Sunday, December 31, 2006

Iraq After Saddam? How about Iraq, the middle east, America, and the world after Bush?

First I have to say Iraq was lost the day Bush diverted from the war on terror to attack it to implement what he thought would be a new middle east order. Saddam's death will not stop the breakdown Bush started. It will only serve to speed it up! Sectarian violence will now get much worse and Bush is preparing to send thousand more American soldiers there to make it even worse for our losses. It will have no effect on the total collapse Bush set in motion. Post Bush is Iraq's big worry! What will the future bring?
In 2005 as I was preparing to do my New Years Eve Post I caught Bush's speech promising more of the same for 2006 and I knew we were in trouble! You know how the year went for average American's, Iraq, the middle east, and the world under Bush. we all must worry about what the future will bring post Bush because of the damage Bush has created around the world!
Tomorrow is 2007! With a promise to worsen Iraq and another year to damage the middle east, America, and the world, I have to wonder

first if the Democratic Congress can restore our America and bring justice back to the average American, do the right thing for Iraq, try to help the middle east, and repair our standing in the world as long as Bush is around. I know they have the best of intentions in doing so but I really don't see it happening as long as Bush is around to gum things up!
Knowing that Bush is going to continue to make a mess of America, Iraq, the middle east, and the world, I have to ask the crucial question! what will it all look like after Bush ? He has really dug the world and America a hole! Can we get out of it?
Bush has set in motion emotions and events that will be playing out not only in Iraq and the middle east but around the world long after he is out of office and he will not accept responsibility for any of it. Yes it is sad to say but Post Bush is Iraq's, the middle east, America's, and the worlds chief concern as we try to move successfully into the future not post Saddam!
Happy New Year and Good Luck to All!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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