Friday, January 11, 2008

Knowing the increased border tension between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the US I decided to research the cause. We caused it we we will not resolve it!

As usual I was lying in Bed this morning having my coffee and listening to the news. Knowing we keep hearing that Bin Laden is in the tribal area's and what we are being told is Al Qaeda has been reinforcing the Taliban in Afghanistan and increasing violence in Pakistan with threats of unseating the Government and throwing the entire region into turmoil and bush is adding 3,000 marines and their support equipment and fighter aircraft to Afghanistan along the border with Pakistan's tribal area, I heard this morning that anyone caught crossing the border illegally will be considered an invader. Knowing how we have indiscriminately set Muslim borders in many Instances and have caused these problems ourselves by dividing and cutting off whole peoples I decided to once again look at the forming of modern Afghanistan, the border there, and the forming of Pakistan from India.

Afghanistan is an ancient land. Its early history, like the early history of the republics of Central Asia to the east of the Caspian Sea, is virtually the same as the history of ancient Iran. even knowing this I was pretty surprised looking at the failures of the Brits and others to impose there will there over the years to no avail and here we are attempting to do it once again and it will fail once again. You will want to read the rich history of the region. I was impressed. Anyway: In 1893, when the Durand line was drawn and modern Afghanistan was created, the region of present-day Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was populated by two main ethnic groups: Indo-European and Turkish. Some pockets of Arab nomads, Hindus, and Jews also lived in the region mostly close to the Panj River valley. The Indo-European population was a continuation of the dominant Indo-Iranian branch in the north and west centered in the cities of Bukhara and Tehran, respectively. The Hindu Kush mountain divided this Indo-Iranian population into four ethnic zones: Pushtuns to the south and southeast; Tajiks to the northeast of the Hindu Kush range; Parsiwans to the west; and Baluch to the southwest

The Pushtuns, who later (1950's) made an unsuccessful attempt at creating a Pushtunistan, numbered about 13,000,000. They populated what is present-day southern Afghanistan and the Tribal Agencies and Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Tajiks, over 10,000,000, populated what are the present-day republics of Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan, and northeastern Afghanistan. The Parsiwan, about 600,000, populated the western region of present-day Afghanistan. And the Baluch, numbering 100,000 populated southwestern Afghanistan. The Turkic population lived in the north. Ethnically, they were Uzbeks, Kyrgyzes, and Turkmens who had entered Central Asia some as early as the 11th century, others during the 15th and 16th centuries. In addition, there was a relatively large population of Hazarahs who lived in the central highlands of present-day Afghanistan. The Hazarahs and Aimaq are usually regarded as remnants of the Mongol hordes that invaded Central Asia in the 13th century.

The Afghanistan that emerged from the Russian/British agreement of 1893 consists of partial populations from among the groups mentioned above, especially after the expansion of the Uzbek group at the expense of the Tajik. Afghanistan's present-day ethnic mix includes some 8 million Pushtuns; 5.6 million Tajiks; 1.5 million Hazarahs; 1.5 million Uzbeks; 60,000 Parsiwans; 125,000 Turkmens; and 200,000 Baluchis. Several thousand Kyrgyzes, Arabs, and other ethnic groups also make Afghanistan their home. the forming of Afghanistan

Along side this Britain Broke up india forming amongst other things Pakistan also dividing whole Religions and peoples at their whim!

Pakistan was created for a very simple reason: religion. The sprawling land mass that was colonial India under British rule was partitioned into three distinct places. Each one of these was created because the majority of its inhabitants worshiped one of two religions, Hinduism and Islam. This happened in 1947, and trouble has ensued ever since. The independence movement in India began in earnest in the last half of the 19th Century. It then gained strength in the early part of the 20th Century, as nationalism swept Asia and Africa as it had Europe a century before. Crusaders such as Mohandas Gandhi began campaigning for independence from Britain. The independence campaign gained international focus, thanks in large part to the actions of Gandhi and a few other brave people, and the pressure was finally too much for Britain to ignore.

India, however, was not just one country full of like-minded people when it came to worship. Two fundamentally different religions dominated the soulful landscape of the world's second most populous country. The conflict between followers of those two faiths transcended the partition from Colonial India into India and Pakistan. Hinduism, one of the world's oldest religions, had millions of adherents living in India. Islam did as well, though its history was much shorter. The British partitioned Colonial India according to population concerns. India was then and continues to be populated mostly by Hindus. Pakistan, on the other hand, had and continues to have a mostly Muslim population. However, neither of these are homogenous, and the partition separated many people from their families.

