disasters, accidents, and deaths it is about time but too late for the gulf and hopefully not the world. The hell with the damn pause button someone better hit the stop button! Remember Bush and Cheney's secret White House meetings with the so called energy czars? Remember, the rest of the world by law must use an acoustic valve in case of emergency that would have prevented this.

House committee passes ban on future BP leases

deepwater Horizon oil spill

BP's History of Oil Spills and Accidents: Same Strategy, Different Day

Since oil ran this country Bush and Cheney decided at 1/2 million per valve it was too expensive for oil companies as profit and cutting corners was their only goal not the people and the environment. All inspections of drilling and platforms stopped in 2001. Obama's mistake was not re instituting them instantly but he better do it before he lets those idiots drill in the Arctic. I am psyched they are now reeling in BP and controlling them. We can not allow them to further destroy the world and they will very happily. I am peeved!

Remember where life began! We have allowed BP to unleash a volcano of death in the bottom of our chain of life killing life in the ocean that gave life to us. We can not let them add the Arctic to their list of nightmares. Our planet is shrinking. The planet is one life system and everything is interconnected, everything affected by everything else eventually. As I taught my kids, the ocean is like a giant washing machine. What goes around eventually comes around. Why can't people ever look at the big picture, see the big picture, or think of the repercussions of their actions before they act?

BP has done absolutely nothing right period from the get go or the disaster in the Gulf never would have happened. They obviously have never used the necessary technology to deal with this disaster they just got the equipment so they could use the lie that they were prepared. Nothing has gone right! Minimizing the ecological damage and helping the people whose lives they have destroyed they could care less about. Minimizing their financial liability and staying in control of their disaster is all that matters. We can not let them ply their destruction in the Arctic too!

Jean-Michel Cousteau urges widespread involvement to ban any new offshore oil drilling and to increase support for renewable energy. He correctly said the Gulf is the greatest environmental disaster of our lifetimes and it has only just begun. Jean-Michel Cousteau, one of the world's leading ocean explorers, has spoken of his “frustration at the human species” over the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

This is going around the world as it is going to the Gulf Stream. I was ridiculed when I first said that but with the likes of Jean Michael Cousteau stating this is a chain that will kill everything it touches in the ocean and everything that lives because of it "think about that" also that it will get into every other ocean we have still unfolding a disaster of epic proportions just beginning to unfold. We can not add the Arctic to that! We must stop BP, allow them to drill but keep them under total control.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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