Saturday, January 12, 2008

Another day of Bush in the middle east saying he wants Peace while he continues to instigate war with Iran for world war causing middle east explosion

Bush has Iran 100% surrounded now just the excuse to attack is left!

It's another day of redundancy with Bush in the middle east. As usual with this idiot his real goal is sickeningly obvious while he continues to deny the obvious while saying one thing and doing another to hide his real objective which we all see coming. I am sick that we are powerless to stop this!

I was reading a story this morning of Bush bragging how well the surge is working and that 30,000 troops will leave Iraq by July. He failed again to mention the simple fact that the Sunni's are doing the brunt of the fighting for him and we are paying them $300.00 a month for their services. Facing another decision about U.S. troop levels in Iraq by spring, President Bush said Saturday it is "fine with me" if generals recommend no more reductions than those already planned to drop the force level to about 130,000. Traveling for the next few days among Sunni Arab-ruled states jittery about the rising influence and ambitions of Shiite-majority Iran, Bush used part of remarks here that were focused on Iraq to put Tehran on notice — again. As he talks peace and plays the victim he continues his real goal of instigating war with Iran as he continues to formulate excuse after excuse as he did with Iraq until he gets one the people will fall for.

"Iran's role in fomenting violence has been exposed," he said as he listed successes the U.S. is helping to bring about in Iraq. "Iranian agents are in our custody, and we are learning more about how Iran has supported extremist groups with training and lethal aid." After spending a day in Kuwait meeting with its leaders and addressing U.S. troops based here, Bush was welcomed as the first sitting U.S. president to visit Bahrain, an oil-refining and banking island in the Persian Gulf that is host to the headquarters of the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet. Bush was treated to trumpet and cannon salutes as he walked down a long, red carpet at a palace in the capital city Manama. Bahrain's king, Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa, presented Bush with a medal described as Bahrain's highest award, given only to heads of state.
Bush congratulated Bahrain for holding free elections and noted the election two years ago of a woman member of parliament.

"Our two nations share a common vision for the future of the Middle East," Bush said in brief remarks at the welcome ceremony in his honor. can Bahrain and other supposed Bush allies really be that stupid that they can not see the obvious way this is going to turn out? Total middle east breakdown resulting in WW3 is the only way this is going to end and that like it or not is a fact!

The top U.S. commander in Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, told reporters after Bush spoke that the overall flow of weaponry from Iran into Iraq appears to be down, but attacks with "explosively formed projectiles" tied to Tehran are up by a factor of two or three in recent days. "Frankly, we are trying to determine why that might be," he said. The roadside bombs, known as EFPs, are armor-piercing explosives that have killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. U.S. military officials have been saying for months that mainly Shiite Iran has been supplying EFPs to Shiite militias in Iraq, despite strong denials by Tehran. Bush says hope is returning to Iraq while he tries to destroy it with Iran war
* It kills me! Remember the Ten point plan to attack Iraq and cause the middle east breakdown we did on 3/1/06? Bush's Unintelligent Redesign The 10 point Plan For The Middle East

* Now as you know, he is doing the same thing with Iran until he finds an excuse people will fall for or Iran will oblige him and he can get this middle east Breakdown in full swing. He has been instigating and using every excuse he can to get this going with Iran. The other day it was becoming obvious that while the IRG may have been messing with our navy that the smoking gun of the video and Audio may have been doctored and the Pentagon also questioned events. The top U.S. military commander in the Mideast said Friday that Iran runs the risk of triggering an unintended conflict if its boats continue to harass U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf. Adm. William J. Fallon, chief of U.S. Central Command, said a threatening radio call heard during an encounter Sunday between U.S. Navy ships and Iranian boats in the Strait of Hormuz was likely connected to Iran's provocative actions. He said the exact origin of the message was still unknown. "This kind of behavior, if it happens in the future, is the kind of event that could precipitate a mistake," Fallon told The Associated Press. Iranian harassment could lead to conflict
* Bush will see to it. That one didn't work So now Bush falls back on an excuse used in the past! Attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq with bombs believed linked to Iran -- known as explosively formed penetrators (EFPs) -- have risen sharply in January after several months of decline, according to the top U.S. commander in Iraq. Iraqi and U.S. officials indicated just a month ago that Iran was using its influence to improve security in Iraq by restraining cross-border weapons flow and militia activity. The U.S. military had said in recent months that the number of EFP attacks had gone down. Gen. David Petraeus disclosed the reversal to reporters after a meeting with President Bush who was visiting troops in Kuwait. "In this year, EFPs have gone up, actually, over the last 10 days by a factor of two or three, and frankly we're trying to determine why that might be," Petraeus said. Petraeus did not say how many American troops have been killed or wounded by EFPs in recent days. What a surprise, fallback to an old excuse
Another day another excuse as Bush endeavors for war with Iran so he can affect what he thinks will be his and Israel's new middle east order. This is still just developing and you have to believe those 30,000 troops no longer needed in Iraq will be needed in Afghanistan or one of the other war fronts getting ready to open up!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Enigma4ever said...

of Watergate Summer here...

