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Lifes Realities and Nostradamus, installment 1

            Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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I am researching Nostradamus who I want to close out this conversation with and I’m surprised to find how in depth and all encompassing his predictions of the future were.

 We won’t be discussing what all the theorists think he may or may not have been alluding to. No theory here, we will only be using facts as we are feeling and experiencing them. We are only concerned with how they relate to our current situation.

We have been listing and talking about the problems we are really facing in society and the world today. These are often in contrast to what we are told.

At the very least they will show you how little if anything is really being done about the real problems we face. It is easily summed up as little to nothing.

 However I have forgotten some very important ones. I really am surprised at the source of my reminder being Nostradamus.

Initially at least, my reaction to Nostradamus predictions was one of incredulity, and suspicion. Until I realized that all his predictions were based on the universe and astrological alignment.

 This is all unbelievable.
As I feel that we as humanity or any life form on the planet are directly tied in as one with the universe and the entire planetary system. Whatever affects one directly affects the other.

 We would be smart to think and remember that every action begets a reaction. Very often one that you are not prepared to deal with.

He felt that a very great plague would afflict us with a great scab. He believed that relief is near but far away. Well coincidentally enough that nails a description of aids.

 One of the many symptoms of aids is a rare skin cancer that it covers the body with purple scabs. It is to be noted that scientists in America and at the Louis Pasteur Institute were able to identify the aids virus very quickly.

Nostradamus also predicted Pasteur’s discoveries. He even dated the inception of the Louis Pasteur Institute. Sadly we still do not have a cure for aids.

 Thus Nostradamus was right in saying that relief was near but far. There is also a strong possibility that the virus will mutate. Thus it is creating new virulent forms of the disease even as we seem to be zeroing in on a cure.

Sir Donald Acheson, British Chief Medical Officer, believes that a 100 years war will ensue before aids are eradicated.

 Nostradamus predicted that the plague may spread over half the world. As a result it could kill two thirds of humanity before a vaccine is finally developed. That sounds a little drastic. We can all only hope he’s wrong this time.

Harvard University’s School Of Public Health suggested that by the first decade of the 21st century aids would spiral out of control. Just as we are watching happen. In the deadly rapid spread of aids, and mankind’s inability to fight it to date we see ourselves approaching Nostradamus prediction of two thirds of humanity falling prey to this terrible scourge in this century.

In his Epistle to Henry 2nd Nostradamus presented a nightmarish scenario. He said that there would be fierce global conflicts over Religion and ethnicity.

Again he hits the nail on the head in regards to what is happening today all over the world. You know, when you think about it. Ever since the end of the cold war and the break up of the USSR ethnic conflicts have been on the rise.

Conflicts involving ethnicity seem to increase constantly. It seems that every single conflict that we have tried to mediate and resolve is still on going.

 Even more telling is the fact that every single one of them is involving Muslims. You cannot appease these people and you could never please them. What to do?   Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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