Saturday, July 03, 2010

Taiwan and China set to sign historic trade accord as China pulls Taiwan even closer

China and Taiwan signed a landmark deal Tuesday that formalizes trade ties between Asia's rising economic giant and one of its most successful high-tech "tigers," and sidesteps a political dispute that once threatened to boil over into war. The agreement steered well clear of politics, with officials from both sides insisting that ECFA touches only on economic issues. Indeed, the Chinese term for the deal refers only to "two shores," making no mention of China or Taiwan's official titles, and ECFA was signed by semiofficial representatives, not government officials.

The deal is a sign of how much relations have continued to improve between China and the self-ruled island it views as its own. Caught in a vicious cycle of mistrust and recriminations just two years ago this just keeps getting better and better for all of us. Taiwan and China set to sign historic trade accord as China pulls Taiwan even closer

I February we discussed Taiwan pressing the reset button for US, Taiwan, China relations as Taiwan Posts Best Export Growth in More Than 33 Years. They even said they may build bridge to China. This is something else that just keeps getting better and better!

That will help US China relations Taiwan posted Monday its biggest monthly growth in exports in more than 33 years, powered by a recovery in demand from all its major export markets, especially China. China needs Taiwan as much as we need China and Taiwan. This is an important inter relationship. I do not understand why Taiwan can not be part of China but independent as the Democracy part!
Taiwan Posts Best Export Growth in More Than 33 Years

Things have been so volatile between China and the US because of the Dali Lama, currency issues, and rearming of Taiwan by the US that I am really pleased to see that Taiwan's economy is doing so well and partly because of China. After years of volatility

A bridge linking the Taiwan held Kinmen group of islands with China is planned and would be a powerful symbol of improved ties between Taipei and Beijing, as the area is so far best known as the scene of their bloodiest battle in the past 60 years.This is key! That prospect has now moved closer with the decision by Taiwan's Council for Economic Planning and Development to approve the 3.3-mile bridge from Kinmen proper to neighboring Little Kinmen. That would only be one bridge away from China. It would be a shorter bridge to get to China at 3 miles long. I like this! Taiwan to build bridge off China
This is the official reason for what we keep reiterating! Why China Needs The U.S. -- And Vice Versa

Now I have renewed hope that China will remember how important good relations are to both of our countries as we move through the 21st century.

US-China ties 'to shape 21st century'

The US and China will never be the same but share the same big boat hit by huge waves

Cooperation between China Russia and the US is critical! Obama is right to say our ties will shape the future of the 21st century. The US and China are eying each other and moving very cautiously as they try to strike a balance. A few years back I began to view our relationship with China as the most important in the world. Not because we drove each others economy but because if at the time with Bush's instigation to war with Russia China due to the fact of how our 2 economies are so intertwined that if something happened China would side with us not Russia.

I hope that never happens and I feel increasingly confident we can take the road to peace and prosperity into the 21st century with a united world. Many of you know I repeat often that Nostradamus gave us two roads to travel into the future. Bush had us on the first road, the road to war and a disastrous future for man kind. I feel increasingly confident thanks to Obama we are now on the second road, the road to understanding and a successful prosperous future. I am psyched to see ties continuing to strengthen between China and Taiwan as relations with the US improve with China's increased financial influence and importance to Asia.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Dusty said...

We need them, they need us..that is never going to change.

an average patriot said...

Whoa Dusty a beauty from the past! How the hell you been? Yes we need them for Asia and in the world today. We all need to get along if we are to have a future!

TomCat said...

Excellent job here, Jim. You've hit an area getting scant attention due to the GOP Gusher, GOP Recesssion, and GOP obstruction.

I see this as a positive development.

Want to play some fantasy football this year, old friend? Check any Open thread at my place. :-)

an average patriot said...

All right Tom Yeah I'll be by! US, Taiwanese Chinese is another critical relationship to the future going to hell in a hand basket.

Robert said...

I'm seem to be quite interested/excited about this whole China-Taiwan business, why ?

an average patriot said...

Hi Robert, welcome! World relations have gotten pretty bad because of Bush's war mongering and tensions as you know have been pretty high with North Korea and lately with Taiwan, China, and the US over our arms deliveries to Taiwan.
China has a new economic seat and has also been flexing its military muscle around contested Japanese islands. China is so also play an ever increasing role in Asia and it is critical we get along swimmingly.

Success into the 21st century depends on it. I usually include the link to the economic summit where both countries voiced that and I can get it if you want!