Much like the building of the Berlin Wall did, the partitioning of India created more problems than it solved. India was a mostly Hindu country, yes, but it had a sizable Muslim minority. The same was true, in reverse, for Pakistan, which was actually two landscapes to begin with. In 1947, Pakistan was actually West Pakistan and East Pakistan, with India squarely in the middle. India divided both Pakistan's without a way to connect the two. East Pakistan became Bangladesh in 1971. The sudden division of the colony into two separate countries led to mass exodus. Muslims went to Pakistan and Hindus to India. Some estimates put the "population exchange" at more than 14 million. The exoduses led to mass chaos and mass hysteria, often accompanied by violence. In many cases, faith-based massacres occurred behind country lines. Why was Pakistan formed

** It just blows me away knowing Africa was divvied up at the Berlin Conference and after Colonization ended new lines were drawn up dividing Muslim people and others that hate each other, and what we did in the same regard to the middle east, and here with Pakistan and Afghanistan, I continue to be blown away that Bush the idiot can stupidly say we did nothing wrong! We did nothing to deserve 9/11, well! That aside I refuse to believe that we think we are going to impose our will in Pakistan and Afghanistan despite the history and what we have done. We have not and will not be able to separate Muslim blood or make one get along with the other. We are succeeding at digging the hole deeper and deeper!


Dave Dubya said...

We'd better just start viewing the whole area as Quagmirestan, if we know what's best for us.

I don't want to called a "Blame America Firster", but our government has meddled to the point of instilling eternal hatred against us. The western powers, mostly Britain, have also been guilty of this heavy handedness over there.

Why do they hate us, again?

an average patriot said...

Quagmirestan it is! It just pisses me off that I don't think there is a single Muslim country we have not screwed up and Bush has the balls to say we did nothing wrong. We didn't start this! Just looking at the history surrounding pakistan and Afghanistan we are really in for it and I know the idiots to be do not get it!

Karen said...

Preznut thinks he can waltz into the middle east in his last year in office and *fix* everything. They hate him!

Thx for stoppin' by my place.

an average patriot said...

My pleasure! I will put you on my favorites so I can keep track of your writing for now. It makes me sick that the chief idiot really thinks he is going to cause all that mayem and at the last minute step in and say he wants peace and now.
He will succeed in creating more division in his endeavor to use it in his favor. Divide and conquer is his goal as usual and he is using it in the middle east as well as on us and around the world. It will fail though and he will soon have more wars than we can chew.

Brother Tim said...

The Middle-East is only the begining. Central and South Asia are next on the list. We have to secure the Caspian Basin Oil Reserves. Bush's handlers want it, and come hell or high water, they'll get what they want.

The real danger though, is that the world sees more clearly what is happening than the American public. Russia and China will soon start some muscle-flexing themselves; and when the smaller countries realize they are not alone, all hell will break loose.

Don't be misled into believing that just because we have 10,000+ nuclear weapons, we can't be brought to our knees. It doesn't even have to be done militarily alone. With the horrendous trade deficit we have, we will be devastated if any sanctions or boycotts are placed upon us. History shows that wars are won with ingenuity, not technology. A few examples are: The Phillipines and Viet Nam for US, and Turkey and Afghanistan for the Russians.

an average patriot said...

brother it isn't funny but you are again right on. I just commentyed on yesterdays post to Todd. I am afraid you will agree. This is just beginning. China may sit by and capitalize off Russia and the US destruction but I don't think so.
The two of them have a nasty surprise for us called the assassins mace. very sobering! Whoever owns space owns the future of the world. Google the assassins mace if you will or I have written on that too numerous times and can supply you with the stories. Not good! Bush has to know this and you have to believe he has a way to shut down their satellite communications.

an average patriot said...

I may include this in todays story but you will find this interesting. Assassin's Mace

Brother Tim said...

Very interesting, Jim. I have posted similar feelings over the years. They left out one thing though, Sizzler missiles. I did a post on them, with links, back in April. You may find it interesting.

an average patriot said...

