Tuesday, June 12, 2007

While wer'e talking Symbolic, what are the Ramifications of a no confidence vote on Bush?

A No Confidence Vote In regard to Bush, is it possible? Can Someone tell me what the ramifications would be?
Like you I am listening to the political drama going on over the waste of time a No Confidence vote on Gonzales is. I am sick of seeing obvious corrupt people backed by Bush who says he is the Decider and what everyone else thinks and does is just a waste of their time and energy. I listen to Bush say he is more confident about Gonzales now that he remembers nothing and in light of everything that has gone wrong at least to us in this MIS Presidency and I started thinking.
We keep hearing the GOP saying trying to hold the President accountable for instigating and allowing corruption is "beneath the Senates Dignity" first I have to say nothing appears to be, including not working and looking stupid. Isn't doing the peoples work and keeping the Government and the President honest their job? Can somebody help me with this!
This morning I heard that after all this time there are still 100 unclaimed bodies from Hurricane Katrina hanging around in nondescript warehouses. That is unconscionable. What happened to caring and doing the right thing?
I understand Impeachment is the only actionable thing the Senate can do against the President or so I think. Knowing how that is going and certainly Bush deserves that and more, and that the Congress and the Senate has still officially refused to consider it, I have to ask! What would be the Ramifications of having an open vote whether the Republicans block it or not on a No Confidence Vote for the chief idiot?
I don't have to list or name the numerous situations he has mishandled whether on purpose for his new order or through corruptive ineptitude. Just say one word. Everything! He has done nothing right for the average American. He has done nothing right for "we the people" He has done nothing right for Our America. He has done nothing right in the middle east or diplomatically around the world.
Katrina, Iraq, The middle east, the world, to us he has messed everything up. To him he has done everything right as he pursues a different agenda than us and the Democratic Congress. I do not understand why a no confidence vote cannot and has not been taken against the man who would call himself a President? It would at least let the people know Bush would be held accountable and if not then it was the Republicans allowing it to continue. It may be symbolic, meaningless, and worthless for now but it would let people know that once the Democrats take everything over in 2008 there would be a return to accountability and doing the work of "we the people" and our America.
I know there would be bad ramifications around the world politically for the entire country and I certainly can't say I know how that would play it but we are driven to take desperate action to make this President do the right thing for the average American and the world not for Bush and his MIS Agenda. Would a no confidence vote on the President of the United States be doable and consequential? Please tell me what you think.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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