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I agree with Bush, Congress should have Political Courage. Let it start with the defeat of this Bill!

I agree with Bush, Congress should have Political Courage, Let it start with the Immigration Bill. Start defeating Him and his new order!
President Bush urged lawmakers Saturday to "summon the political courage" to support his top domestic priority, an immigration overhaul that is hanging by a thread in Congress. First, whatever happened to "stop playing Politics? I have to say that beyond securing the borders that despite the rhetoric and half assed efforts it will never happen. As we discussed in relation to Bush's desire for a North American Union,
Bush needs open Borders but to appease concerned Americans he needs to create another facade. This time feigning concern for average Americans and our security. Once again to get his way he is performing a balancing act.
Illegal immigration is no more a crisis and no worse than he allowed it to be for 6 years as he worked on his new societal order.
Bush purposely gave hope to illegal immigrants by increasing the rhetoric over the years that they would be allowed citizenship someway, somehow. There were some 5 million during his reign alone. Now that he has the low end wage earners he needs to fuel his idea of a new societal order he tells you he wants to secure the borders.
Bush's measure would tighten borders and workplace enforcement, create a new guest worker program and provide pathways to legal status for most of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. With 19 months left in Bush's presidency, some see immigration reform as his last hope for a major domestic achievement, and Bush himself has made clear it is his main legislative priority for the year.
This is no domestic achievement. He doesn't care about us and our America or illegal immigrants and a secure border. Only finishing his plan for a new societal order. Like his so called new middle east order he is well on his way and looking to cross the T's and dot the I's before he is done.
As an incentive for those who are skeptical about the government's ability to carry out the legislation's enforcement provisions, Bush publicly signed onto a plan for $4.4 billion in immediate funding for border security and workplace enforcement. The accelerated funding would be paid back by new fines and fees for illegal immigrants in the bill. However, of course pouring $Billions into this and securing the borders with half assed fences and promises Bush says is worthless and I have to agree with him. No one can really think fines and fees for illegal immigrants to that tune will be collected I hope.
He also said people caught crossing the border illegally will be permanently barred from returning to the United States on a work or tourist visa, those known to have taken part in illegal gang activity can be denied admission. Boy that's a threat. They would just do what they currently do and turn around and come back again. Beyond his gain what the heck realistically would be the gain for average Americans and our America?
I absolutely have no stance on the issue of illegal immigration. I just know what you see is not what you get with Bush and this is no exception. This will not make the problem go away but as Reagan's legalization of 3 million did, this will only necessitate more to come fill the ranks as the legalized would no longer be cheap labor. Just think about it! Theoretically we could have up to 12 million more people here vying for a rapidly decreasing job base that is ceaselessly being sent overseas, unemployment?
I say this is a good time for Congress to start the process of doing the right thing for "our America" and "we the people" and start doing the peoples work. Stand up as Bush says and get Political courage. Make this the start of not giving Bush his perverted way and start the beginning of the end for his "new order"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...


This is an issue I am interested in because of the jobs that are lost.

I have written an article for a future post on Lydia's blog about the North American Union, and of course the Super highway and open borders go along with the Bush plan for no more United States.

You are right. Any bill passed is never what we are told, and this will be no exception.

jmsjoin said...

This really stymies me! This Bill isn't for us and our America. It is for Bush and his new version. All 12 million of them will come in handy in Bush's new societa; order. They are necessary and remember once they get citizenship they aren't going to keep doing those menial jobs.
They will be vying for the jobs that are being sent overseas for corporate profit. Meanwhile they will now qualify for unemployment on your taxes because the chief idiot keeps giving the wealthy back theirs.
I am glad to hear this interests you as like me I would have to say everything does that harms average Americans and our America. Today that is everything. These underhanded politics practiced today will devastate our future.We have to make a difference.
I think it was on your site that I was reading an article about the Roman Empire. That is the normal rout in the life cycle of any civilization and it wii not be turned around by a few.
We are going the way of the Roman Empire and Bush is merely speeding the process up. I wrote this a few years ago. You may find this of interest and agree. The Al Gore's and Richard Branson's are a day late and a dollar short.
Sorry I am giving you this without the link so it would take up less space.
Man’s and the Planets Life’s Cycle’s
Where we are in them and the dire Consequence of Continuing to go Against Them!

The aforementioned observances are the realization that this is not a utopian idea. It is absolutely necessary for mans survival. We must get the message to all countries of the world. Whosoever chooses to ignore the future of man and the planet must be held accountable for their action. We must get Nobel Laureate’s to publish papers on this subject. It is necessary to have someone reputable and believable write on the subject. They must sound the sense cal alarm. It must be published throughout the Nations of the world and filtered down through all levels of society. Below are the various stages of mans life cycles and where we are in them.

