Wednesday, January 16, 2008

final hurdle passed, what? FDA declares cloned meat so safe they won't mark it!

FDA declares Cloned meat Safe! Are we supposed to feel good about that with their track record?
I was researching this morning to do an update on the degradation of the middle east including Iraq while Bush is declaring victory and over there talking Peace that will never happen. However, the issue of cloning resurfaced this morning so I thought that even more important to talk about today. I will get back to Bush's destruction of the middle east tomorrow. Today just one aspect on the destruction of avwerage American's.

You don't think the affluent is goint to eat this stuff do you? This isn't for our benefit it is for business. I set out to update a story I did on this years ago but nothing has changed. We still do not know if cloned meat is safe but now supposedly the final hurdle has been passed and it is being declared safe for average American's. If it is so safe mark it! If I thought vegetables were any safer today I would swear off meat! Anyway I am sticking with my original story but I recommend you read this so called new update and watch the video of The FDA saying cloned Beef safe

More about the FDA shortly and I do want to know what you think about the FDA and the idea of eating cloned, unmarked, meat? The FDA assures us after a supposed 6 year study for your safety they concluded that cloned livestock is "virtually indistinguishable" from conventional livestock. I really don't know what I think about this yet but I have learned not to trust the FDA. I have to ask how virtual is this virtually indistinguishable difference? and we don't need special labels? I understand the verdict is out for 3 months until a final decision is made on disclosure issue . While Joseph Mendelson, legal director of the Center for Food Safety says we are going to be having a product that has potential safety issues and has a whole load of ethical issues tied to it, without any labeling.

Also the director of food policy at the Consumer Federation of America said the FDA is ignoring research that shows cloning results in more deaths and deformed animals than other reproductive technologies. They have announced that they feel so good about this cloned meat that they will ask food companies and supermarkets to refuse to sell food from clones. Looking at the process used in the cloning it appears to be innocent enough but I don't know? How are we supposed to believe the FDA with their track record? we're supposed to feel better because they are only going to use these manufactured animals for breeding! Where the hell is the security in that? Cloned Food

I have to ask once again but who are we supposed to trust? I thought the FDA worked for the people but now I know otherwise. They have misled us many times in the past. Look at some examples of their corruption and you will know why. Then tell me how you feel about this "virtually indistinguishable meat" First a regulating Government Body should be Governing, Regulating, and protecting us from Food and Drug Companies. We can't realistically expect this to be the case when all sides work together? This idea that the FDA tells us we don't have to know which meat is cloned is not in our interest. Personally I don't trust it and I wouldn't buy it. I believe many of you feel the same way. As they have put the pharmaceutical industry before our health many times. this idea of not letting us know which meat is cloned is not for us, it is for the industry that the FDA works for.

Also a law was quietly passed in Congress a while back to increase the FDA's dependency for funding on the very companies they are supposed to honestly regulate. Not identifying cloned meat is another example of this. Sounds like a setup to me! they can't seriously expect honesty under these conditions can they? To be fair I wrote this about the FDA 4 years ago and the FDA being funded by the companies they were supposed to be inspecting, along with many other inequities was supposed to be regulated. However I haven't heard anything have you? Seriously, can we expect the FDA to regulate themselves or for that matter, this Congress? Knowing the FDA's track record how safe do you feel with cloned meat out there marked or unmarked? It seems to me like this should be our decision. we know we can not trust the Government! Do you trust the FDA? If it is so safe why don't they mark it? We're friggen Guinea pigs! What's new?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


enigma4ever said...

Hey there...
great post ( about a truly awful issue)...I watched the press conferences yesterday on this...NONE of the people that spoke or answered questions has ANY revelant experience ( VET or Health wise, medical, not even really science). The guy that runs the FDA now...he has a PHD, he is a Economist....yup ..a Bean Counter making decisions about health...

So this is my advice as a nurse, we don't have to eat food we are unsure of....SOOO I buy Amish where I live they don't use chemicals or alter their food with chemicals etc...And if you don't have Amish where you live- there is always Kosher...