I have heard this before but never really read on it so thanks. it is all very sobering. I have heard that at lerast on of thods subs is in the Gulf. It is one very crowded place, i thought they had a solution to the Sizzler but I am not sure so I will have to check that out.
you mentioned something that reaises at least a couple of points and that is the amount of oil that flows through the area. If we were really dependent on that oil we wouldn.t bw threatening to bottle the place up with a war maybe nuclear.
That poses a couple thoughts! If that was true you would assume everyone would circumvent nuclear weapons because then the natural resources would be off limits to everyone because of fallout.
I do not believe the oil is that important to us and I'll illustrate why. I wrote about this a few times over the years! Remember T Boone Pickens? A while back wrote on this and just recieved an email that I have saved.
Anyway, he said fuel at the pump has to reach $5 per gallon and then his multi millions sunk into our shale oil will be economical to capture. Bush set in motion a couple years back research to make it economical.
Not to even mention Canada and thei enormous oil sand reserves but the Colorado area has more reserves than the entire world combined. It would explain an awful lot. shale oil If you are interested not to long ago I recieved an email on this as an invesment and I can add that or send it to you. Anyway you look at it Bush is gambling with our future as he threatens war. That SOB better know something we don't! Take care!

amphibious said...

Just discovered your Site from an OZ political blog. Nice to know there are some thinkers left in your country.
In the 60s I did a university equivalency course whilst working for the US Army in Germany and it included a comprehensive and top notch course in civics.
Doesn't that concept exist anyomore in amerika?

an average patriot said...

Welcome! You'll have to tell me about that Oz Political Blog. I never heard of it. I am always interested in finding out how people find out about me as I spend all my time doing research and turning todays fiction into the truth. This underhanded crap is just terrible and Bush is leading the way. It will only end one way!
Thanks for noticing I am capable of thought. I taught my 4 sons to think before opening mouth. Know what you are talking about. Thinking you know only causes trouble, No one including American Politicians follow that principle.
You were in Germany too. I was there in the early 70s and absolutely loved it. My Father was there in the late 40s and my sons have been in and out resently in these still just developng wars we have to call a future. Take care and stay in touch!
Oh yeah civics is today just another subject such as Democracy and Religion to be invoked and perverted to enable a hidden agenda followed, Terrible but true as we see it but are powerless to stop it!

an average patriot said...

Amphibious I was just on your page reading about you. Very interesting! Would be interested in staying in touch but I didn't see how. Please do!

amphibious said...

James,The OZ blog is called CRIKEY!, mostly hyperOz politics but a section looks at the world beyond these shores, hence my finding you.
I am, or rather was in the 60/70s cusp, very familiar with Afghanistan & the Tribal Territories.
An English friend became a muslim and still lives there now, broadcasting on UN & BBC World Service in Pushtu. I'm utterly anti religion in any & all its forms.
A recent piece in The Sunday Times might be of interest to you, and anyone willing to donate to his cause would be welcome.

I can't imagine what you mean by I was just on your page reading about you.
You can't mean my blog surely? Not even my family or friends read it.
If you put my name into Google you might get an idea of my current situation, now dragging into its third year.
I'm just starting to delve into your past posts and am very impressed. Your views on your upcoming election will be my lodestone so keep your helmet on.

an average patriot said...

I will check out crikey and I will google amphibious to see if I can learn more about your story as that is the only name I have. You are anti Religion. I could care less one way or the other. I just do not like it thrust on me and the terrible effect it is going to have on our future as it is perverted on both sides of this war equation.
I did not find your Blog and still haven't. If you click on amphibious on your comment it will bring you to your interests and more about you so that is all I know to date.
We are in the middle of getting another foot of snow here so I have to get together and go out to shovel but will eventually get something together for today.
I will read your Blog if you let me know how to find it and I am interested in your current situation so I will Google amphibious and hopefully find it.
You're delving into my past posts, that's great many are very explosive! I am glad you like them and as you I am very concerned with our elections this year.
You wouldn't know this but I just met with the now 90 year old Relentless liberal Jerome Grossman. Google Jerome if you want to be impressed and have some hope.
Anyway he is right on but I coudn't even get him to understand what is happening today and why. Bush is following his Nazi roots set by Presscott Bush during WW2. My helmet is on, Good Luck!

an average patriot said...

amphibious! I just quickly tried to google amphibious but all I got was boats. I have to get things going right now but I will be back and hope to hear from you.