Wednesday, June 06, 2007

With Mutual threats from Russia and Bush and MDS ideas sought from Russia, China pipes up, What if?

With mutual threats from Russia and Bush and MDS ideas sought from Russia, China pipes up, Remember this Conversation on China?
We have been following the events for quite a while now as tensions ratchet up between Bush and his friend Putin. As you know, in response to Bush's insistence on putting the missile shield in Russia's yard Putin has announced dropping its compliance with Europe on the conventional weapons treaty. Most recently they have developed an ICBM capable of circumventing the missile defense system and threatened to retarget Europe with its missiles.
In light of a conversation I had with someone here and what transpired yesterday I am rethinking the real role of the Missile Defense System and who the real target is! Amidst tit for tat threats from Russia and the U.S. we had Bush brag that Russia will not attack Europe. You have to wonder what if anything Bush knows?
Besides an offer in the past to allow Russian inspection of the systems The United States will study any ideas Russia has to allay its concerns that a planned U.S. missile defense shield in eastern Europe will herald a larger future deployment, a top Pentagon official said on Tuesday.
The proposal by Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman was the most explicit offer yet by a top U.S. official to address Russia's fears that planned missile interceptor and radar sites in Poland and the Czech Republic could be expanded.
"We are prepared to talk about that and entertain proposals from them, if they have them, about measures of transparency and openness that would help assuage those concerns -- whether there are other steps we might take," Edelman told Reuters.
I am really starting to second guess my original thought that Bush was provoking a confrontation with Russia in light of what Russia mentioned last week and China said yesterday. Putin mentioned that China had not been heard from and had as much to be concerned about as Russia as they were within range and in the path. China if I remember has its concerns with the MDS and that they could be used to protect Taiwan. well yesterday that changed and now I have to rethink what someone here said about China.
China has added its voice to Russian concerns over a proposed US missile defense system based in Europe, saying it could trigger an arms race. Commenting on the US plans a spokeswomen for the Chinese foreign ministry said proposed interceptor shield had "aroused great concern and attention.
"China believes that the impact of a missile defense system on strategic defense and stability is not conducive to mutual trust of major nations and regional security," Jiang Yu told reporters. "It may also give rise to a proliferation problem."
Amidst mutual accusations between Russia and the U.S. we have Russia being offered to get involved with the MDS which is a new development. With China piping up I now have to give credence to the thought that the end result of all this saber rattling is that the US and Russia would be together to keep the third world power Wannabe's in their place. Is China the real target? Sounds feasable to me. In light of Russia's desire to be a power to reckon with once more and China's military and technology buildup What are your thoughts on this possibility?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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