Saturday, January 26, 2008

From wiretapped bush to Romney the whisperer, we cannot afford this underhanded crap again! I'm sick of the obvious being excused away!

First the underhanded mis-leader he wants to follow: Remember this and how often it happened? Does bush have a device under his jacket? Is it an ear piece a transmitter? These pictures are not imagination! I knew about the Bulge on his back under his jacket but I never noticed the ear piece before. Bulges earpieces this is not imagination
I just can't stand the underhanded crap we get routinely from the chief idiot. knowing he can barely speak I was wondering how he would be able to speak around the world routinely and now I know. Even with someone coaching him in his ear he still can't talk right. Knowing that Romney has bankrupt my State and now wants to follow Bush and do for America what he did for Massachusetts I am very concerned with his lying underhanded tactics. After watching that video of Tim Russet's question last night it was obvious Romney was being coached by someone. It is dismissed as something picked up from the outside but I doubt it. Anyway you excuse the whisper it gave him the answer and I am sick of this underhanded crap we get routinely and here we go again, getting it from Romney!

Here we go again! Did George Bush pass his bulge down to Mitt Romney? In 2004, Bush infamously had a giant, microphone like bump on his back during a debate against John Kerry. Rumors were flying that Bush had a direct line to Karl Rove during the debate and that Rove was feeding him answers to the questions (even though Bush turned in a terrible performance). Last night, Bush’s Bulge begat a cousin: the Romney Whisper. watch the youtube video and listen well
At last night’s debate, Tim Russert asked Romney if he would follow Reagan’s example on Social Security. Russert was careful not to tell Romney that Reagan raised taxes to help Social Security funds, so somebody else tried to tell Romney instead. After Russert finishes his question, a Lost-like whisper is heard that mutters, “Raise taxes.” Romney answered that he would not raise taxes, and then Russert giddily informed him that that’s not the case.

MSNBC was asked why the whisper came through, and MSNBC’s spokesman responded We heard the same thing you heard. There was obviously an open mike which picked up the whisper, but we have no way of knowing who did the whispering. So, who is the whisperer? We can't go through this again! Romney just had is George Bush moment we can not afford another George Bush wanabe Presidency.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Brother Tim said...

I really don't have a lot of trust in Romney. On matters that are important to me, such as, the war; the economy; and the Constitution; he's not a whole lot different than Bush. Add to that, he switches positions, yet nobody's calling him a 'flip-flopper'. He may have a shot though if he can reign in a few Evangelicals. However, Huckabible is there as a spoiler. It's possible he could hold on long enough to do the 'Hunter' some serious damage.

Americans are living in a state of denial. This country is on the fast-track to destruction. I'm glad to hear people say, 'this is just a rough spot, we'll be OK in the end'. One only has to gather the pieces together though, to see where we're eventually headed. It ain't gonna be pretty.

All the Candidates, in both parties, have deficits. One would think that out of a Nation of 330 million people, we could find ONE decent, honest, patriotic, compassionate person to lead us.

enigma4ever said...

the whisper was pretty obvious- no one could miss was hideous...and MSNBC should really try to explain it better- SOMEONE said it....

great post- excellent..

amphibious said...

I assume the square bulge is simply where the batteries go - like the Energiser bunny. You're surely not implying that Shrub is human are you?
No sentient of species Homo that i've ever seen has so few facial expressions - deer in headlights, town drunk and ..err..that's all folks. And the utter disconnect between questions posed and his answers is like a badly lip-synched B&W movie.

an average patriot said...

One of my military sons called and I lost track of what I was doing. I know I already responded to you but don't know whare it went. Anyway Romney destroyed my State and now he wants to do for the country what he did to us.
He is a Bush Wanabe and wants to stay Bush's miscourse. I said 2 years ago we would be facing the 2 faced slime. I can dig up a few of those stories if you want. You don't follow Romney much because flip flopping is his big criticism. He was pro abortion as Mass's Governor now he is pro life.
I don't have a problem with Mormonism having been one myself but I just do not trust him.
You have a good grasp on the fast track to destruction so I won't expound on it. We will be okay albeit different than we are today.
I was just talking to Amphibious in the Outback. He sent me pictures in front of his cave and cockatoo's, wallaby's etc. and I have to envy him being a survivalist myself. Chin up and take care!

an average patriot said...

It was so obvious. I must have replayed it 100 times. I am just sick of the obvious in your face underhanded tactics and just lying about it and continuing on, We have to get out of thas crap! I have great hope for Obama and whoever, if we have elections. Hope, hope, hope! Namaste!

an average patriot said...

The bulge in his back is obvious. Of course no explanation. It is a power pack or something. Did you see the camouflaged ear piece. I knew the idiot didn't have the brains to do it himself.
Hell even when he is being fed he can't speak and screws up. Now Romney is playing his underhanded crap! I am just sick of it. Honesty has to be worth something today! Getting their way is all that matters. Arghhh!

Brother Tim said...

Maybe I phrased it wrong. I know he's been criticized some for flip-flopping, but nothing like the flack Kerry took in '04. I feel his flip-flopping is so egregious, it should be mentioned non-stop; just like the MSM did to Kerry. The 'I voted for the war before I voted against it', is understandable to me; while Romney's is not.

And yes, SOME will be OK, but millions will perish. It's that 'sanctity of life' thing, Jim.

Dave Dubya said...

As the bar gets set lower and lower...

Did you see the NY Times article today on the former Pakistani interior minister saying the taliban were gaining strength in Pakistan? This little snippet from the story tells us what's in store in the ever-expanding Quagmirestan.

"The Bush administration has discussed in recent weeks sending more military trainers to assist the Pakistan Army in counterinsurgency tactics. The administration is also debating whether to strengthen covert operations by the Central Intelligence Agency."

Here we go again.

an average patriot said...

You're alright! I am working on today's story and I just noticed this! Yes, Romney has been categorized as a major flip flopper. Personally I think since you represent your constituents, if they change so must you if you in reality do represent them and not your own beliefs.
Problem is that MSM was against Kerry and Romney is in their interest.

an average patriot said...

I missed it if it was today but it is a recurring theme of the ISI Pakistan, the CIA, and BUSH.I stay on top of it because as you may know, 2 of my sons are in this and soon a third.
Knowing Pakistan will blow as well as the middle east giving Bush the excuse to keep power and fight the wars he instigated I hate to say it but this is just starting and will not be quelled. Thanks for letting me know that I will watch the news!

an average patriot said...

You know enigma!
You do me good. You make me realize I will not stop outing the truth but I try to be nice while doing it if that is possible. Just take it easy and keep smiling it's just life and out of our control! Namaste!

TomCat said...

AAP, are you surprised? If anyone in the GOP were to slip and do something ethical, they would accuse him of being a Democrat.

an average patriot said...

Not really! I am surprised that they get away with the obvious BS and are never held accountable though we know they're lying. Hell I never would have tolerated this crap form my sons and it is sick to have watch it every day from so called adults.!

TomCat said...

AAP, I think they get away with it because of two factors: citizen apathy and media complicity.

an average patriot said...

Apathy and complicity man you know I agree with that. They are both going to lead us a lot further down than most think to get most of these people to realize they have a gun to their head even then I wouldn't count on it. These people, the Government, the media, The legal system, they all scare me.