Monday, December 04, 2006

While everyone speculates, Bush will ignore them all as Maliki Gave him his out!

Time magazine who I respect has weighed in on their speculation as to what Bush is going to do in Iraq.
They said that Bush has never had to pull off a U-turn like the one he is contemplating now: To give up on his dream of turning Babylon into an oasis of freedom and democracy and instead begin a staged withdrawal from Iraq, rewrite the mission of the 150,000 U.S. troops there as they begin to draw down, launch a diplomatic Olympics across the Middle East and restart the flagging peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
Even calling all that a reversal is misnomer; it would be more like a personality transplant.It Will Not Happen!
He is not contemplating a U turn! They think Bush will soon begin the biggest foreign policy course correction of his presidency.

He will listen to the so called Blue ribbon panel before he ignores it as usual because he is the decider and only he knows anything. Therein lies all our problems. When are they going to realize what you see is not what you get with Bush?
Like everyone else they also think the maneuver will be based on what the bipartisan, congressionally mandated commission led by former Secretary of State James Baker and former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton reached agreement on last week.
I have to tell you! He will ignore all good advice as usual, He will not give up on his plan for the entire middle east, he will not begin a staged withdrawal of troops as he should, and he will be able to quell relations between Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, or anyone else as he has his facade of Diplomacy on the fast track.

The New York Times was no better!

The worthless debate that will engulf Washington and much of the country this week centers on a question that lurks at the intersection of war strategy and the personality of the commander in chief: after three and a half years, is President Bush ready to abandon his declaration that American forces cannot begin to leave Iraq until the Iraqis demonstrate that they are capable of defending themselves? No way and he doesn't have to. Maliki already gave him his out!

As administration officials tried to prepare the ground over the weekend for the release of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group’s long-awaited report on Wednesday, the president’s national security adviser, Stephen J. Hadley, repeatedly sidestepped questions about how the administration would react to the panel’s recommendations. I watched these shows and found it very frustrating knowing the real intention was to ignore what they say and do what Bush wants.
On three television news programs on Sunday, he offered assurances that Mr. Bush would look at all the new ideas landing on his desk to develop what Mr. Hadley referred to — 12 times — as a "new way forward," one that the president would announce to the nation in "weeks, not months." I saw all these shows and many analysis by the news and all you get out of this is the standard, bush will listen to all good advice before he ignores it as usual because he is the decider and only he knows anything. Again, as you know therein lies all our problems!

Mr. Hadley also knows that one of the commission’s core conclusions is that the White House should announce a plan for American forces to begin pulling back, whether the Iraqis are ready or not.

That will also not happen! He will not start pulling troops out as he should. Iraq will never be able to keep itself together but that is not Maliki's goal. However, him saying it is time for Americans to leave will give Bush his out and allow him to save face.

This is the real story!

Last week White House officials did finally admit Bush is not in a rush to act on the panel's recommendations since the administration is conducting its own Iraq policy review, coordinated by national security adviser Stephen Hadley. you know he is not going to take the Official study groups advice because he is the decider and he knows more than all those seasoned experts.
Ignoring all good advice is the norm as you know and again is the reason we are in this situation today. Bush still insists on staying in Iraq as long as we have to in order for the country to stand up on its own. It will not be as Bush thinks!
All of a sudden Al-Maliki told ABC News Iraqi forces would be ready to take control of security in Iraq by June and that he pressed Bush on the matter during their meeting in Jordan.We know they can't. How can he say that? They are going to be decimated in no time!
I can say that Iraqi forces will be ready, fully ready to receive this command and to command its own forces, and I can tell you that by next June our forces will be ready," al-Maliki told ABC News .I don't in any respect see that to be remotely possible so you have to wonder want is up?
The prime minister also said he has no tolerance for sectarian militias, not even the Mehdi Army aligned with Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, according to ABC News.

That is a lie! I don't believe any of that from Maliki for a minute! Iraq will not be able to nor do they want to be able to hold themselves together as a unified Shiite, Sunni, Kurdish, Iraq as Maliki wants you to believe.
We will be thrown out of there and that is what Bush is waiting for as his excuse to leave and what we discussed last week.
Instantly as soon as we do leave, those police and the military will turn on each other and feed upon themselves. A Democratic Iraq is not what they want. Iraq will be in total chaos until each sect gets what they want and it will never happen.
This total chaos will then spread throughout the middle east compliments of Bush and it will not be denied! Bush's staying the course can only be for one reason and that is to have the soldiers and equipment in place to go after Iran or whoever else he wants. There can be no other reason. Staying there longer will only serve to kill more Patriotic Americans. The result will be the same.

James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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