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1,400 years of dissention will not be resolved in the middle east, Somalia, or Asia, period!

1400 years of Dissension will not be solved in the Middle East, Somalia or Asia. The world will be the stage, period!
I awoke this morning to hear that US warships have bombed a fishing town in northeastern Somalia after an armed group clashed with troops from the country's semiautonomous region of Puntland. Officials in the northern Somali region of Puntland said on Saturday that the warship bombarded a mountainous village late on Friday where the group had set up a base.
A Puntland military official said the bombing came three days after authorities there reported the entry of what they called "Islamist fighters and foreigners of Arab origin".
I understand there was a suspected Al Qaeda leader in the group and that Somalia had been fighting them but called in the Battle ship because they could not circumvent the natural barriers. I know we did this in January but the intended target got away.
I know bush is fond of saying we will fight the extremists wherever they are. then I also heard this morning, Declining to say whether America and its partners are winning the war on terror, Secretary of Defense Gates called Saturday for more focus on combating poverty and other underlying causes of extremism.
"I think we are still early in this contest," Mr. Gates said in a question-and-answer session with attendees of a conference on Asian security, an annual gathering that took on an unusual dimension with the participation of a senior Chinese general who offered a pointed defense of his country's military buildup.
In a speech to the gathering known as the Mr. Gates called on Asian nations to contribute more to the war on terrorism and to ensure that Afghanistan not be allowed to slip back into chaos.
Shangri-la Dialogue, man is that funny and appropriate. We are not winning this so called war on terror and we are not in the early stages. Bush is fond of saying that we did nothing to deserve the attack on 9/11 but on the contrary we did everything to deserve it. This has been a long time coming. 1400 years of dissension has come to a head and it will not be quelled easily.
The fall of the Russian Empire set in motion something that began with the founding of Islam in 610. Islam was established by Muhammad in order to give Muslims a formal religion and sense of equality and belonging with the Jews and Christians. It failed and Muslims have never been able to gain equal footing or be willing to accept their role in the worlds society.
The Christian Crusades to take back Jerusalem turned into a blood bath against Muslims. Our nation was born during the enlightenment and industrialization completed a gap between our societies which will never close. Next comes the Berlin Conference in the 19th century, allowing Europe to divvy up Africa which they then took what they wanted and then reset the boundaries creating another mess with the Muslim world.
This is not though, a fight between the West and Islam. Islam is also fighting itself! It is a war between Islam and the world at large, everyone. As Bush has no tolerance of anything but his version of perverted Religion and Democracy. The Muslim Islamists have no tolerance of any other version of Islam than their own. They want all their lands back which cannot happen. They want us off their lands so what does Bush do? He attacks Iraq and attempts to set up his idea of a new middle east order.
There is an easy answer to this and that is too fight and continue to fight, there is no easy way out though. We have no other choice as this will not be quelled by diplomacy. We must see this through to the end. Years ago I said like it or not, this will turn into a war against Islam. We will be forced to isolate them in their own lands for our own safety. It is an unpopular thought but we will not have a choice. Once on their own they will turn on themselves as they already are because they cannot tolerate any version of Islam other than their own.
Iraqi's are killing each other as we know, but Bush knew they would and ignored all good advice and intelligence to the contrary, as he had to in order to stay the course and prosecute his idea of new order. What no one seems to understand is the so called war against terrorism in the end will only be half of the war equation of the future still unfolding.
Reagan is credited with ending the cold war but he set in motion many of the problems of today. Bush finished the job by belittling every country in the word and attacking Iraq unsettling the middle east.
As a result, with 2/3 of the world belonging to the nonaligned Nations and the enemies Bush has awakened wanting our demise by virtue of his superiority complex and destabilization of the already unstable middle east which we also contributed to by injecting Israel into the mix and again resetting boundaries as we saw fit, again ignoring traditional boundaries and dislikes. We will also be contending with China, Russia, and who knows who else? It looks like in the end of this still unfolding scenario that it will be Britain, Israel, and the U.S. against the World!
Bush likes to say we must defeat the so called insurgents in Iraq or they will follow us home. They will follow us home period. I would like to see this resolved with Diplomacy but no way. We have messed over Islam all around the world now they want retribution all around the world. They want to turn the clock back but that is impossible. either be happy with what you have today or you see the alternative.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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