Thursday, June 07, 2007

This is not a Perfect world but if it was the next President would only have one thing to do!

This is not a perfect world but if it was the next President would have only one thing to do! Undo everything Bush did during his mis-Presidency! Democratic candidates were asked what their top priorities would be for their first 100 days as president during Sunday's asked readers what they think should be the top priorities for the new president's first 100 days in office.Below is a selection of those responses. then I will give my more realistic goals!
Get the U.S. out of Iraq, Bring our troops home

re-establish integrity and accountability in the Executive Branch.

The Deficit


upgrade our educational system

Secure the border.

Strengthening laws to protect the environment

Providing affordable health care

Stop outsourcing, so called free trade agreements, and trade imbalances.

Restore the U.S. image with foreign countries.

Brian McLaughlin of Coatesville, Pennsylvania hit the nail on the head! The first priority of the new president will probably be to repair all the damage done by the old president.

My top priorities if I could not undo everything Bush did would be!

Mass investigations into everything while getting our troops home immediately!

Return America to "we the people"

Restore human rights.

Secure the Borders, coastal including ports and land borders.

Rescind the abused Homeland Security Act of 2002

Stop North American Union Efforts

Straighten out the Gulf area destroyed by Katrina
Restore fiscal responsibility

Restore Corporate responsibility to the citizen, the community, and the country.
10)Restore our standing in the world

I would like to hear what you feel should be the top priorities of the new "Democratic" President in 2008

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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