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Realities and the Muslim Revival Installment 1

                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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Amazing, just amazing, I found out when doing the research on the one God, why he was created in the first place.

The very reason the one God came into being in the first place, the God supposedly loved and strictly believed in and adored by the Islamists, is the very thing they are using for an excuse to be against the west and for killing us.

 Capitalism!  Can you believe it? 4000 years ago the Middle East specifically, was changing to a market economy. The idea of the one God like other great religious adaptations at that time in mans history, was born and developed during a spirit of aggressive Capitalism.

 This was done specifically to fill the new needs of man. This is the very thing the Islamists are supposed to be against. So by definition they are not only against civilization, but against God himself.

This was another God change to reflect mans current dilemmas and current needs. The new beliefs reflected the changing social and economic systems of the times. Doesn’t this all sound familiar?

What is happening here today and in the world is once again a natural cyclical occurrence, albeit unsavory, but natural. We for some reason consistently fail to recognize the reality of every single problem we face today and I just do not understand why.

The Muslim Religion is going through right now with the Islamists extremist exactly what the Christians went through during the Crusades with the hard-line Christians.

I know this might sound pretty ridiculous to us. Particularly in light of the horrors and atrocities they are committing against God and man. They seem to think in some perverse way that they have God on their side.
They could not be more wrong.

We as history buffs and certainly those of us that are Christians want to be precise but we tend to be overly sensitive sometimes. We like to think of the Christian Crusades as a noble Holy cause. We tend to believe it was fought for the furtherance and reinstitution of Christianity.

 Boy, I don’t know about you but in researching this did I ever learn how wrong I was. Also, we learned just how much we were like these Islamists Jihadists.

Bernard, A French monastic reformer, urged the crusaders to show their love for Christ by killing the infidels.   Bernard wanted the infidels driven from the Holy land. That of course is Jerusalem the birthplace of Christianity.

 Just as Bin Laden wanted the infidels driven from what he considered Muslim Holy land all of it.
We must remember that it is unbridled subjectivity that fails to critically examine its prejudices.

 If this is allowed to take place it will lead to the worst excesses and abuse of any Religion. Bernard did with the Christians just as Bin Laden is doing with the Islamists. They use the emotionalism of love for their Religion to severely repress the intellect.

They get followers to abandon the compassion for humanity. That is what is known as the hallmark of any Religion of God. You need intelligent subjectivity not severe emotionalism. We all know that cooler heads prevail.

The west, as the Mideast feels they are doing, were fighting their way back onto the international scene. They were trying to regain prominence. We have to remember that it was the crusades that marked a coming together of hard line Christians.

 This is also what marked the end of the dark ages. They were an aggressive and martial people. As a result they wanted a martial Religion.

This is just as the Islamists have turned their Religion into a martial Religion.

During the Christian crusades the Christians were getting together in the first cooperative act of the west. As we said, this was a sure sign that Europe was recovering from the dark ages.

 They were an aggressive and warring people as the Muslims in general appear to be.

 The Christian Crusaders as the Islamists Jihadists are doing fought for the love of their leaders in the crusades. The same as the Islamists are fighting for their Jihadist leaders because it certainly isn’t for God or the Muslim people.

The Christian Crusaders original intention was to march to Jerusalem. They wanted to recapture Jerusalem for the Christians.

 However, during the long terrible march they decided that they would make it worth their while. They started killing every Jew and Muslim they came across. When they arrived in Jerusalem they did take the city.

 Also during the interim they fell on the Muslims and Jews with zeal. They massacred them with a brutality that shocked even their contemporaries. From here on in they looked at Muslims and Jews as enemies of God.

There is such a parallel here between what is going on with the Islamist Jihadists and the Christian crusades that it is scary. This by no means justifies or diminishes what they are doing, but it does put it in context.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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