Well, your blog looks great....and you indeed are asking a reasonable question...WHY if the Surge is going So "well" didn't he even stop in Iraq , just for a litttle sneak and peek visit ( last time he snuck in for a quick MN pee and snuck out...) he didn't even do that this time....

horrendous...I guess he wants to be a Peacemongerer now...

Enigma4ever said...

oh btw thank you for the NAMASTE blog ....and stopping by during my grouch-a-thon....have a good weekend..

an average patriot said...

Hi enigma!
Surprise, surprise! I am glad you stopped by but you know! Anyway, I am so suspicious of Bush and what he is really up to in relation to what he says.
I just got off the phone with my EOD son who starts training in Feb to go to Iraq in March. I don't worry about him he is in control majorly but I have to wonder what it will be like over there in the future. Jim will be assigned to the Army in Kirkuk at least to start with.
I am glad you checked out Karen's Blog. I thought it interesting her explaining Namaste and of course I thought of you right off the bat. I hope you feel better and got your problem resolved. You have a nice weekend too!

Robert Rouse said...

You know Bush is still certain he can bring peace between the Elves and the Hobbits in the Middle East.

an average patriot said...

Hey robert
Glad to see you! I missed this my bad! I was listening to the idiot saying how well it is going because of his surge Bull! We pay the damn Sunni $300 per month to fight for us. i read your provocative post as you know. Very Good! There will be no peace as long as we are there and Bush has plenty of ensured war. Thisw is still just taking shape and Bush's Forever wars will shape the 21st century and beyond. I will be around but I am preparing to watch the football game. Enough Said!

Brother Tim said...

This is so much BS. He even had a photo-op rattling a sabre. Bush is one, sick S.O.B.

As for the commander saying the Iranian boats are harrasing the U.S. ships.........more BS. What would happen if Iran, or any other country, moved some of their fleet into the Gulf of Mexico? We would be screaming that is was a provocation! We have no business in the Persian Gulf, other than to be provocators ourselves.

Todd Dugdale said...

Three quick points:

- So we bomb Iran. Then what? We can't possibly get involved in another occupation. Will the Iranian people be so grateful that we bombed their country that they overthrow their leaders and establish a pro-American democracy? Not bloody likely.

- The Iraq invasion was the best thing for Iran in almost a century. It finally eliminated their biggest foe, Saddam. There are restive Shia minorities in all of the Gulf States and Egypt, and an attack on Iran will make things difficult for our allies in the region, since Iran is the Shia "capital".

- The video of the naval "confrontation" was file footage with the sound dubbed in. If a few speedboats can take out a Destroyer, then our Navy really is in trouble. There is no sensible reason for Iran to block the Strait of Hormuz, and the only reason for us to be there is make sure it's kept open.

an average patriot said...

Brother you are too funny! Are you sure you're a brother? You sound more like me every time I talk to you. It is all BS of course and it is sickening when you see his obvious game and lies and can only watch it take its terrible coure.
With that said, I think I am going to do an upate on this today because this mornings news was full of his crap at Bahrain about Democracy, the hijacked Islamic Religion, and the worst threat Iran.
Bahrain is no Democracy and Bush trying to force it on the middle east is only part of the problem. Bush has hijacked and perverted Christianity and Democracy to get his way in the middle east.
It will not work but it will create the division he needs to fight for his new middle east order with all us peace lovers of the world caught in the middle. This is still just beginning and Bush's world war will not be avoided.

an average patriot said...

Todd you are right on but bush doesn't care and he definitely is going to attack Iran and soon. He will also take on Pakistan. You saw the picture at the top of this post. He has Iran totally surrounded and merely has to find the excuse to attack.
I have posted on it numerous times but you see the picture. He can go after Iran and Pakistan from the Gulf with our 4 carrier battle groups and the DeGaulle at the mouth.
Russia if not China too will step in and protect their significant interests in Iran. China could also sit by and capitalize off all our destruction. Time will tell! This will not be stopped and I will do an update today I think after hearing Bush's idioct this morning at Bahrain.