Friday, June 01, 2007

Bush's only Successful Project Compromised, Iraq and U'S. Powerless, Give the Citizens their shot!

On the 20th I did a story about the only project in Iraq that was done on time and was actually ahead of schedule and that was Bush's super fortified flagship to his middle east debacle, the most expensive Embassy in the world.
Well, now that it has been compromised it seems like we are back to nothing working in Iraq. Let Iraqi's try a freemarket economy. literally.
Proving that it's not easy to make anything in Iraq secure, the security of the new U.S. embassy under construction in Baghdad has been compromised. The building plans were published on the Internet. The project will be the United States' largest diplomatic mission. Security for people within the sensitive facility is now compromised with the publication of computer-generated plans of the nearly complete fortified compound.
Ten detailed images of the plans for the compound appeared on the Web site of the U.S. architect for the project, Berger Devine Yaeger Inc. The State Department on Thursday asked the firm to remove the images that included the overall layout of the compound along with individual buildings. Those buildings included the embassy, office annexes, the Marine Corps security post, swimming pool, recreation center and the ambassador's and deputy ambassador's residences.
Yaeger maintains that no real damage was done because it says the images were not that detailed. Besides that, company officials say that people will eventually figure out where everything in the embassy compound is anyway.
I mean come on, we didn't build it under top security for nothing. Oh I guess we did like everything else! Well, after four years we have not been able to get anything accomplished in Iraq. Every single success Bush has bragged about in bring back Iraq's societal infrastructure has been summarily destroyed by one faction or the other. So what do you think about this?
When truck driver Said Abdul-Wahab al-Obeidi needed to find a new career after the roads of Iraq grew too dangerous, he looked for a business with a bright future. So he sold his rig, bought a massive generator and set up his own electric company.
With Baghdad's electricity network in tatters after years of corruption, neglect and attacks, a thriving black market in power has sprung up across the capital. In nearly every neighborhood, multicolored bundles of wires flow from private generators that have all but replaced the national power grid.
The black market has grown so large that U.S. inspectors estimate private generators produce more than one-third of Iraq's power supply. In Baghdad, where many neighborhoods have not had more than an hour of daily electricity for weeks, it almost certainly accounts for more.
Despite Billions spent by us we and the Iraqi Government have been powerless to accomplish anything at all. Allowing the citizens to give it a try to me is a great idea.
However once news of this free market activity gets bragged about and to those responsible for wanting the so called Democracy brought to its knees the poor people who are trying to do what Bush and the Iraqi Government cannot do, will pay for it with their lives. Nothing remotely thought of as giving independence and freedom to the people will work period. the so called Islamists will have their way or everyone will die.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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