Tuesday, December 26, 2006

With more Americans killed in Iraq than during 9/11 Bush looks at hiring Mercenaries!

With more Americans killed in Iraq than during 9/1l, Bush looks at making the deaths as diverse by hiring Mercenaries!

First I want to say that if Bush stayed in Afghanistan instead of diverting from the war on terror to attack Iraq in order to start his new middle east order, instead of American deaths surpassing those incurred during 9/11 with 2,975 killed during 9/11 and Bush having killed 2,978 in his illegal war.
American deaths would be 10% of what they are, with 295 Americans haven been killed in Afghanistan as of 12/11/06. Meanwhile, not only is Bush going to have a troop surge in Iraq of 30,000 more troops and ensuring more dead Americans in his lost Iraq war from the get go.
I awoke this morning to hear that Bush was contemplating recruiting in other Countries, hiring Mercenaries, and thus increasing and diversifying the deaths in Iraq.

It will only succeed in not only further surpassing the deaths in 9/11 but will guarantee that the countries will be equally represented.
I am just appalled at the lunacy of the chief idiot and to see the extremes he will go to in an effort to stay the course of failure in Iraq. with this still just getting underway the entire middle east is going to equal the hell on earth Bush is so proud of creating for Iraqi's.

God help us because Bush won't!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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