Thursday, January 17, 2008

McCain still running on Iraq Surge success even though the GAO sys it's a lie. Also Rove pipes up, I was wondering where he was. Give me a break!

Never ending Lies! When is someone going to hold them accountable?

White House hopeful John McCain said Wednesday he believes the surge in Iraq is working, and thinks that if the situation in Iraq continues to improve, so will Americans’ attitudes about the war. “The situation has dramatically improved,” said McCain during a press availability on Wednesday. “If we can see the same progress in the next 7 or 8 months I think most Americans would be satisfied.”The Arizona senator is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. However, he added that the Iraqi government still has work to do in order to progress. “I believe that the (Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki) government understands that they have to make some progress,” he said. “And I have done everything I can to urge them to do so.”

He just won't shut up about these Iraq lies he, Lieberman, and Bush call success. Even though we know the Iraqi Government cannot agree on anything and cannot yet supply their citizens with the very basic human needs.Yeah, right: the "surge" has worked so well that we should keep it going maybe 100 years" as McCain suggested in New Hampshire last Thursday

If indeed it worked then we should finally be able to withdraw our troops and end our occupation of Iraq! The Surge Worked By John McCain and Joe Lieberman January 10, 2008 Wall Street Journal
The surge has not worked! Paying the Sunni $300.00 apiece to fight for us has worked at least up to now. Surge success as is middle east peace is a Lie! The Bush administration, in its last so-called Iraq benchmark report, used questionable financial data to assert that the Baghdad government was making progress in managing its budget, a new study says. The study released Tuesday by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, focused specifically on whether Iraqis were spending their capital budget, that is money for infrastructure needed to boost the country's lagging economic growth and improve poor public services. The administration reported in its September Iraqi benchmark assessment that Iraq's central government ministries had spent 24 percent of their 2007 capital projects budget as of July 15, 2007. "This report is not consistent with Iraq's official expenditure reports," which show that the central ministries had spent only 4.4 percent of their investment budget as of August, the GAO said. It said capital projects are 90 percent of Iraq's investment budget.

The benchmark report was ordered by Congress to measure Baghdad's progress in 18 areas including political and economic activities. It was aimed at judging whether Iraqis were working hard enough at reconciliation and other issues to warrant continued American support. The new GAO report said the administration number in the September assessment greatly exaggerated capital project spending partly because it had included money from 2006 as well as money that the Iraqis had committed themselves to spending but had not yet spent. "We do not believe these data should be used to draw firm conclusions about whether the Iraqi government is making progress in executing its capital projects budget," the GAO said of the administration's figures.
Iraqis have been slow to execute their capital budgets partly because violence and sectarian strife has reduced the number of contractors willing to bid on projects. Also, their procurement and accounting systems are weak and many professionals and skilled workers have fled the country, the report noted. Shown a draft of the study, U.S. Treasury Department and State Department officials said the GAO's much lower figure had not counted capital spending put in other parts of the Iraqi budget. But they could not provide any documentation to verify that, GAO said. The GAO recommended that Treasury work to improve its "ability to report accurate and reliable expenditure data from the ministries and provinces" in Iraq. I am sick of them getting away with these lies

** The truth is so much worse. Iraq will not succeed and there will be no peace in the middle east in our or our Grandchildren's lifetime. Bush created this Forever war so he could implement his new societal, middle east, and world order. He has to lie and voice the facade of peace and success so he can stay in the middle east until he can get the excuse to attack Iran and really further this mess. I was going to include links to the stories of more forts being overrun in Pakistan, Violence in Lebanon, increased violence between Israel and Palestine, and renewed violence in Bush's success Iraq but I don't think you need them.
** We are rapidly running out of time and McGovern and Wexler are right as you know but when is our shining light going to come forward and hold Bush accountable for the never ending lies he has incessantly told us and the world so he can follow this so called new order? I just remembered, speaking of liars that I forgot to discuss Rove the liar piping up to discredit both Obama and Hillary. His lying Blatant stupidity is so vile. I am sick of them getting away with this but here is the link and Rove's idiocy about Hillary and Obama

James Joiner
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Dave Dubya said...

Iraq is sucking the economic and moral life out of this country. Our never ending occupation is bankrupting us faster than we realize. And most of the idiots running for president won't face the facts.

Oh, and giving money to former Sunni insurgents for more weapons should work out just fine, eh?

an average patriot said...

The lunacy is phenomenal. Under this idiot we have expounded on every single mistake ever made only this idiot is clandestinely going it on purpose to fight and implement his so called new order.
I was listening to cnn last night about Vietnam and Tet etc. knowing I believe we allowed Pearl Harbor to happen and Bush is instigating Iran and the world for world war while saying he wants peace I have come to the conclusion that you can not be President of the United States unless you are adversarial and willing to instigate war.
I thought about it all night and I think I am going to write on it today. We'll see what the news brings!

Brother Tim said...

Damn, Jim!!!! Halloween's over. What's up with the scary pictures?
Is this a form of fear-mongering? ;)

an average patriot said...

That's funny, seeing or listening to any of them particulary the axis of evil Bush, Cheney, and Rove, is fear mongering. They are such obvious, destructive, lying, idiots. Did you hear the chief idiot say our problems will be over after the tax rebate? What a friggen fool. That is one months heating Bill here. This is just starting and that will fix nothing except help the wealthy and businesses. I have talked about it so many times it's sickening but I might puy it into context once again today.