* The Infantile Stage – This is mans longest stage to date. With some luck we can surpass this in our maturity stage, our nurturing stage. Man was very much in his developmental stage. From mans beginning caveman day’s right up through The Dark Ages. Man was very much a live and learn being. You can not accuse man of that today. Man has lost this ability since what we will refer to as The Learning Stage. The 20th century seems to have killed this ability with its perceived lack of need. He now thinks he knows better and he knows everything. We know the thought as most of us have children. He wrongly thinks he has all the answers. We would do well to remember this phase of life.

* The Learning Stage – This period marks the end of The Dark Ages. The end of the Dark Ages coincidently enough is marked by another perfectly cyclical event known as the Christian Crusades. This was in a point of time appropriate for the horror. The horrific thing is that Islam is going through this cycle right now. Their version of the Christian Crusaders is the Islamist Jihadists. This is occurring at a point in time when mans and the planets life cycles are beyond accepting or tolerating this behavior. At the point of time of the horrors that the Christian Crusaders committed they were accepted and tolerated.

This period covers the end of the Dark Ages up to the 20th century. This period covers the birth of mans great Religions. It covers the development of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. With the exception of the maturing of the Muslim Religion it marks the maturing of these Religions. It marks their role in the world order. This is again with the exception of the Muslim Religion. It is that time of Religious maturity which there is no place for in the world today. We, the world, humanity, have already gone through that. As a result we do not find what is happening with the Islamist Jihad particularly palatable. This period also opened the way for colonization. It marked the point in mans life cycle when the forceful taking of another country was the accepted norm. This was the time in mans and the planets life for needless pointless death and destruction. It was survivable by both man and the planet. This time is over and can no longer be accepted or tolerated.

*The Maturing Stage – This period includes WW1, WW2, and the recognition of man made hazards to mans and the planets life. This was the period in mans and the planets life cycles when world war was survivable by man and the planet. Our weapons are now too horrific for man or the planet to survive. Life only moves in one direction and for a reason. We can not allow any Nation to try and slide backwards and return to those ways. The time for that in the life cycle of the planet is over. We are becoming aware as to the frailty of the planets life sustaining ecosystems. We are not paying attention so!

Life's cycle, the final stages!

*The nurturing stage is where man should be in its and the planets Life Cycle! However as the current unfolding Middle East and world situation is proving, man is attempting to turn the clock back and nature works only in one direction, forward. We are acting like we are in the infantile stage and it will not work!

* The Nurturing Stage – This is mans mature stage. His final stage. This is mans preservation period. The time is now. This period marks mans awakening as to the realization of mans negative impact on the life sustaining life cycle of the planet as a whole. This period marks the awakening of man as to the as to the necessity of revitalizing Natures life sustaining ecosystems. This period marks the necessity for an end to all out war. We must come to the realization that as a world we must destroy all advanced weaponry and their systems throughout the world. This is an absolute necessity for the survival of man and the planet. We must form a world board to ensure compliance by the entire world. It is for the benefit and survival of mankind and the planet. We now know the fragility of our planet and our negative role in it. As a world we must act responsibly, be held accountable, and act accordingly.

** Man has taken his ability to live and learn, an ability that has sustained and nurtured him for thousand of years and forgotten he ever had it. It had served us well throughout are creativity. Through the beginning of the 20th century man has been going through the maturity stages of his existence. Like a maturing teenager man now thinks he has all the answers. However he has none of the right ones. Would you send your Grandmother off to war? That is something you can relate to. Likewise man and the planet can not survive a world war this late in the life cycle of man and the planet. Whoever ushers in a new world war must be held personally accountable for knowingly and unwittingly bring about the end of the civilized world and our planet.

Whether you believe in Nostradamus or not, he gave us two scenarios at this juncture in life. We had two roads we could follow into the future. We could take the peaceful road down a successful road into the future or we could take the road into conflict that would lead to destruction of man and the planet as we know them.

* Sadly man seems to have chosen the 2nd road and with nuclear conflagration staring us in the face: We seem to be leading the way to our demise! If we are to have a future we must smarten up! The full short story at the link!

It blows my mind that man can be this stupid but knowing all that we just discussed and the purposeful horrors that will undoubtedly unfold, I have to tell you, There is a plan for the future and you the average citizen are not in it! The public is not being protected! Why? I'll tell you!
Bush now has as many as 6,000 National Guard troops to tighten the U.S. border with Mexico, supposedly to increase security.

With Hayden as CIA director, military officers are in charge of the nation's three major spy agencies, and the Pentagon controls 80% of the intelligence budget.

