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Realities and the Muslim Revival, Installment 10, Payback


                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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They just don’t get it, it’s sickening. Kofi Anan once said, regardless of whether the inequality is due to ethnicity, national identity, or economic class, it tends to be reflected in unequal access to political power, no sh*! Sherlock.

 Well, that sounds good to your average ignoramus, or politician, but it is way off and dead wrong again. We just have to wake up. If any of these so called world leaders are going to be able to pull it together and help the world they have got to see reality.

 They have to, if any of these conflict burdened, war ravaged starving countries are to be helped. They first have to see and acknowledge what is really going on here.

 They just don’t seem to want to admit to it or they just really don’t get it. We must as a world, be able to focus our good intentions on the right area so we can remedy the situation.

According to the United Nations another factor that fuels the fires of violent conflict today is the disturbing rise in ethnic politics. They just got through saying that the majority is not due to ethnicity.

 Isn’t religion ethnic? Didn’t they just get through saying that ethnic politics are fueling the fires? I think they are all too confused and overwhelmed. Why don’t they just think one step further and find out or just tell the world what role religion plays in all this.

 They will find out that yes, the countries are poor. One race or the other is desiring to usurp authority and take it over. Even from other Muslims, for their own faction or tribe.

Unequivocally you will find that there are Muslims on one side or the other, or both, of every single conflict.

This is not a small ordeal we face; it is time you are made aware of the gravity of what is ahead. This is not a few thousand Islamists we are dealing with, as we’ve been told.

This is an attempted resurgence involving millions of Muslims with a lot more to come. This is occurring on every level of society and it seems in every country. Not by everyone, but it’s early yet.

 I have firm confidence that what we are embarking on is not good, and can be circumvented; we have just, and simply, to focus our attentions on the right problem. We can prevent this and regardless, we will prevail.

As we have illustrated, the entire world seems to be in conflict. We have, call them what you want, religious or ethnic, wars going on all over the entire world. Make no mistake about it, this is all about God.

 Self admittedly there is not a person in the world who can with firm conviction even talk about him by name. We do not know in any capacity if he is still around. No one even knows if he exists.

 Yet we continue to fight and kill in his supposed interests. These people are not doing this to recover a country for the people, or for their life.

Their government, their interests are for Islam and Islam only. Not all of Islam only their idea of Islam, They do not even want other Muslims involved or around. This cannot be tolerated, accepted, or allowed.

 Leaders must recognize and admit what is going on today and take appropriate action. Sadly enough this is yet to be done.

 As we said, these people are doing all these wrongs supposedly in the name of Allah, Muhammad, and the Muslim people. As you know by now this is just a flat out lie. They have greatly hurt the Muslim cause.

 They have betrayed the average Muslim. They have turned their backs on the very person whose name and beliefs they are supposed to be defending. If he was to be if alive today he would put them out himself.

This is not the 20th century. We don’t have all the time in the world. These people aren’t playing games and they don’t stop. We have to work as a goal, towards the real problem we are dealing with.

 We must start putting our energies towards the Muslims in these conflicts. We must figure out exactly how wide the problems are. We can head this all off, but someone has to get on the ball.

I will guarantee you that all of these conflicts are God based. They are once again due to religion. To be more specific it is the Muslim countries wanting once again to take back control of their lands.

 They are fighting because they want the Christians out of their borders and countries. Just look all over Indonesia as we discussed. Look at Africa, another hot spot.

 Not only did we arbitrarily reestablish their borders after colonization. They are all in poverty and they all involve Muslims on one or even both ends of the conflict

  As we have discussed, these people can’t even tolerate each other. Once they are done with us there will not be an end to it as some might think. They will just turn on each other. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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