( there have been NO longterm Studies of the safety of the meat or the milk of these creatures...NONE....our children deserve better)

( BTW Jim, my comments are not showing up here- I write on every post- or try to...I might start emailing you more...sorry- I had no idea there were not here)...

an average patriot said...

Thanks enigma!
You know, most in the FDA work for their Industries. Stupid me, I used to think they cared about and worked for us. Profits that's it!
you know, they genetically alter fruits and veggies and there is no way of knowing that either. They don't care about us only profits.
No amish or anything around here but I do eat very well! Only fresh fruit and veggies. Meat is mostly chicken though who knows what it was fed or injected with? Being a Farmer by vocation this is a long subject to me.
Do you mean you are not getting comment notification either? It must be Blogger and I hope they are aware of it and fix it.

Karen said...

Not sure about cloned meat, but then, I'm not much of a meat eater.

As far as fruit and veggies, I don't have a problem with that as long as they taste good!

an average patriot said...

I am not a vegetarian but I am seriously thinking about it if they hide cloned meat on our shelves. I am also pretty much a fresh fruit and veggie consumer but as you say, you never know whats up with them either. We can only try to take care of ourselves!

Dizzy Dezzi said...

It must be interesting to be a business big-wig during these, the Bushliburton years. Your business is actually going to hell in a handbasket, but the government has got your back whether you are going broke through bad management or through killing off most of your customer base and since your ex-employee/pro-consultant sits on the "necessary" government agencies/consume "safety" boards to keep you in business, well, you'll be living high off the hog, long after that hogs 100th generation clone has been BBQ'd.

Mus' be nice...(sigh).

an average patriot said...

Hey Dizzy!
Yeah you're right. This is their economy he has created. When he says the economy is doing great. He isn't talking about ours of course. He is talking about the one he created for his base.
We are merely his tools and when he is done with us and we no longer serve his purpose we are gone. A couple of my sons are in the military and they think I'm crazy but I ask them how they will react if they are turned on me one of Bush's real enemies!

Brother Tim said...

Tried to leave this earlier, but blogger gave me a duplicate refusal.

All of this feed-cattle cloning, growth hormones, pesticide use, and human vaccines, has left the populace devastated. Is it any wonder we have near-epidemic numbers of asthma, diabetes, and scores of allergies and disorders? But Big Pharma can make a killing (no pun intended) pumping even more poisons into our systems to correct all the sh*t they've done to us. Add to that the Medical Profession's lazy desire to remove tonsils, adnoids, appendixes, gall bladders, spleens, and other filtering systems, rather than treat them; has led us down a deadly path.

But what the hell, we can always blame it on smoking, fast food, and a satiated lifestyle.

an average patriot said...

Wow Brother!
Did you ever say that well! First, I don't know what the problem is with Blogger? I am having email notification problems but I know at least enigma has voiced the same problem as you. I hope it is resolved and soon. They are not easy to get ahold of.
Yes, it really pisses me off! The FDA does not work for us as I stupidly thought before. They work for the industries they represent and it is all about the profit and taking us guinea pigs to the cleaners. Hell you can be sure they do not use any of this stuff! Take care!

amphibious said...

Waaayy back in the 70s the argument in UK against 'use by/best before' dates was that "housewives wouold rumage around to find the freshest". And that's bad, coz?
Well obviously it'd damage the Great God Profit.
Given the vertical integration of agribiz, from franken seed through (oil based) fertiliser, processing into flash frozen/ irradiated/denatured nutrition free pap, this is hardly a shock/horror surprise.
BroTim above mentioned the drenching of livestock with every chemical known to Santo MontDow - no amerikan meat of any type is allowed to be sold in the rest of the (civilised) world.
So, wotta surprise that it ain't even going to be marked. That really shows confidence in the product

an average patriot said...

It's sickening but as you know, It is all about the profits and we do not matter. it's funny but my vocation is Agriculture and I started by going to an Aggie High School. You, Brother and everyone else would be stunned to see from beginning to end the amout of chemicals that are in your milk, meat, veggies, and everything even those classified as natural and organic. I have worked on and managed every kind of farm imaginable!