Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pat Robertson predicts worldwide violence and recession, yeah? Cavutto says 08 will be about those that want to terrorize, That's right it will all be about Bush!
I was going to discuss the arcane Iowa Caucuses and how ridiculous they appear to be and the influence they supposedly have on or next President but something else came up as usual. If you want to take Iowa caucuses 101 please do. The Arcane rules
Now I think Robertson is a crackpot. A year ago Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities would suffer a horrific terrorist attack and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September. Of course we know that never happened. Robertson said God also told him that the U.S. only feigns friendship with Israel and that U.S. policies are pushing Israel toward "national suicide.",2933,240841,00.html
A year ago I did a story on this not because of what the fear monger said but because of what it would mean to us come elections which are right around the corner. remember just imagine this?
Anyway he is piping up again. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Wednesday that 2008 will be a year of violence worldwide and a recession in the United States, followed by a major stock-market crash by 2010. Sharing what he believes God has told him about the year ahead is an annual tradition for Robertson. On Wednesday's "700 Club" broadcast, the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network predicted that evangelism will increase and more people will seek God as the chaos develops. Robertson said, "We will see the presence of angels and we will see an intensification of miracles around the world." Last year, Robertson predicted that a terrorist act, possibly involving a nuclear weapon, would result in mass killing in the United States. Noting that it hadn't come to pass, Robertson said, "All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us." yhep prayer saved us

I actually hate to but I have to agree with him on this prediction but this too is compliments of Bush! The growing world violence is obvious and undeniable to an idiot but we have been discussing the coming of the 2nd Greatest depression for a long time now and it will hit when the reality of what Bush has created hits. This is a year old but check out the second great depression by Mike Whitney
That is only part of the reality Bush has set in motion for our and the worlds future. I am just stunned that anyone can deny the major and leading role Bush has played in all this. Then I saw that Cavutto who I can't stand was saying 2008 will be dominated by those trying to terrorize us and the world with terrorists and extremists such as is happening in Algeria, Nigeria and Pakistan and I can't believe again that the real cause of all this crap is not even mentioned.

Listen to this wing nut idiocy! Cavutto: This year, it's all about nuts. Not about candidates for president. Or the guy who is president. Not about tax policies. Or housing policies. Or any policies. If you want to know what will set the tone for the year, my prediction? Those who want to terrorize this year. Don't believe me? Then believe Nigeria, where violent militants attacked two police stations, and took out more than a dozen people. And believe Algeria, where similar extremists took out a police station in a suicide blast, and promised to do more of the same.

The incidental fact that both these countries are OPEC members had oil prices climbing over a hundred bucks a barrel. Just like the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan last week cost our DOW more than 200 points. Because senseless violence makes sensible men sense all is not right with the world. And they get scared. And the more violence they see, the more scared they get. And the more desperate they become. Selling stocks like it's nobody's business. Buying up oil because they're convinced there will be no business. It isn't rational. It just is. And those who are irrational know it. So they kill, and maim, terrorize, and taunt. Not just in one country, but in lots of countries. Leaving some to sensibly wonder whether this senselessness will come to their country. It will. Rattling our numbers, because they have our number. And they know it. My only question? Do we? Cavutto's idiocy

** I don't think they have our number but I know Bush does! All our problems are because off the chief fear monger, the chief war monger, the chief idiot Bush. He is the one who set the standard for stealing elections. He is the one who has destabilized the world. I blame Bush for rising oil prices. I will blame Bush for the stock market crash when reality does hit it. I can't speak about Africa but maybe you can tell me but I blame Bush for the vast majority of the spreading violence around the world. Many countries are paying for supporting the chief war monger as he pursues his new world (dis)order. I blame him for all world crisis in the near future whether he is President or not because of the divisive forces he has set in motion around the world. I do though see some hope but it is not in our Government or in anyone else's. It is in us It is in We the People of America and the World!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Sheae said...

The question is no longer between violence and non-violence; it is between non-violence and non-existence. ~
Martin Luther King, Jr. Violence Quotes

an average patriot said...

That sounds good and anyway you look at it, it is not good for Pakistan and the world, The violence will not be qelled. It will spread and is. It is beyond control. The question is existence and not about any one country but the world as we know it and as a life sustaining force.