Saturday, June 30, 2007

In Control or not, Republicans make sure it is the Government Verse The People!

In Control or not Republicans make sure it's the Government against the People, They want us to look as inept as them, the truth must be seen!
We discuss often that even though we now have a Democratic Congress nothing is getting done. However it is not for lack of desire and effort. Absolutely everything positive Democrats try to get done is being refbuffed by Republicans in an effort to make us look as selfish, worthless, inept, and lazy as them. I was hoping that people would realize why this continues to be a do nothing Congress despite all the promises Democrats made and their attempts to keep their campaign promises. I still hope that is the case and Republicans pay for their status quo childish games at a time when they are really needed, in the 2008 elections.
In a recent CNN poll people were asked how they think the Democratic Congress is doing after six months? The answer Lousy but better than the alternative. I have to agree with that assessment but the question should be Why do you think the Democratic Congress has not gotten any of their promises through. The answer would be obvious.
Meanwhile Republicans are trying to capitalize off their blocking of our efforts of course as we hear Rep. Eric Cantor prove: "We are now halfway through the first year of the 110th Congress," Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, said. "And there is no question that the failure on the part of the Democrats in terms of their midterm exam is really a letdown to the expectations of the American people.''
Instead of explaining why and putting the onus where it belongs our leaders continue to let the Republican disinformation program hold sway and are still unable to master the forum and turn things around on the Republicans. It is simple entry level debate to me. Instead in response to Cantor's statement Pelosi merely said she tended to agree and that she was not happy with the Congress either.
What the heck is wrong with our so called leaders? I can understand Bush looking more worthless every poll as he should but I do not understand Congresses. President Bush is doing terribly -- an average of 30 percent job approval in six recent polls. Congress is doing worse -- 25 percent on the average in five polls.
When asked why the low marks both sides gave their expected dead wrong party line answers. Democrats point to one issue where not much seems to be getting done. "The war in Iraq is dragging down people's confidence in what's going on in this country," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said. Yes, people are waking up and losing confidence in our Politicians as they should but the stupidity of allowing us to divert and get into the quagmire in Iraq is not our biggest problem I am afraid.
Republicans point to another issue and a real ridiculous reason. "One of the reasons that confidence is at an all-time low is because of the immigration bill," Sen. Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina, said. That just blew my mind. I was disappointed that their was no real effort to get a responsible Bill through while helping those that need it, prosecuting Employers of illegals, and securing the Border but again we have much bigger problems.
I am happy to see that voters are not willing to go back to a Republican Congress and A solid majority says it's good for the country that the Democratic Party is in control of Congress. Even though they're doing a lousy job? They are not doing a lousy job! They are having lousy results and that is the way Republicans want it. You know Reid is right when he says the Republicans are blocking them but we must get the people to realize this and we seem unable to be able to do this and I do not understand why.
We can all agree with Senator Kyle that "It is a sad commentary in America today that many Americans have lost faith in their government" He added, "Americans don't believe that their government is representing them, is acting on their behalf. The polls show it." Nothing has changed since the inception of Bush and nothing will get accomplished until him and his cronies are gone.
He ridiculously goes on to say The new dynamic is the people versus the government. Like I just said, what has changed since Bush gained his illicit power? The only difference is that Politicians realize it but are not willing to do anything about it.
Our major problem is the Government and many Politicians on both sides. They continue to play Partisan games at a time when we greatly need them to come together and do the work of "we the people and our America" our leaders do not know how to lead. They seem oblivious to the fact that we are in trouble and need some serious leadership and there is none. That is our biggest problem.
We are still waiting for someone to do what is right for America. We are still waiting for our Knight in Shining Armor if you will, to lead us through the dark tunnel our leaders have allowed President Bush to create.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Larry said...

THis is a great article. The world has changed, far more than normal and it is not for good.

We settle in to lies where there once was truth. We see wars, where there once was peace.

We see jobs flee, corporations become wealthier, while their employees struggle to make ends meet.

I honestly don't know if the mess Bush has made of this country, and of this world can ever be repaired.

jmsjoin said...

Thanks! Your're not kidding! There is a cycle to everything and we are pushing up the life cycle of this planet and of our civilizatio. We would have gone the way of the Roman Empire as we talked about but Bush has put us on the fast track.
As you say, we are living lies only to satisfy one or the other sides selfish interest. To them all the truth is what serves their interest. If we want the real truth we have to dig and that's what we do.
If you have a moment check out what I wrote today. It bears much thought as we are concerned with the mess Bush is making of the world.
I know I asked you this before but did you read the end of My manifesto to the World? I think I sent it to you. You are right, this mess in the middle east and around the world will not be quelled.
It is taking on a life of its own and will not be controlled despite the partisan rhetoric you hear. It will be still evolving and playing out long after Bush is gone. He has awoken a Religious fervor thay will not die easy.
Remember, with the horror that is still unfolding and increasingly seems to be heading to nuclear conflagration and at a time where the planet has passed the cycle in its life where it could survive and still be life sustaining. We see its sad state now and seem to be heading down the wrong road Nostradamus told us about as we discussed.