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A History of God, Installment 1

                                  Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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Okay people, hold on, and we’ll discuss what is really happening in the world today. I am only amazed, that you have an average American as the source, wow, only in America.

Men and women have been worshiping Gods in one form or the other since humans first began to think of their environment. From reading the most knowledgeable book on the history of God I have ever read, (KAREN Armstrong’s, “A history of God”).

 I have learned some amazing facts. Many of which I am sure, were not even intended. I can only hope, and believe I have, that I do her justice. In researching what I have always been told, are my own off the wall theories. I have found that this subject, to my astonishment is 100% my own original thought, worked out over 40 years.

I was quite astonished to find that I was not as off the wall as I was told I was all those years. My theories were reaffirmed by almost every one of the greatest minds the world has ever known as you will learn.

 So I don’t know, maybe my thoughts are off the wall but I seem to have some awful good company. When man first started religious belief, and worshiping the Gods he did, there was, of course no organization to it.

There was only a desire to understand and justify mans role amongst the tremendously powerful, complex, terrifying, and mysterious environment in which they existed.

Religion was seen as a way to find meaning, in mans role and value, in this environment, and life. There were no priests, mullahs, or religious leaders. There was only man, with the evolution of the process of curiosity.

 Man was trying to understand his role in this awesome world he found himself in. This reaction to his surroundings was completely natural.

You will see that it is continued, and is a big part of the problem facing us, in all countries today. God is simply, a reaction to mans problems, needs, and desires. As thus, God and religion will undergo a transformation throughout history.

 This occurs as mans needs change with the environment he finds himself in, sound familiar. It is more important for a specific idea of God to fill the need for a particular time, purpose, and circumstances, than it is for it to be logically sound. As soon as mans idea of God stops fitting the purpose for which it was chosen, it will be changed, often for something very different.

This is also one of the events being experienced today. This is happening in many societies and particularly in the Catholic Church in America.

 This idea of change did not bother believers in the one God. This was because they knew that their ideas of God were not etched in stone. In fact, they have been changed many times over the years by the Muslims, Christians, and most surprisingly, the Jews.

 I personally was under the impression that they were Gods chosen people. As such, they were very staunch in what God they prayed to. This is not true, they too as we will discuss, have changed their God to fit their purpose more than the other two great religions.

Man is not so sure about the God they pray to. Jews are forbidden to even pronounce the name of God, and Muslims cannot even try to depict God in visual imagery. Further on in the discussion

 I will make you see that there is a God. It is absolutely amazing, but, the Muslims are right, the Christians are right, and the Jews are right. Atheists, Buddhist, all of you, you are all right, and it is amazingly simple.

You will all see the truth, and you only differ in the way you choose to practice your belief, it is only common sense.

 All talk of God is overwhelming to most, in their attempt to express reality. But, the God of the Jews, Muslims, and Christians is a God that by all accounts, speaks, and he does. His spoken word is of the utmost importance, and has shaped the history of human culture.

Belief in God, believe it or not, started around fourteen thousand years ago. I know myself, I was always led to believe, and inclined to think that belief in God was started by the Jews.

 I was led to believe that they had a patent on God and everyone else was wasting their time, wrong!

 Years ago people believed spirits resided, as many of us still do, in places and things such as rocks, mountains, plants, and other beautiful objects of nature. I am sure every Religion in the world feels that at times. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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