Monday, January 01, 2007

Bush promises to make 2007 more deadlier than 2006 for American's and Iraqi's!

I went to bed last night thinking of my 2 sons who are in this so called war on terror. The one that is Stateside right now called me last night to wish me a Happy New Year. I haven't heard from my son in Afghanistan for a while so I hope for the best with him.
last night I kept trying to understand why Saddam was hung so quickly and on a Muslim Holy Day? Since Muslims around the world perceived the hanging as Bush driven you have to realize that this will serve to make 2007 a lot worse than 2006 and Not just in Iraq but around the world
Then I woke this morning to hear the 3,000th American had been killed in Iraq. Bush supposedly to make our soldiers feel good said the deaths and sacrifices of our troops will not be in vain.
Myself that makes me really nervous knowing to Bush that means he will continue to stay his course of new middle east and world order and I have to wonder what this idiot is going to do next? Now that video has come out showing humiliation of Saddam during his hanging by Shiite Muslims you know for a fact that not only will all Muslims want to kill Americans in Iraq but it will further the unstoppable sectarian violence between Shiite and Sunni.
This Bush created Iraqi breakdown will spread throughout the middle east, being a total war between Shiite and Sunni as you can see it developing! Sunni's have pledged revenge against the Shiite for killing Saddam after watching a video of the hanging. I really have to wonder and ask what the real intention was to film this and take audio of Saddam being ridiculed if it wasn't purely to fuel the sectarian violence in Iraq, the middle east, and around the world.
Bush seems to only further this breakdown instead of trying to quell it as he professes to want to do. is his real intention to fuel a war between Sunni and Shiite and then watch as they destroy each other? I just don't get it? that is the obvious only turnout of all this!
Amidst this chaos that has proven to make 2006 the deadliest for American troops and for Iraqi's he has created an atmosphere that promises to make 2007 pale it in contrast. He promises to our soldiers that he will not let them suffer in vain and you know he is only going to add more troops to the chaos in Iraq that is still just developing.
It will be the Democrat's who will be forced to do the right thing in Iraq if it isn't too late and extricate us from this hell on earth Bush has created for the Iraqi's that will consume all of the middle east, Sunni against Shiite. Democrat's will be the ones accused of making our soldiers die in vain even though the chief idiot was advised that what is happening in Iraq and the middle east would happen if he attacked Iraq. It was guaranteed lost from conception and Bush better get the credit for this monumental blunder.
With all this in mind it is hard for me to think 2007 will be better than 2006 in Iraq. As I only see events being set up to promise a drastic worsening of the situation in Iraq, the middle east, and around the world. I do wish you all a Happy New Year as I have to wonder what this year will bring for all of us?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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