This all adds up to a lot of concern for us. It makes me think of a few things. None of which Bush or anyone else has mentioned of course!

To me we are sounding like the Fortress America that while Bush was running for President he used the threat of Dems wanting this against them to frighten people. Only worse because he is going to have us controlled by the military. We have 6,000 troops on the southern Border and Generals in control of our 3 top spy agencies. Is this because they answer to the chief?
Is this to keep us in or to have total control? We just can't trust bush! He talked last night! Every time he talks he weakens theNation!

As you know our computers are monitored are phones can be tapped supposedly only from overseas but we know local calls are sometimes sent overseas then back here so they can be legally tapped. Our houses can be broken into if a so called “Threat” is presumed. Our mail can now be opened “or for all we know” stolen if a threat is percieved. Now we need a passport to get into our own country. A passport does not make us one iota safer from terrirism but it does finish giving complete control of us too Bush. He contropls is totally as was his goal from the beginning.

* Now it gets worse if you can believe it! We have been increasingly told that if disaster strikes in whatever form we are on our own as the Government can’t be expected to be there. Knowing that and knowing that we are headded to what appears to be all out war, think of this fact:

* When all hell breaks loose the Government is well taken care of and will survive, the military, families included will be well protected so that in the end whoever survives will have all that is needed to live, fight another day, and start over again. What no one remembers is this planet, supposedly God’s that they seem to wantonly be destroying, is in its Nurturing stage and man’s weapons are too deadly for it to survive and be life sustaining as we know it!

* After this battle for lack of a better term we will refer to as the battle of Armageddon, the world will be so tired of war, death and destruction they will learn it is best to live without empires and they will begin to organize themselves as independent sovereign nations who will live in harmony and peace with one another. Until?

Larry said...


I liked your assessment in stages and if you watch what has been happening, it is true.

The immigration bill, free trade, the Patriot Act, Bush's order where he can declare Martial law, so many others, are in these stages.

Mike who had guest authored the Roman Empire article will love what you wrote in your comment.

I will get him over here later tonight.

I am going to get your books. I think it is the stuff I like to read.

jmsjoin said...

Thanks! I hope he likes it. I self published my first attempt then as my site was going on the same day I was contacted by a Publisher to publish 2 and 3 I panicked and backed out of it as I that day put 5 or 6 books on line as PDF's which is against the rules. That and a 7 year contract made me balk.
I do have a couple free things but I have a Manifesto to the world that I have updated that is too graphic for most to read so I only pass it on to realists. That Life cycles is near the end.
If you have an E I will send you the web page at the publishers. Otherwise you can go on my site and click on the first book, Life in the trenches of American Society and see some sample pages.
My goal is not to make money right now but to educate as many people as I can as to what is really happening today.
After that attempt I ran into Thomas Paine on line and was stunned at the similarities. He beat me by 230 years. I for now am content considering myself a pampheleteer trying to educate Average Americans.

Mike said...

Great article Patriot, you couldnt be more right...........Bush is turning our country into a fascist police state and is just looking for the opening to declare martial law and seize total power.

I fear an attack on iran or another terrorist attack could be the catalyst he neds to implement his power grab.........consider he has been spying on our phone calls and monitoring the Internet for years it wouldnt be too hard for him to eliminate anyone not goosestepping to his rhetoric and whom he deems a threat.

jmsjoin said...

Wow Mike!
Did you see something of mine somewhere or are you one of the very few who are smart enough to see the truth for themselves?
We are no longer a Democracy but of course Bush would deny it. We are in fact a police State. He purposely turned us into what he accuses everyone else of being. So nothing new!
There will in fact be an attack on Iran. That is only one reason why he diverted from the so called war on terror to get us militarily in the middle east. He will not leave now.
I figure the attack on Iran sometime this fall. Preperations are almost set. He will beat Congress to the punch

I have said here and on dkos many times that he will not relent his power and if necessary to stay on his new order course he will cancel elections and declare martial order. Of course many call it tin foil hat as they do everything they cannot fathom but just watch
Watch Diego Garcia! When our tankers are there to refuel the long range bombers that will be the key to an attack. It gets a lot worse and as I told Larry! I will E you a copy of The Manifasto to the World detailing what is happening, what is going to happen, and how this is going to end. Take care and stay in touch!

jmsjoin said...

Hi Larry
Just thought I would give you the link to my story about the NAU on kos and 3 interesting comments, two from Canada you might want to include in your story. There are many good thoughts if you want to get a feel. Including of course the voice saying it is all tin foil hat. Because of their failure to think we are all in trouble. Take care! Jim

Hated by many,Texas Mega Highway part of North American Super State being Secretly Pushed through!

