Monday, December 11, 2006

The Lebanese Iraq Connection: Hezbollah wants to do for Lebanon what Bush did for Iraq, Then?

The Lebanese Iraq connection! Israel’s prime minister said on Thursday that he disagreed with the Iraq Study Group’s linkage of the turmoil in Iraq to the need to resolve the conflicts between Israel and its Arab neighbors. There is a connection but not the way they think. We have discussed it often in the past and will again in a minute.
I might be a little slow and Friday we discussed what I saw as a connection between what Israel is doing in Lebanon and Palestine and what Bush has done in Iraq.
However, the real connection and danger just dawned on me. In Shiite dominated Iraq the problem is greatly influenced by Shiite Iran against the Sunni thanks to Bush.
In Lebanon it is Iranian backed Shiite Hezbollah seeking to remove the pro west Sunni backed Government.

If you have read my posts on this in the past you know that I think Iran is the key to the horror the middle east will experience in the future started by Bush's destabilizing the middle east by attacking Iraq. Hezzbollah is doing their share
Hundreds of thousands of flag-waving protesters flooded central Beirut on Sunday after a call by the Hezbollah-led opposition to step up their 10-day campaign to topple Lebanon's Western-backed government.
In a show of force, the chanting crowds swamped two squares in the heart of the capital and rivers of men, women and children poured through surrounding streets demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.
"Siniora out," the crowds shouted. "Beirut is free," others yelled as one of the biggest rallies in Lebanon's history kicked off in bright sunshine. Giant loudspeakers blared out nationalist songs and drummers thudded a relentless beat. One student demonstrator said they would stay fore weeks, months, however long it took to topple the Government.
Siniora has blamed Hezbollah of trying to stage a coup after what the west calls their failed 34 day war with Israel that many of us saw as a success. Siniora told a conference on Sunday the future of Lebanon was at stake.
Thousands of soldiers and police tightened security in the capital before the demonstration, while at the rally site, an army of highly-organized Hezbollah volunteers checked bags in an effort to head off any potential trouble. If I remember correctly the Army divided along sectarian divisions during the 1975-1990 civil war and depite Lebanon's Army commanders efforts to prevent it.
Lebanon's army commander urged soldiers on Thursday to stay neutral in an increasingly tense Beirut and said concessions might be necessary to resolve a political crisis.
Thousands of Hezbollah-led opposition followers have been camping out near government headquarters since December 1 to try to topple Western-backed Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.
The protests have sparked several sectarian clashes between Shi'ite Muslims, who back Hezbollah, and Siniora's Sunni supporters in Beirut.

With Shiite dominated Iraq being helped by Shiite Iran and the U.S. asking Saudi Arabia to be a linchpin in solving their problems and Shiite Hezbollah backed by Iran and Syria wanting to topple the Sunni Government. You have to think that Saudi Arabia in some way will be trying to help the Government (would that be the so called Al Qaeda?).
Any way you look at it Bush if not causing, has certainly put on the fast track a new middle east order that no one will like and it will be dominated throughout the middle east by Sunni against Shiite whether we are there or not and no ones Diplomacy will stop anything!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


John Spalding said...

Good post. I think the structure of religious, political, and geographic locale in the Middle East is a disaster. I do not know how to look at this situation. To me it seems like religious wars and power struggles with no end in sight.

jmsjoin said...

john spalding
You have that right. Because of Bush their is perverted Religiosity on both sides of this and it will be the longest and dirtiest whe world has ever seen.
Then Russia, China, and the 131 non aligned Nations will come out to help the middle east against us as Bush has managed to turn most of the world against us
This mess is still just getting started and I am most concerned because I have 2 sons in this now and 2 more of age and I have to wonder whet the future will bring them besides Bush's 2 trillion in future debt.

Messenger said...

Good phrasing on the title: regime change in Beirut. The Hezbollah arguably have more legitimacy engaging in regime change because they did not have to fly across continents to invade. Don't like it much, but then there's a lot I don't like much.

jmsjoin said...

Thanks! The more I hear on the news and the more I have brought to my attention by other Bloggers, the more concerned I am getting over my sons who are in this and what Bush has in store for them in the future wars he has set in motion?
With no one wanting diplomacy this is going to be a hell on earth and Iraq is just the start. the entire middle east will be embroiled and then it will get a heell of a lot worse.