Monday, June 04, 2007

With Friends like Bush who needs Enemies: Bush Brags of Leadership as Putin Aims Missiles at Europe!

With Friends like Bush who needs enemies: Bush brags of leadership role as Putin Aims missiles at Europe in response to Bush's MD initiative!
Before his departure for Europe Bush used his Saturday radio address to brag about the United States leadership role in an attempt to butter up Europe. Bush pointed to his latest initiatives on global climate policy as well as a solution to the Darfur crisis in Sudan and to HIV/AIDS assistance for Africa as proof of US leadership.
All of a sudden Bush is the Green President? He's now going to solve Darfur's crisis? I don't think so. He points to that as proof of his great leadership? He stupidly said we can be proud. Is he forgetting what he has done to the economy of the average American? He talks about fighting poverty while food stamp use if up 33% since his misPresidency, 9 1/2 million children in the U.S. are uninsured in his great Country, middle America is disappearing, etc. Proud? of what? Is anyone anywhere around the world better today because of Bush?
Look what his great leadership had done to Iraq and the middle east. It is a crisis still unfolding. South American relations are just wonderful aren't they? While Bush stressed that the US was keen to avoid a conflict with Russia despite differences of opinion on his plans to station elements of an antimissile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Putin is threatening to re aim Russia's missiles to targets in Europe if Bush goes through with the missile defense system in Poland and Czechoslovakia and you know he will.
I disagree wholeheartedly that the cold war is over but he keeps insisting it is. I do not see Russia as an enemy and I have good relations with Putin,' Bush told Bulgarian television, adding, 'We are not trying to isolate Russia.' I mean does he expect anyone to believe that crap? He did say the US had nothing to hide and invited Moscow to work on the antimissile defense system for Europe. What is up with that?
However with his lines said I am afraid as I pointed out, that Putin does not agree with him. Putin points out that Iran the main subject of this system does not possess missiles that can reach Europe. Sounds fishy to me! Russia stepped up the Cold War rhetoric on Sunday with President Vladimir Putin warning it would point missiles at Europe if the US expands its defenses near its borders. wait a minute, Bush said there is no cold war. What's wrong with Bush's good friend Vlad?
Together with comments from Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Putin upped the stakes in a war of words with Washington over US missile defense shield plans that have seen a sharp downward spiral in relations. This doesn't sound like good relations to me. Bush says he does not want to isolate Russia and Russia's military ally China will keep that from happening.
Lavrov understandably said that if Bush's missile defense system does show up at their doorstep they were obliged to cut off potential threats from that deployment. knowing what I said about China I found it interesting that Lavrof pointed out Bush's missile defense system is being deployed along Russia's perimeter, and also China's.
We know Russia has already come out with an intercontinental Ballistic missile carrying multiple war heads and capable of circumventing that system has already been test fired. Sounds to me that the Bush awakened arms race is well under way.
Sounds to me like the great world leader Bush is backing the world into a corner and to me European leaders better confront Bush as to what his plans are doing to world relations and point out what Putin has threatened them with. This does not sound good as world tensions continue to ratchet up because of Bush's so called "peace efforts"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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