Friday, July 09, 2010

BP:Gulf Oil Spill Response Costs, Claims Total $3.12B To Date and this is barely beginning! Can anyone spell bankruptcy?

I am sick of hearing how much BP spent, they cracked the gulf floor, $100 billion would be a down payment
BP:Gulf Oil Spill Response Costs, Claims Total $3.12B To Date
Oil major BP PLC (BP.LN) said Monday the cost of the response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill so far is $3.12 billion, as it ramps up oil-containment efforts following

BP said Monday its costs arising from the continuing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico hit the $3 billion mark as the environmental disaster reached and passed the grim 70-day mark, now day 80 and as the oil major reportedly set plans to float $10 billion in debt. That's a joke! They cracked the sea bed floor, wait until we hit the 2 year mark and they realize they will have to nuke it and 100 billion is a pittance. Think about that!

undeniable video showing they cracked the sea bed floor if you haven't seen it Meanwhile, BP said more than 65,000 claims have been submitted and more than 32,000 payments have been made. As you know BP agreed last week to create a $20 billion fund to pay for costs associated with the spill, but the company repeated Monday that it is too early to quantify other potential costs and liabilities. The company is also in talks with banks on arranging another $20 billion in loans, on top of this week's $10 billion debt offer. A final $20 billion is expected to come from asset sales over the next two years, according to reports.

I am sick This is so bad and they are still trying to hide the truth until as became practice under Bush, it becomes reality and they have to confront it. Like it or not even they are not big enough to handle this financially and they will have to file for bankruptcy. I am sick of hearing how much money they spent!

Gulf Faces New Tropical Storm Threat This Week

Meanwhile US Expands No-Fishing Zone In Gulf Of Mexico Over Oil Spill

They are still testing the whale as they say the tests are inconclusive. Who gives a damn get it to work. OJT " on the job training" is the order for the day. There are hundreds of little skimmers at work but this can do more in a day than they did in 2 months. Meanwhile 1/3 of the Feds Gulf is now closed. We keep hearing how the people of the Gulf will be taken care of by BP, how quickly they are processing claims, and how it will not cost us a penny. Now I hear only half of all claims have been paid and people are hurting more every day.

Industry experts warned that the out-of-control well will go on spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico for the next two years or more if all attempts to contain or plug the gusher fail.The estimates, based on new figures supplied by Hayward, suggest the potential environmental and economic devastation would far outstrip the damage done so far by the ruptured well, which has been spewing for over 70 days now.

They no longer know if it can even be stopped. Think about that and the Gulf stream for a minute. I reiterate It is time to give some serious thought to dropping a low grade nuke on the well and turn the sea bed to glass. It will end life as they know it in the gulf but like it or not that has already happened. There is said to be a billion barrels of oil there, just imagine that entering the gulf stream and going around the world. You do not think life and the planet will not be changer forever? Come on!

Crisis in the Gulf Part IV: Interview with U.S. Expert on Peaceful Nuclear Explosives

* In closing BP supposedly has already paid out 3.2 Billion of the 20 Billion they have promised. You know that is a pittance. They have already spent a sixth of it and this has barely begun and will be necessary for decades on end. We also know half the claims remain unpaid and millions of Gulf Coast residents are looking to BP to pay for mental health, stress, and depression costs. I am very concerned that BP is going to skip on us as costs mount! You can bet they are working on it. They will form new corporations and shift assets around to screw the people of the Gulf, all taxpayers, and America, file bankruptcy then they will do this again the inept asses they are. WTF?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Weaseldog said...

The two year estimate is BS. This gusher is more likely to spew for twenty years.

I don't know that a nuke would work, the water will likely absorb a lot of the heat energy, so it won't turn the seabed to glass. They'd have to drill a fat borehole and put the nuke inside. but the shock waves could just create new fissures.

Maybe a nuke could work. I have no other ideas, except to call for the industry to implement much more efficient collection techniques.

Tim said...

Russia claims it used Nukes to deal with similar disasters.

Jim thanks, I've been looking for video proof. I'm told when gas starts bubbling up in the water to where you can see it, that's when the Gas under the well could blow up taking a good part of the coast with it.

Weaseldog said...

You probably remember this screenshot I took of a hole spewing oil, that is not the blowout preventer.

Weaseldog said...

As Matt Simmons tells it, those nukes were used in shallow water and they did put them down a borehole.

Stories I'm hearing about the geology where this geyser is spewing indicates that the crust is brittle and prone to cracking.

I don't know if the Russians were dealing with the same geology.

Demeur said...

According to the guys over at "the Oil Drum" who are in the business shooting a nuke at it wouldn't work. The sea floor is made up of sand and mud. The oil is in a layer of shale with sand mixed in. Shale breaks up easily when exposed to pressures.

And you heard the latest on the payments to the fishermen? BP is holding their payments because they changed the rules for payment. Now if the fishermen don't help with the clean up they won't get paid their full losses. BP is holding 1/2 of what they are due.

Weaseldog said...

BP destroyed the Gulf and now it owns the Gulf.

BP destroyed the fishermen, now the fisherman are BP slaves.

In the USA, we really do believe in rewarding failure.

One Fly said...

Thanks Jim!

I too am sick of hearing how much bp has done.

Numbers-I'm not a believer.

Until it's off all the bad numbers are on the table.

The real screwing will commence shortly.

Real reporting? Our government will throw you in the slammer if you try.

We are even more screwed than before and there is no way to make rape sound good.

This is a terrorism attack on our shores and should be treated as such.

The terrorists are not going to pay for much longer just watch.

an average patriot said...

Wease until it runs out if there is such a thing. I heard 2 billion gallons. They are talking now of oil mats hitting Mississippi and Texas the consistency of liver and the size of buses. That Gulf is dead and then there's the rest of the world.

an average patriot said...

Tim Russia used nukes on a gas leak but it was above ground. I mentioned the conspiracy theories going around but I will be posting a video tomorrow that makes much of it and more appear reality. This is not good. Today the EPA said the air is not healthy to breathe but BP says not to worry and it is not them. Screw them!

an average patriot said...

Wease it wasn't the same thing but we have to try something. Those asses just want the oil and don't care about stopping it. I saw a story today that Russia has a couple subs that can do this as does Japan and someone else.

I have been tied up looking for someone to help us figure out how to air condition the house as this heat is too much. I will try to pay attention to developments now.

an average patriot said...

I refuse to believe that this FFF'd up government is still letting BP lie saying we are doing our best and we will make it right. Forget it, the fishing life is dead they might as well work for BP do more drilling and kill the rest of the world. WTF?

One Fly said...

They say maybe Monday it could be all okay you see.


Weaseldog said...

This time they mean it. Honest!

an average patriot said...

Tom can you believe we keep falling for that crap! They just won't frigging shut up. I know they were saying that but Thad said it was too optimistic. I think it is the 27th they are supposed to be reporting to stockholders and that was the new frigging deadline I heard.

Bush started this shit of denying the truth until it becomes undeniable reality. Screw them! I just feel like saying fuck a duck screw a pigeon go to church and learn religion. Okay I feel better!

an average patriot said...

Yeah I just read that. That's a frigging joke, If all goes according to plan my ass. Is that the best laid plan of men and mice?

an average patriot said...

I am listening to a scientist right now who has been studying barnacles there for 12 years but is afraid to go back in the water and right now they are 75% dead. sonofabitch!

an average patriot said...
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an average patriot said...

sorry typo! Dining I meant diving. You see cousteau diving in that crap in a hazmat suit right now on cnn?