Friday, January 25, 2008

Complicit Congress gives in to Bush as will the Complicit Senate as all fail to see the reality of the facade of concern while the true fix is ignored

First the Wing nut Cavutto stupidly said: You don't have to wait until November The election is over. those are not my words I am smarter than that. I will never underestimate the lying underhanded tactics of the Republicans to keep their corrupt hands in Power! He said: The Democrats have won. Big government is back.And it all happened today. hasn't it gotten bigger, less efficient, and more corrupt? He said: Because today republicans caved. Just like lately it seems they've always caved on spending programs that do little. And tax incentives that do even less. I do happen to agree that the tax incentives are worthless but that comes from his worthless Boss and the Complicit Congress!

I don't friggen get it! They've always been an embarrassment. Anyway he says: So in an election year where they could distinguish themselves, they have humiliated themselves. Actually trying to out-spend Democrats on stimulus they know will be brief, and have no problem being brief. They didn't out do themselves as usual they cut the poor short and gave to businesses. he said: Think about that.All those who have signed onto this $150 billion stimulus package know that it's a one-shot deal, a government-sponsored quick pick-me-up. They know the history on these things. no kidding I say no kidding! Remember who the Decider is!

lastly he said: The economy benefits will last about as long as my sugar craving And the government that Republicans say they wanted to get out of people's lives ends up ruling people's lives. Republicans lost Congress and have lost their way.Today they lost the presidency losing something else: Their soul. I have to agree that the benefits to the economy will be minimal at best, another wingnut dead wrong again
My God, I can't believe he doesn't realize everything is going as planned. Saying the right thing is merely to cover the real agenda of total control over average American's. True Conservatives have lost control don't worry conservativism, like Democracy and Religion are mere tools to be perverted as Bush's hidden agenda is followed. With his term running down it is about to unfold!
As we knew would happen the House has surrendered once again! Tens of millions Americans will have a check in the mail," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said at a Capitol Hill news conference. "It is there to strengthen the middle class, to create jobs and to turn this economy around." House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said, "I'm looking for quick action in the House. I hope that the Senate will follow quickly so that we can put this money in the hands of middle-income Americans as soon as possible."Speaking a few minutes later at the White House, President Bush said the package will "boost our economy and encourage job creation."

Sources on Capitol Hill and at the Treasury Department said the plan would send checks of $600 to individuals and $1,200 to couples who paid income tax and who filed jointly. People who did not pay federal income taxes but who had earned income of more than $3,000 would get checks of $300 per individual or $600 per couple. Those who earn up to $75,000 individually or up to $150,000 as a couple will be eligible for the payments, said Republican and Democratic sources familiar with the tentative deal. The agreement includes a robust package of business incentives and help for homeowners facing possible mortgage foreclosures. The Treasury Department still must analyze the numbers to determine the price tag of the stimulus package, sources said. The worthless House incentive plan

* Knowing that $600.00 will buy less than a months heat for our houses in the Northeast I would say this so called bail out will help the Businesses and Bush who will once again have the facade of concern for average Americans and doing the right thing, wrong! In the long run it will be worthless for our economy but with the $150 to $250 Bullion being borrowed from China it will benefit them ten fold. Not only do we have to borrow the money from them but most they make most of the products we buy so they will beginning to end be the prime benefactors thanks to Bush's wars and mismanagement!

* From the House the Bill goes to the Senate where I have heard the right thing voiced but Bush is happy with the package so you can bet he will push this through and if Deocrats look to help Average Americans or otherwise impede the little slime he will put a puclic outcry out to the people there by holding them Hostage to his demands once again. The Senate just caved in again as A White House plan to broaden the National Security Agency’s wiretapping powers won a key procedural victory in the Senate on Thursday, as backers defeated a more restrictive plan by Senate Democrats that would have imposed more court oversight on government spying. The vote moves the Bush administration a step closer toward the twin goals it has pursued for months: strengthening the N.S.A.’s ability to eavesdrop without court approval, while securing legal immunity for the phone companies that have helped the agency in its wiretapping operations. Complicit Senate gives in to Bush's wiretapping demands

* They will cave in to his demands on this so called incentive plan to help middle class American's and strengthen our economy. Meanwhile as I keep trying to highlight, what would really strengthen America and our crumbling infrastructure will again be ignored until another crisis occurs. We know from recent past experience that the people will be placated and nothing will be done. Remember the Bridge disaster in Minneapolis. Nothing has come from Bush's promises as expected and the State is still working on what to do it themselves. Knowing that Maintenance on highways, bridges, dams, and water treatment systems is a convenient place to cut corners when politicians need to appear tough on spending, since the results of routine upkeep are not flashy. But perpetual underfunding and deferred maintenance accelerates structural decay and contributes to disasters, as in the cases of the New Orleans levees or Minneapolis bridge. It’s time to make planes, trains, and automobiles safe again and restore the jewels of American ingenuity and engineering.

