Thursday, December 28, 2006

India right about hanging saddam/Bush's victory for Iraq will create more turmoil and destruction!

You have to believe that hanging Saddam will only serve to further the hell Bush has created for Iraq. India is right to be concerned about furthering the division in Iraq. They do not want to see Saddam hanged and they felt correctly that it would obstruct the course of reconciliation and delay the restoration of peace in Iraq.
I heard threats today from the Baath party that they would have retribution if Saddam was hanged. I also saw on the news that people would not show their face but there was a rush of volunteers to be the one to do it on the Shiite side!
With that in mind I have this article saying Saddam told Iraqi's not to be angry towards the Americans for invading Iraq and this was supposedly verified by Saddam's lawyer. saddam supposedly said this because he was told he would be able to speak and then they would not allow him.

I have to believe that he was coerced into saying that by being told that he owed it to Iraq and his Sunni party to try to bring the country together in his death like he didn't during his life in order to try and hold Iraq together after Bush's attack.It will not happen! What Bush started by attacking Iraq for what he thought would be his new order will only get worse and will be stopped by no one. I also heard on the news that Saddam was calling for death to the invaders. This must have been after he was not allowed to speak and sounds more like him. Very Confusing!
As you know from past experience every single time Bush declares a victory for the Iraqi people the hell Bush has created in Iraq increases. The elections under gunpoint, the creation of a Government under duress, the killing of Zarqawi, have all served to bring the sectarian violence to the next level with thousands and thousands more murdered every time Bush declares a victory for the Iraqi people.
They can't survive any more of Bush's victories! With the Baathists threatening retaliation against Americans and Shiite you have to believe Hanging Saddam will finish off the sectarian war in Iraq. That will be the trigger that sets it off full scale.
Remember, this is at a time when this threat supposedly from Al Qaeda in Iraq was recently received. This will be bad! The leader of the Islamic State of Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, said his fighters were now launching a new offensive, "the offensive of the strong." He said the offensive would last until the final day of the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha, which should finish about Jan. 3. this was part of a 20 minute audio that is yet to be verified.

Baghdadi's speech appeared aimed at establishing the credibility of the previously declared "Islamic state" among Sunni Arabs, locked in increasing sectarian violence with Iraq’s Shiite majority. Sunni Arab insurgents hold sway in parts of western Anbar province and some towns and villages of Diyala province northeast of Baghdad; in some districts, they have even tried to enforce strict versions of Islamic law on residents.
With support supposedly growing for an Islamic State and Baghdady actively recruiting former officers of Saddam's army and the fact that Bush of course will ignore warnings and is going to add more troops to his failure to be needlessly killed, this is going to scare the hell out of you! .
Addressing the United States, al-Baghdadi said: "We are announcing today our orders for you, so obey them before you regret it."We order you to withdraw your troops immediately, using troop carriers and aircraft, and taking only your personal weapons. Don’t withdraw any heavy weapons. Instead you should hand over those and your military bases to the holy warriors of the Islamic State," he said.
He has extended an offer for a one month truce for the withdrawal, He said the withdrawal period should not exceed one month, and during that time "we will allow the withdrawal to proceed without being attacked by explosives or any other form." Washington had two weeks to respond to the truce offer, he said.
Just remember amidst all this there is another carrier group heading to the middle east and Bush appears to be promising to send 30,000 more American's into the hell he has created. No matter what anyone says or does no one will turn around bush's Iraqi breakdown and it will spread throughout the entire middle east!

As far as I am concerned the only thing that could have turned Iraq and all this around would have been to reinstate Saddam, keep an eye on him, and restore order in his violent way. it would beat the horrific violence invoked by Bush's so called victories!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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