Saturday, July 24, 2010

NATO says Mullah Omar ordered the Taliban to kill civilians: What happened to their code of conduct?

NATO says Taliban leader Mullah Omar has ordered fighters to kill Afghan civilians, contradicting orders he issued last year. Remember that farce they called a code of conduct to protect civilians. Yes civilians are dying from both sides. As usual they get the shit end of the stick!

In a statement Sunday, NATO says it intercepted orders that Mullah Omar gave to subordinate commanders at the beginning of June. It says he instructed fighters to kill Afghans who work with NATO or the Afghan government, and to kill women who provide information to coalition forces. I have to ask what's changed really?

There was no immediate reaction to the claim from Taliban leaders. Last November, Mullah Omar called on militants to avoid causing civilian deaths when attacking government and foreign troops. NATO blamed the Taliban for a suicide bombing that killed at least three people Sunday in the capital, Kabul. Authorities say at least 35 people were wounded.NATO says Mullah Omar ordered the Taliban to kill civilians

More than 1,000 Afghan civilians were killed in armed violence and security incidents in the first six months of 2010, a new Afghan study says. Afghanistan Rights Monitor says 1,074 civilians were killed between January and June - a slight increase compared with the same period in 2009. However, the number of people killed in NATO air strikes in the same period has halved, the report says. Changes to rules of engagement helped reduce that figure, the report says. Afghanistan civilian casualties on the rise compliments of Mullah Omar

We managed to lower the number of civilians killed so Mullah Omar has ordered the Taliban to kill as many as possible. I would hope the civilians in turn, turn on them. Their lives are on the line. They have got to stand up! The Taliban was on a public relations drive. The militants fighting on fronts from Afghanistan to Pakistan feared they were losing the propaganda war among their own people so the leadership released a new "code of conduct" for fighters in the field. Taliban code of conduct

This new code of conduct is a death threat to all Afghan civilians by Mullah Omar and the Taliban, those that want to control them. They better read the writing on the wall and do something about outing Mullah Omar and the militant Taliban if it is even possible.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Tim said...


We sure are doing a swell job there.
Command hasn't a freaken clue about the people we're fighting. How many more years Jim do you think we'll be there. So say ten, Imagine a twenty year War. Taliban start killing Civilians, we'll take the blame and will be hated for the next hundred years.

Demeur said...

If memory serves correct the only group to conquer that area was Genghis Khan and they did it by brute force.
The people there are uneducated and just don't seem to care. We've tried for 8 years to train an army and police force. The other thing to remember is that they have their roots as nomads so property rights is not big in their priorities.

This whole thing reminds me of a bad western only in this show we can't exactly tell who are the bad guys. Our generals say that this is not like Vietnam but from talking to people who were there it sure sounds the same.

an average patriot said...

1000 Tim if we are stupid enough to stay there till we join their graveyard of Nations. My youngest has been there about a week and he is still hopping convoys trying to get to his FOB.

Jim has 9 years till he retires and plans on going to Afghanistan as civilian EOD to make $100,000 to pay cash for his house. If we do not get out it will keep our war economy going for many generations.

an average patriot said...

Right Demeur and eventually they got him too. They are tribal and the Taliban are indigenous. We are trying to force something foreign on them as we did in Vietnam and we know how that turned out!