Our bridges are crumbling. 590,750:Number of bridges in the United States. 160,570: Number of bridges in the United States rated structurally deficient or functionally obsolete* as of 2003. It’s not just bridges. The 50-year-old interstate highway system is decaying and in need of modernization, too. Funding levels aren’t even adequate for basic maintenance. And it’s not just bridges and roads. Infrastructure of all types faces neglect and funding shortfalls. Tunnels, Dams, everything is failing and Bush wants to ignore it while giving the wealthy back more taxes? If he cared about Average American's and our America not his, he would do just what I suggest. How can he be this openly ignorant?

** With yesterdays rate cut of of 3/4 of a point that was called unprecedented and significant along with proposed tax incentives and indications from the Fed that there is more help coming if needed I have to say that there will have to be more help to come because this will get a lot worse. With that said there is any easy answer to this that will of course be ignored but would kill at least 2 or 3 birds with one stone. *There is an easy long term 2 part fix to this if helping average American's and our America was Bush's goal.

1. It seems to me that like everything else Bush does his plan is counterproductive. As usual he wants to help those that do not need it and ignore those that do in his creation of a new societal order! This will be a big fight and Bush will cry again until he gets his way. I say give a rebate to the 44 million households who would put it right back into the economy and under Bush's plan would get nothing. I do hear a move in this direction but we will see. Anyway The wealthy will just save it as they do not need it to survive which is purposely getting harder for average Americans under Bush.

2. Put average Americans back to work in meaningful constructive jobs that would rebuild our America and her failing infrastructure. The Interstate Highway System turned 50 last year, but the government neglected to give the system a much-needed birthday present. The government at all levels consistently underfunds infrastructure projects, from dams, bridges, and highways to aviation, railroads, and water systems. The tragic collapse of the I-35 bridge in Minneapolis was a wake up call to pay attention to our decaying infrastructure. But really, this bridge is the third wake up call for the United States to reevaluate how we treat critical infrastructure. The first was 9/11, which showed us that infrastructure is vulnerable to terrorism. Hurricane Katrina was a second wake up call, which showed us that infrastructure is vulnerable to natural disasters. This time, we know that infrastructure is vulnerable to use, age, and neglect. along with growing corruption as proven by Boston's Big Dig Boondoggle and we see examples of daily.

** I am sick of Bush mismanagement and Democratic complicity! We have been failed by our State and Federal Officials on every level and a rate cut or tax refund is not going to get us out of this still developing problem. We are helping the Chinese not us! We the people must actively get involved and be an active part of the solution. The corruption also must be stopped and we have got to be able to hold all parties including the Government accountable for criminal negligence and corruption!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


TomCat said...

AAP, I fully agree with most of this, but the size of benefit listed in the first half of the article is only for those making $100,000 up. Most of us will get only $300, and the poorest get nothing. A modern day "New Deal" to rebuild our failing infrastructure is a better long term solution, but it must be financed by recovering at least some of the welfare for the rich that have made the inequities in our nation the highest they have ever been.

an average patriot said...

This package is not going to work. Like everything else it is said to be for the working class but it is for the wwealthy and Business class. It pisses me off that those complicit Dems agreed with it and say it is great.
I agree it will give $300 and supposedly up to $600 to $800 and that is still worthless. That is one small bill or not even 1 months heat here in the Northeast.
We have got to put America back to work in a new deal new Era program rebuilding our failing societal infrastructure and not just bridges, roads, and tunnels, Government and society in general!

Dave Dubya said...

You know, it's pathetic when these thugs in DC can buy us off for a hundred gallons of gas. It reminds me of gangsters tossing quarters at bums. Americans have been reduced to the state of grovelling peasants in the new dark ages.

Watch their approval ratings jump when they start crowing about "bipartisan success".

an average patriot said...

I know, it is sick what they have done to us. Worse is this is just beginning and we will get a lot more desperate.
I had a good conversation off line yesterday with Anok. She has a good grasp of the situation, how bad it is going to get, and what we will be driven to in order to survive as I think you do.
We must get someone of consewuence who can make a difference to realize the brevity of our situation.

Anok said...

If you look at the cause of the Great Depression, what you will see is what the Bush administration is doing once again - the same mistake. One of the reasons the economy fell during that time (and contrary to popular belief it was not the stock market crash - that was the straw that broke the camel's back - this mistake is what caused the crash) is the disproportionate wealth among the populace.

The wealthy had money to spend (thus support the economy) but they would and could only spend so much....there are only so many products to buy, and so while they would buy a few big ticket items, and spent money regularly, it wasn't the kind of consumerism the country needed to sustain itself. Meanwhile, you had the very poor to middle poor - who didn't have enough money to spend regularly, or on frivolous items. They could support the economy either.

Then, companies began going under, because they could afford to do business. The government decided to subsidize certain businesses (radio, automotive, and finance if I remember correctly) but completely left out things like agriculture and energy. In that regard, the government floated big companies that still couldn't sell their products, because the products were not only frivolous, but also non sustainable. Industries such as agriculture produced products that people needed to buy on a regular basis - cars were not.

When companies began to sink, stockholders and shareholders freaked, then they pulled their investments, which turned out the light on our economy.

