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Realities and the Muslim Revival, Installment 6

                                    Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
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Western people are often bewildered by the hostility and rage that many Muslims feel for their culture. This was because of their very different experiences.

 They found this to be both liberating and empowering. The Muslim response should not have been unexpected. Because the Muslim world was so widespread and strategically placed that it was the first to be subjected in a concerted, systematic, manner to the colonization process in the Middle East.

 This was also the problem for India, Arabia, Malaya, and a significant part of Africa.

 Muslims in all these places very quickly felt the brunt of the modernizing assault; they would not and will not come into the modern world easily or willingly.

 Lets look at the results to all this and see what we are dealing with as a direct result of colonization, and modernization. It appears to be single handedly the main culprit to our problems with Islam.

Let us start by talking of Afghanistan. There are so many places to start this conversation of what we are up against world stability wise it really is a shame.

 As far as getting the point across I think this is a good visual start. We know why the United States was compelled to attack Afghanistan and were aided by much of the civilized world.

 We knew what we were up against having observed the Russians in their unsuccessful bid to defeat Afghanistan. This was only partially due to the ferocity of the Afghan people. We watched for years as the Russians battled futilely with what seemed as an endless amount of combatants.

This in fact was a never ending supply of Muslim combatants. We knew that Afghanistan was constantly being resupplied with fighters primarily over the wild mountainous region along the Afghan Pakistan border.

We knew that these fighters were indeed coming from virtually every Muslim country on the planet. This as we know is the nature of Muslims. As a result of this we knew in fact what to expect when we made the decision to go in.

Our mistake was trusting and relying too much in the Afghan tribesmen.

With this in mind, why I ask, do we even make believe we believed the ridiculous excuses from President Bush? He says that he was justified in going after Iraq. He also says that it was better to draw out potential fighters and fight them in Iraq than to have to fight them on American soil.

 If you didn’t know it before, I hope you know it now, we already did that. We already drew them out by going after Afghanistan. There was positively no justifiable thing to do with Iraq beyond monitoring activities within the country and on its borders. This would simply have been in order to monitor proliferation of weapons or knowledge.

If simply removing Saddam was the goal we know for a fact that we should have been exploring other alternatives towards that goal as we can be sure there was.

 All we have succeeded in doing is increasing the difficulties ahead by going into Iraq, more than two fold. The main reason for this is now not only did we give Islamists a new place to fight and render their services. We now have another front still draining our much needed efforts.

 We knowingly did this with the knowledge that we would get additional problems from inside the country. We also knew that it most certainly could come from across any one if not more of their borders.

We have opened a Pandora’s Box of new problems we saw take shape as the so called Arab spring turned middle east breakdown we in fact started. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma 

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