Sunday, June 10, 2007

The missile Defense System may be worthless but it's serving Bush's purpose to instigate another war!

The Missile Defense System may be worthless but it is serving Bush's purpose to instigate another War to further his New world order!
Many of you know I have been following events with the missile Defense System since I first heard Bush trying to push it around the world. I had hopes after hearing Putin's latest proposal on placing it in Azerbaijan or in Iraq and Turkey. I thought Bush might go for that and that it would get Russia and Europe together and maybe in the middle east on our side.
However After Bush was made the proposal by Putin he flew right to Poland to let them know there would be no change of plans. Of course Putin was angry and urged the United States on Saturday to freeze plans for missile defense installations in eastern Europe during negotiations and warned that the proposal intended to serve as a buffer against Iran could backfire.
You know Bush will stop nothing as this is going as planned for him. I have to say, I had some great discussions with a few people here yesterday in regard to this.
Anyway thinking about the many conversations we had and what I learned from them and reading reports after the fact, I now think Putin's proposals were a farce, no good, and Bush and Putin both know they cannot be accepted.
Both of those scenarios would put the systems within range of Iran's short range missiles so that is a no go from the start. That brings me back to my original assumption that these systems are merely a way of provoking the world until Bush forces a confrontation and it appears like the poor Bush has to fight again to further his idea of a new world order.
This missile shield may or may not work but It is serving Bush's purpose most handily. It is supplying the impetus for him to be forced to use his military and prosecute his new world order As he did in Iraq, as he is doing in the entire middle east, and around the world. Once he uses his facade of politics and false Diplomacy he will again be forced to do exactly what he intended from the beginning.
I was hoping he would share super power status with at least Russia but it looks like he wants to take them on too as he is under the false impression that Russia and China are going to lie down while he has his way in the middle east and around the world. Bush is willing to take the chance that we are dominant and I think he is grossly underestimating the rest of the world and their hate for Bush and willingness to take us on if forced.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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this is what we think about the missile defence system in our country Poland...