Saturday, July 10, 2010

OIL SPILL DISASTER update! NOT GOOD! Watch this and know it will rain oil then think about operation deadly tide.

OIL SPILL DISASTER update! NOT GOOD! You can not deny this! Do yourself a favor, watch this with an open mind!

Now remember operation deadly tide

knowing Exxon Valdez was run by a consortium of oil liars led by BP who killed Prince William sound and many of it's people especially clean up workers who were not protected from what they were cleaning up

Critics call Valdez cleanup a warning for Gulf workers

Two decades ago, Roy Dalthorp helped clean up the rocky shores of Prince William Sound after the tanker Exxon Valdez ran aground, producing what was then the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Today, with that record surpassed by the 11-week-old disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Dalthorp struggles to breathe. He coughs, and his failing eyes sometimes tear up uncontrollably. Dalthorp told CNN that he was "slowly poisoned" during the Alaska cleanup effort -- and he says some of those now working to clean up the BP spill off Louisiana and neighboring states are risking the same fate.

"Clams and mussels, to fish and otters, to ducks and eagles, and even deer and bears," said Anchorage lawyer Dennis Mestas, who represented another worker who was involved in the cleanup. "But they never studied what this oil was doing to the workers -- to the human beings in Prince William Sound." Mestas warns history may be repeating itself thousands of miles away in the Gulf of Mexico, with evidence of workers getting sick, and their medical records being controlled by BP.

"After 20 years, there is no evidence suggesting that either cleanup workers or the residents of the communities affected by the Valdez spill have had any adverse health effects as a result of the spill or its cleanup," the company said. Gary Stubblefield, who he said "still struggles for each breath" as a result of the cleanup -- sued Exxon over his illness. The oil company settled for a reported $2 million, without admitting any blame, after Mestas went to an Exxon office in Houston, Texas, and viewed medical records of cleanup workers.

Exxon had asked the court to keep those records under seal to protect the workers' privacy. But Mestas said the company was forced to let him view summaries of the health records of 11,000 cleanup workers, and found that 6,722 of them had gotten sick. Of the 50000 workers most of them were sick from the oil and chemicals they were forced to work with unprotected and are still dying but Exxon says very few got sick and no one sued them. Gee! Please read all these lies

Don't be fooled know absolutely unequivocally that this monumental man made disaster will dwarf that of Prince William sound, the sea, and the people! Now what do you think about this lie you are living? I was listening to a scientist who has been studying sea life in the Gulf for 12 years but he is now afraid to go into the water without a hazmat diving suit.

     He said shrimp, oysters, crabs, all dead. 75% of corral dead! Plankton the food source of whales, fish, and sea life, poisoned and dying. One fisherman was bringing in his net and was splashed with water with the dispersant corexit which BP is using extensively suffering heart palpitations and muscle spasms and in the hospital for 3 weeks.

   My son was telling me before he came home for leave he let the kids swim in the ocean because they did not see oil. It is what you do not see that is going to sicken and kill you and BP will be there to say it wasn't us. I am going to advise my son to limit my grandkids outdoor time and no ocean or their possible hazardous well being or lack there of will be on his head!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

A couple of things Jim. You're absolutely right. What you can't see can kill you. Case at point an illeagal drug lab. When you first go into a "cook house" you'd never know that anything was wrong. No real strange odors or stains any, evidence that anything illegal had happened there. And I'm talking about after the poilce have removed all the containers and cooking equipment. Yet that house is unfit to live in if tests are done.
Another thing is worker exposures. Even with protective equipment the respirators only protect to a certain level which would be below the premissible exposure limit. The problem there is that chemicals affect each worker differently. And I noted that in the course of the last 20 years of doing this type work that the exposure limits have been going down. Meaning that the workers who did the work years ago were actually overexposed.
When they first started the clean up BP refused to let the workers use respirators. Then all of a sudden everybody is shown wearing all the right PPE. Now I see they're back to just boots and gloves. Here's the kicker in all this. What we're first taught in hazmat class. If you can smell a chemical then you're getting exposure. Once you get break through in a chem filter you're exposed. There's supossed to be monitoring of the air and a filter change schedule to prevent that.
As for letting the kids near the beach? Forget it. These chemicals affect kids worse than adults and can do some life long damage to liittle lungs and nervous systems. This is basically a Superfund site in my opinion.

an average patriot said...

Tim if you come here I tried to leave this on your site but it wouldn't let me: All that matters to me is they killed the Gulf: I am so sick of hearing the lies about the gulf. They killed the shrimp, shell fish, 75% of the corral, the plankton everything lives on. It is dead thanks to their oxygen depleting dispersant. This is barely beginning and they still just claim stupidity. Those people are screwed, everyone that lives there!

Tim said...

Hey Jim
Demeur is right about the respirators.
One thing I'd like to add, I'd bet my left nut there wasn't proper training on how to wear one. I'm sure not one person had PFT or pulmonary Fit test.
I'm also sure they weren't shown how to store clean or when to change cartridges of the respirator. I'd bet the other nut they weren't shown how to do a positive and negative pressure test on themselves. I to have seen workers wearing Respirators with beards and facial hair that would nullify proper seals on the face.
Getting to your videos, I thought they were great. Summed up all the crap in about seven minutes. Everyday when I wake up I expect to turn on the news and hear of the Gulf blowing apart. The black rain could decimate crops throughout the Country. And still they shoot down the moratorium on deep drilling.
Maybe we deserve what we'll get.


an average patriot said...

Demeur I refuse to believe they are killing everything and will get away playing stupid. The more I learn the more I believer that so called conspiracy theory minus the FEMA camps. This is not good and it is still barely beginning on the damage front.

an average patriot said...

Tim this is really bad and it pisses me off the Government is placating these lies. Those people there are screwed!

Anonymous said...
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Tim said...

Sorry about the site comment thing.
That's why I sometimes send you guys a test message as I'm trying to work out the bugs. It took me hours to fix the comment thing. I think I got it.
I appreciate your patience.
You guys who have blogger should consider keeping it. Word press seems very sensitive.

an average patriot said...

Tim blogger has done alright by me I'm keeping it. I just thought the comment thing was me. I hate computers!