1. Links, more links, etc. (3+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
jmsjoin, viscerality, Quequeg

None of the above are from the WorldNetDaily.

BTW, great diary, jmsjoin! Don't allow the opinions of others to dictate your beliefs. Think for yourself.

It doesn't shock me that corporations would like (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
2. a way to replace our democarcy with a multi-national, corporate bureaucracy.

Nancy Boyda wrote legislation (which passed the House) which would prevent some of this "deep integration" (that the "Council of Canadians" talks about).

Oberstar, DeFazio Cosponsor Boyda Bill to Restrict Cross-Border Truck Program
"Today, trucks registered in Mexico can drive only inside narrow border zones in the United States before their cargoes are transferred to an American vehicle. That’s a good system; it’s working. It keeps America’s highways safe from poorly regulated Mexican traffic, prevents drug smuggling and illegal immigration, and protects American transportation jobs," said Boyda. "But now the Department of Transportation is proposing a pilot program to allow Mexican trucks to drive far, far into the heartland of America. Today I introduced legislation to ensure that the DOT fully respects America’s laws and our safety. This administration’s mad rush toward unrestricted trade should never endanger America’s citizens or their jobs. It just shouldn’t."

I wish more left-wingers would recognize this as (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
jmsjoin, FrankFrink
3. a real concern.

There's a left-wing organization in Canada ("The Council of Canadians") that has been on top of this for several years now. They call it "Deep Integration" and talk about it as an extension of NAFTA.
The SPP [Security & Prosperity Partnership] takes NAFTA's goal of continental economic integration much further by including security and foreign policy issues, and by speeding up the process of regulatory harmonization integral to the first Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement.
The next meeting of the SPP is planned for Canada August 20-21, 2007 in Montebello, Quebec.
Deep integration between Canada and the United States is not a theory or a fear – it is a reality. For several years now, government task forces and working groups have been quietly harmonizing Canada-U.S. programs and procedures, without any input from the Canadian public.

The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), agreed to by the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico in 2005, is moving Canada quickly toward a continental resource pact, a North American security perimeter, and harmonized military and security policies. Working groups composed of bureaucrats and corporate leaders are quietly putting this "partnership" into action, and to date only industry "stakeholders" have been consulted.

At the Council of Canadians, we believe that citizens have a right to know about major government initiatives that could change the food we eat, the civil liberties we enjoy and the social programs we depend on. To date, very few elected officials have sounded the alarm about the SPP. And all of the secrecy surrounding the SPP’s implementation has left the public in the dark.

Outsourcing to India will stop in 2.3 years

by Quequeg on Wed Jun 20, 2007 at 08:04:41 PM EDT

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Larry said...


Thanks for the article links. I will read them and probably rewrite my article before I post it.

Mike will be writing another article for Lydia this week as she is in the final stages of finishing her book.

I am designing Lydia a new website and blog. The blog will be away from blogger-too many blogger problems, and once the new site is ready, I will inlcude your blog in the new links page.

jmsjoin said...

Hi Larry
To me the links show that the concern is universal. It was what the Canadians said that really brought this to the forefront.
Because they are concerned and discussing it while Bush is pushing it through Clandestinely. It is Bush and his underhandedness that concerns me. We better be scared. If he is for it, it is no good for us.
I will be on your site soon. I have to do a few things and then I will keep an eye out for Mike's article. I agree with the blogger problems but I know nothing about it so I have to stay status quo.
I wish you luck with the new blog. Keep me included and keep me abreast. Once you are situated I will link to you. Adios for now!

Fans and Friends of Lydia Cornell said...


Thank you for posting on my blog. I love your posts, and I am praying for your sons who are serving our country. You are a good father. People need to hear what you have to say. We will turn the tide, slowly but surey.
God Bless you and your family,

jmsjoin said...

Thank you and I am glad you like my posts. They are honest and heartfelt whether I agree with them or not. I just want the unbiased truth heard and we never get it.
The media Bush complains about is for the larger part, in hs pocket. As such you often times have to go outside the country to find the truth I better not get started.
I won't make this long on you but I raised 4 men and their tenacity and loyalty while coming from me is still amazing to me though the EOD lifer is a bit strak and loyal to Bush for me but oh well! I may not agree with him but I would never ndermine him.
Thanks again! I will continue to try to be heard and we will turn the tide eventually but I am afraid Bush has set emotions into play around the world that will play out long after he is gone and the entire world will pay but we must try to right his many wrongs.
It's funny but I am right now preparing to post a story that emphasizes exactly that. Thanks for the kind words Lydia! Jim