That is what the government is doing again. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Don't they ever learn? It is made even worse because we no longer have a strong product driven economy. Our economy is fueled by finance, banks, and stocks. So we can't even go back into production to recover from a major economic failure. We are already in a war - so going into war to fix the problem won't work (and is a strategy that should be done away with anyway)...and the worst part of it is...

Families and citizens still haven't recovered from the smaller, yet well hidden recession from several years ago (about 6?). To get hit now, when people are still in poverty recovery - will be the death blow.

As for the "rebate" if you look closely at the guidelines, people such as my husband and I will get nothing. Nada. Zip, and even if we did squeeze $300 from eh government, what would that do? We aren't going to spend it on anything we aren't already spending money on (food, utilities, rent) - so how will that bolster the economy?

an average patriot said...

You son of a gun! You're exactly right! Did a by any chance send you the comparison I did of the last and who was at the helm and this one? Everything is the same including the party only as youu pint out this will be much worse like everything else Bush is involved with.
That stupid rebate is worthless to those who really need help and again helps those who do not need it. It peeves me that Pelosi is complicit in this crap. I am sorry you won't get help but $300 is worthless and not even 2 weeks heat for your house up here.
Did you get my reply to you yesterday? Anyway the economy will get bolstered from that package only by the money he gave businesses I suspect. Money should be given to those who need it to live not those that will just stick it in the bank.

Anok said...

Jim, I did get the message. I am working on a little something.....


I don't think I did get the comparison, but as it seems we are on a similar wave length, I had done at the very least, a financial comparison some time ago! Send it along, I'm interested to read it.

an average patriot said...

I actually think I am a bit nonplussed as to what to write about today. So much underhanded shit I'm temporarily miffed.
I have been seeing over and over the whisper that was heard during the question and answering of Romney last might and it cued him what to answer. Of course it is being dismissed as an outside interference. I am pissed. You know he was being coached.
They kept showing the chief slime when he was being debated and there appeared to be a recorder on his back under his coat. You know he was being coached to. I am so sick of this FFFing underhanded crap!
Anyway I will dig that comparison up. Actually there are half a dozen and I will spare you but I wil get one. Did you ever read Mike Whitney's second Great Depression? It is here but the chief slime will do what he can to put it off until he is gone.

Anok said...

Hey Jim, do you ever go back a year or two, and read what you've wrote (or something on someone else's blog)?

It's eerie. Really eerie. Great write ups, by the were on the money then, and it is showing now.

I understand about being at a loss for writing. Sometimes I get overwhelmed, and I have so many things that I want to address that it just makes it impossible to even get started.


What percentage of 923 million is 70 million?

an average patriot said...

not really but I do go back two or three years to use things I wrote about years ago. Believe it or not I started writing because of 9/11. I saw the underhanded truth and knew we were being lied too.
About a third of the way through book 8 I had to stop so I could dedicate myself to getting the truth out about what is happening because almost two years ago Bush put his plans on the fast track as he was running out of time.
I am honored that you have taken the time to go back if that is what you did. I have a couple pamplets on my main page that I wrote years ago that I knew were dead on but I could never get MSM or Politicians to addresss them.
Jerome rightly said they do not care what they are doing to us or what we think. years ago I wrote a manifesto to the world that woulf have saved a lot of troubl. That do has proven to be dead on and the ending you pretty much now realize.
Anyway besides a writer and farmer I am an accountant by proffesion. 70 million is 10.3% of 933 million. Take care!

TomCat said...

Of course it won't work. It's pap to hold the markets together just long enough for the rich to sell short and profit from the fall.

an average patriot said...

Funny I don't know what pap is but you know you are entirely right and the Fed will keep shoring it up so that continues at least until Bush is gone and reality hits and the futility bottoms out. This mess too Bush ensured and will not be avoided!

Anok said...

Not only did I go back and look, but I just linked the hell out of them, on my newest post LOL.

Thanks Jim, that means that the CEO of United Technology Corporation is taking up approximately 10.3% of the total salary paid in a fiscal year. (approx. because I had to combine the salary, benefits, and bonus from 2002 vs. total salary paid in 2000 - the CEO's salary has changed all that much in the last ten years, so its a safe bet that it's fairly accurate.)

Out of 205 thousand employees, of which 152 thousand are outsourced to other countries, one employee is making ten percent give or take of their total employee cost.

He grossed $70.4 million this year, pocketed $32 mill, and left the rest, plus an additional 66.4 million in easily liquidated assets, given to him by the company.

If only the company took all that money, and hired more employees here....

an average patriot said...

Thanks, Link away! You know, you really get me going. I have lived a hundred life times in my short life but I won't get into that. I just want to say there is a simple computation to determine what % he was paid in relation to the total but you have to compare the same year because nothing otherwise is equal.
I just happen to have been a Cost Manager in one of my other lifes. Regardless of the amount of Employees, simplified if there were 10 employees and patroll was $1 he made 10%. 100 divided by 10. Verified by multiplying the 10x10 to get back to the 100 verifying you were right.
I have to check things out and see what I am going to discuss today but you will see me as I have been curious about what you have been working on.