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Realities and the Muslim Revival, Installment 11, Payback


                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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This is not the 20th century. We don’t have all the time in the world. These people aren’t playing games and they don’t stop.

We have to work as a goal, towards the real problem we are dealing with. We must start putting our energies towards the Muslims in these conflicts. We must figure out exactly how wide the problems are. We can head this all off, but someone has to get on the ball.

I will guarantee you that all of these conflicts are God based. They are once again due to religion. To be more specific it is the Muslim countries wanting once again to take back control of their lands.

 They are fighting because they want the Christians out of their borders and countries. Just look all over Indonesia as we discussed.

 Look at Africa, another hot spot. Not only did we arbitrarily reestablish their borders after colonization. They are all in poverty and they all involve Muslims on one or even both ends of the conflict.

 As we have discussed, these people can’t even tolerate each other. Once they are done with us there will not be an end to it as some might think. They will just turn on each other.

Right now It appears that all the on going new conflicts can be blamed on and narrowed down to one word. As we explained and talked about in detail, no one today or in the history of civilization even knows if he exists. We are of course talking about God.

 We have talked about the many unexplained mysteries of the world. Many of these have been attributed to unknown civilizations and forgotten knowledge. We don’t even have the technology today, to duplicate some of these feats.

Excuse me but isn’t this World War Three? The entire world appears to be in conflict. I am reading a book called, “World Conflict”, By Steven Strauss. Let me give you some quotes.

 Some are from World Leaders that will illustrate just how, not with it, these people really are. They really don’t get it or do not want to admit it.

I’m in a section on war and poverty and listen to all this worthless garbage. Now this all sounds nice, expert, and what the people want to hear. But they unequivocally missed all the boats.

This is a larger part of why we have so many problems today. Now listen to some of this.

According to a report by Radio Free Europe journalist Anthony Georgieff, the center of War and Peace Research in Uppsala, Sweden issued a report that stated most conflicts today occur within a country’s own borders.

This conflicts with the past when wars were fought between different countries. This little bit of worthless information is just that. You just stop, learn what we have been saying, and look at all these conflicts in those terms.

These so called world leaders have got to see reality. They have to see what is really going on in order for us to successfully deal with this

. They have to take all these worthless, ridiculous figures and apply them in a helpful, useful, practical way. They must realize how many conflicts are involving Muslims.
 Look at all these conflicts, look at the Middle East. Look at Bosnia, look at Chechnya, you will find what we have been saying all along.

*We are witnessing an attempted religious revival. It is normal, but certainly not healthy, not at this stage of civilization.

The Muslims have had enough, of what I at least have to agree with has been years of misuse and abuse of Muslim lands.

 One just has to look at the history of the last two hundred and forty years.

You can only come to the conclusion that, yes we have made many mistakes. As we said, this by no means calls for or justifies what is happening in the world today.

 All these coldly brutal and deadly activities many of them have resorted to must stop.

We discussed how the Europeans met in Germany and carved up Africa between them. However, in reality that was only a small part of what they did.

 The European powers colonized one Islamic country after the other. They did this with absolute and total disregard for the population as was the way years ago.

 This was done not because they were Muslims. This was done because they wanted the riches these lands added to their growing needs and industries.

France occupied Algeria in 1830; Britain occupied Aden nine years later. Then they occupied Tunisia in 1881 and Egypt in 1882. The next victim was the Sudan in 1889. This was followed by Libya and Morocco in 1912.

 In 1915 the territories of the Ottoman Empire were split up. This was done as a reward for their siding with Germany during WW2. Ottoman Empire or Turkish Empire lands, covered Southwestern Asia, Northeastern Africa, and southeastern Europe.

This division was between France and Britain in anticipation of victory. After the war Britain and France set up protectorates and mandates in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and Transjordan.

This was felt as outrage since the European powers had promised the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire their independence.

 That one little action has to have added a lot of animosity to an already seething hatred for the West. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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